November 30, 2008

Mini-Blog: Twilight Nerdiness

Alright, do you remember when I told you of my plan to be the biggest nerd there at the theaters? Well, the plan was a success! I was the ninth person in the mega-long line! I got pretty good seats, with my best friends sitting all around me. OK, that's it.

November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate our friendship with the Native Americans, and to be thankful for whatever we have. Back then, they were thankful for the help received and to be alive (because of the Natives). They were all buddy-buddy then, but a week later the killing began. To put it in less gruesome terms, I'll speak of them in metaphors, or I'll compare them to someone/thing that we are all familiar with.

The Pilgrims are the (girl) cheerleaders. Finals and report cards are coming, and they need help so that can stay on the cheer squad with at least a C average.

The Native Americans are the (guy) nerds. The cheerleaders put on their best smile and worked the charm for them. They got the Nerds to do their extra credit and tutor them in math and science for nothing in return.

The Cheerleaders then noticed that it must be fishy to the smart Nerds that they spend so much time together, and yet are never invited to hang out. So, they put together a nice little party. There were the Cheerleaders, the Nerds, and some others. The party's theme?: (Thanks For Being Our) Best Friends Forever! The Nerds were so happy. At first, they thought them to be conniving, deceitful, wicked air-heads. The Nerds were glad that they got to know them better and find that that was not the case.

Next week, when report cards had been handed out, and finals were done with, the Nerds came to sit at the Cheerleaders' table. They were, of course, rejected verbally. Thinking that they needed some space or were just PMSing, they left, stung. This happened time after time, until finally, gym came.

Ah, dodge ball. What a murderous sport. The Nerds were pained [physically] horribly. Most lost all hope in the Cheerleaders, believing them cruel chicks who were using them the whole while. Others remained merely wary.

The final blow came. The basketball game. The Cheerleaders were there. They hung the Nerds from/in the basketball hoops and others jeered. The Cheerleaders had tortured the Nerds into eternal embarrassment and had taken over the place where Nerds had previously been normal high schoolers.

Story over.

Now, should we really celebrate the Cheerleaders' cruel ploy? Look, I love turkey and Black Friday Sales as much as the next day, but is it really ethical?

November 25, 2008

After Deadline

My English teacher got really excited about something she saw on her computer, so she jumped up and told us. It was about a blog that took articles from the New York Times and pointed out grammatical errors in them. They debated whether or not it was a grammatical error or not, and if it was, the author who wrote it admitted to their mistake. She used the phrase, "...but I find this exciting, because I'm kind of nerdy like that...," or something along those lines.

I, of course, being the dork I am, found this exciting and bookmarked the page. It's very quite interesting, actually, and it helps with Language Arts since in the end of every blog it tells you the rule.

Alright, here's the link, if you want it:

BTW, the name of the blog is either After Deadline or When Spell-Check Can't Help: A Quiz.

November 24, 2008

Twilight Movie! (MAJOR Spoiler Alert) Part 3

Here are some things I didn't like about the Twilight Movie. It's not as long as the other list. Here it is, going from beginning to end:

-I didn't like when Jacob and Bella met. It seemed kind of fake.

-Robert's facial expressions

-They flew over 3 months in 5 minutes.

-They were desperately in love within the first 10 minutes of the movie.

-There's no Blood Type and they cut all of the cafeteria scenes!

-I don't like how aggressive Edward gets after Bella says her dramatic, "No." It's not like him.

-I hate that he looked like he was made of glitter, or shiny sweat. That wasn't how I imagined it to look like.

-Them lying in the grass seemed too fake.

-There were way too many, "Okay then, Creeper," moments.

-I can't tell whether or not Rosalie was being serious when she said, "Perfect."

-The piano playing part was unnecessarily dramatic. It was good, but the dry ice could have been toned down.

-The fakeness of their animal tendencies.

-Robert's facial expressions

-Bella looked a bit weird when she was in pain.

-Robert's facial expressions.

-Renee didn't look a lot like Renee.

-The Prom didn't even attempt to match the original.

The End! Whoa, I must have really liked that movie. That settles it; I have to see it again.

November 22, 2008

Twilight Movie! (MAJOR Spoiler Alert) Part 2

List of my favorite things from the Twilight Movie, part 2.

-Jessica tanning herself on the table, with what she was wearing.

-I love when Bella walks into his shoulder the next day, when he's expecting her to come near and talk to him as a friend, but no. I was like, "Ooo, diss on Eddy!"

-"Okay, now I'm afraid."

-I love it when Edward pulls into the school parking lot, and everyone looks because either a) It's Edward Cullen, or b) they notice someone knew in the car.
Then everyone's head turns when Edward walks around to get the door for Bella, and she steps out and everyone looks at her like she's a celebrity.

-The sunglasses!!!

-"Everybody's staring," said Bella to Edward. "No, that guy's not looking. OK, he just looked."

