May 24, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Teacher Bias

There are certain teachers in high school who, when grading an opinion piece, will be extremely biased in grading because your paper reflects an opinion differing from their own. This, of course, is complete crap.

I've learned the hard way that if you try to talk to them about your grade, they will yell at you in front of the class and they will act like a child. So what do you do? Make your paper damn awesome. Give them no reason to give you less than you deserve.

Never. Buckle.

If you get another ridiculous grade, stand up for yourself. Never let them win. Never wave it off, because it's your grade. Do not let them convince you that it's unimportant because it is your grade!

If you're ever in this position, make sure to WIN! Good luck.

Your Blogger,

May 06, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Overload

Ah, May. The flowers are blooming, the sun is out, and students are in that carefree, homestretch period of the year.

Oops, I got a bit of that mixed up--we're not carefree, we're buried under a mountain of homework. Take my weekend for example. It's finally stopped rainy, the weather is nice, and it's a three day weekend. So what am I doing? Procrastinating. Yes, that is relevant, because to procrastinate, there should first be something that I should be doing. What I should be doing is finding and reading House on Mango Street, finding out about Degas, writing a speech about him, translating it into French, and then presenting it on Tuesday. Then, of course, I have a project on temperate forests due on Tuesday. I have three tests on Monday, all of which I need to study for. I need to read a chapter on Agriculture for Human Geography, and I have my AP test this Friday. Yup, on Friday the 13th.

As you can see, May is busy.

Of course, after this Friday, there will be almost no reason to go to school anymore.

However, there is more to May than finals! A bunch of