-"Since I'm going to hell, might as well do it thoroughly." *Puts arm over Bella's shoulders* (Sure, because that's why he did that.)

-I love Angela. And Seth. But Seth isn't in this movie, sadly, so just Angela.

-I believe there was a montage of Edward and Bella getting to know each other, and that was great.

-Mike's line where he says, "So you and Cullen, huh?" like he's trying to not let his annoyance show, so it sounds like awkward/surprise/strained. Then: "I, uh, I don't like it." *Blatant*

-The entire Eric vs. Mike rivalry.

-The Edward to Billy and Billy to Edward stare down. They rolled down their windows and slowed down and everything! The eyes almost was a good touch, me thinks.

-The Renee conversation, especially the end.

-Yay! No short-shorts, like we saw in the commercial!

-Edward's face when Bella was sleeping and she hugged his. That was well-played and priceless. It was saying, "Um...what am I supposed to do? I feel moderately uncomfortable." Very funny.

-It was so funny when Emmet, who was already scary to Bella, waved to her with a butcher knife.

-Edward's face after Alice hugs Bella, and especially when she says, "Don't worry, Jasper. You won't hurt her," was PRICELESS!

-The thing where they were in the tree, and the music starting playing, and the camera angles were that of a soaring bird, that was amazing. Definitely one of those heart stopping moments.

-Loads gun. "Bring him in." --Charlie

-Rosalie's face when Bella calls out on her.

-Victoria was great in this movie!

-The Edward and Bella argument in the car was surprisingly good.

-Kristen acted so well when she was telling Charlie that she was leaving him. Though, she was a good actress throughout.

-The fight scene was possibly more epic than even the Cullen entrance.

-Kristen in very good at faking pain.

-The montage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I love how Bella/Kristen reacts when Edward says something about leaving. Perfect.

-I was cracking up when Bella was signing to Jessica about her dress, and she's like, "I know!" and gives her a thumbs up. The cherry on top: Belward just turns around awkwardly to leave.

-I love the slow-dance.

-Arguably the best part in the movie, the part that had the theater whispering, "Oh, crap," "Oh my God," and various curse words:
Victoria, watching them at Prom.

The next part will be things I DON'T like about. It'll probably only be one part.

November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie! (MAJOR Spoiler Alert) Part 1

Today is, as you must know, is November 21st, A.K.A. The Twilight Movie Premier Day. Every other minute I was saying to my neighbor, "Seven hours and thirty-seven minutes! We're so close!" or something along those lines, but I was mostly counting down the minutes.

I saw it at 5:20 p.m. I was in line at 4:10 p.m. I left my house at 3:53 p.m. I left the theater at 7:37 p.m.

As I was driving to Pizza Hut, my friends and I were talking about the movie, and I realized that I said, "My favorite part was..." about eight times, so I also realized that I was in love with the movie, something I had not anticipated.

So here is the list of my favorite parts, starting from the beginning:

-The part where, in my theater, the film skidded, then stopped for five minutes, and people got VERY mad.

-The first time in the cafe and Mike and Eric are fighting about Bella, then Tyler comes up and says, "It's okay, baby. I gotcha' back," then kisses her cheek really quick and runs away. Mike chases after him like lightning, and Eric brings up the rear.

-The Cullen Cafe Entrance=Epic. Electric Guitar Solo and all. They were just stomping in, two at a time, couples first, and it was like, "Ba nahw, ba nahw, ba nahw, ba na na na nawh, ba nahw..." Epic.

-Edward's listening to the conversation between Jessica and Bella on her first day.

-"She's with Jasper, the blond one who looks like he's in pain." --Jessica

-The way Edward looked and what he did when Bella came in to Biology. He had his hand over his mouth like he was going to throw up or pass out from her B.O.

-The conversations with Renee.

-Robert's facial expressions in the second Biology class.

-"Are you serious?" "What?" "You're asking me about the weather?" "Um...yes?" "Well, I don't like it. I don't like anything wet, or cold." Edward laughs at the "cold" remark. Pun unintended.

-The hallway scene after the second bio class. I don't know why. Rob did look awesome in that part.

-Kirsten/Bella's face after Robert/Edward saves her from the van.

-The way Charlie treated Tyler was great! He was so critical and mean and funny!

-When Bella gets caught spying on Rosalie, Carlisle, and Edward

-The conversation that follows.

-The narration

-Mr. Malina is great!

-The ask-out from Mike to Bella, and Edward's reaction.

-Edward's explanation of how he stopped the van.

-I kinda' like how Edward acts like such a jerk after the field trip with the, "No. Our bus is full."

-"Edible art?" The apple-leg-hand thing. That entire conversation. I do not know why, but the line "C'mon, you should come tomorrow. Have some fun," really stuck with me.

-Bella telling Angela that she is a strong, independent woman, and that she should ask Eric. I understood why they just got Eric to be the Ben.

-It's funny how Jessica thought Bella had a major crush on Edward and was teasing her about it. I like that one person (Angela or Eric?) defends her and Mike is like, "Yeah, he doesn't get invited anywhere 'cause he's a freak."

-The flash-back was pretty cool. I like how Jacob told the story.

-I laughed so hard when Jessica was talking about her dress and how it made her look good.

-I laughed when Edward said, "You should put on your seatbelt," like it was a comeback to Bella's "You should put on your seatbelt."

-The part where Edward was telling Bella what everyone in the room was thinking about, I was cracking up. ___. Money. ___. Money. ___. Money. ___. Money. Cat."

-I am completely in love with the montage. I adore how she pictured herself wearing the fancy clothes, laying on the red couch, and Edward was the better-looking Dracula, drinking from her neck.

More to come, because this is a very long list already!!!

November 17, 2008

Smart Art

Alright, I got two pieces of art back from my art class today.

One of them is a fish, but it was too skinny, and people only seem to make fun of that when fish anorexia is a very serious matter. She is also too long, but the other fishies are just jealous that she looks like a model. The other school fish and their makers (A.K.A. the kids in my art class) have been saying mean things, such as calling her "sardine" and saying that "her eyes are on opposite sides of her face!" So what if I put one eye on the upper part of her head and the other eye on the lower? It's very rude to tease her so.

The second is a perspective drawing. She placed the best ones (in her opinion) outside on the wall. Mine was entitled "The Suicide Club Raids Suburbia." It's not really of Suburbia, but it's supposed to be a very orderly, pleasing place to our metaphorical unseen watching guards. If you don't get it, then let me tell you something about The Suicide Club:

They challenge the social order

They do not follow unwritten rules such as "Do not climb bridge suspensions!"

They are free from the feeling that they are being watched by some unseen watchman, who will punish them for breaking unwritten society rules.

So in my drawing, I drew the Suicide Club (A.K.A. The Cacophony Society (2.0)) preforming their parades and marches and breaking of fake rules in Suburbia, or at least, the Suburbia I drew for them. But of course, no one got what I was talking about until I explained it to them, and even then they did not recognize its symbolic worth, nor its importance. They didn't even comprehend that the Cacophony Society Members were to be admired for their defiance, though this defiance would only cause most people embarrassment (due to the fact that they believe someone is watching, waiting to scold and laugh).

So, I'm just mad (and sad) that Ms. Neumeyr couldn't fully appreciate the contents of my drawing for what it is.

November 16, 2008

Jane Austen Is A Vampire

I think that Jane Austen might be a vampire. I (as my friends know all too well) am 100% obsessed with reading. I can read anything, and I love reading everything. In late September I started my first Austen book, Sense And Sensibility. I only just got to chapter 43, of 50 chapters. Only 78 pages to go! It has taken me 2 months to read a 337 page book. That's not supposed to happen! I was able to read most books in two days, no matter the book. Do you know why? Because I was obsessed with reading. Jane has sucked out that obsession with her slow-going plots! The obsession was in my blood! And she just sucked it out! Like a vamp! I must get my reading mojo back!! There are so many exclamation points!!!

The second I finish Sense And Sensibility, I must begin recovery by reading good, new, well-paced, YA books, such as:

Breathe My Name
Sucks To Be Me
Dead Is The New Black
Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year
Take Me There
Vampire Academy
Suite Scarlett
Wuthering HIgh
White Is For Magic
The Summoning
Generation Dead
Zombie Blondes
Shattered Mirror
No Rest For The Wiccan

As you see, I have many options. And I'm a read-a-holic. And I am desperate to get my "mojo" back. If you have any suggestions as to another book I should try, or which one I should read first (believe me, I have a definite problem with that), then leave me a hint in the comments.

Zombies Rule!

Ok, you may or may not know of the online war which has been raging since February. The fight is about who is better: Zombies or Unicorns? I say zombies, of course. They're just so cool!
Here's a list of reasons why unicorns are useless and are 110% inferior to zombies:

1) Unicorns are just horses with a piece of corn (hence the word "corn" in "unicorn") on their head.

2) They don't even use their corn/horn thing to hurt people.

3) They are easily killable.

4) Have they ever taken over a civilization?

5) They let people ride on them! Such pushovers.

6) There are girly, breakable, wimpish dolls of unicorns.

Now, here's a list of reasons why zombies are awesome:

1) They are human, but awesomer.

2) They aren't afraid of eating people.

3) They are UNDEAD!!!

4) They are future world dictators.

5) Zombies never take no for an answer. (Running away counts as a "No.")

6) I don't think I can count how many zombie movies have been made. They're celebrities!

Now, to all you unicorn lovers, I'm sure that the zombs will remember this when they take over the world one city at a time. I doubt they'll show much mercy. I, on the other hand, will be
their secretary/adviser/war leader person.

If you want more reasons as to why Zombies rock my socks, go to MaureenJohnson(dot)blogspot(dot)com.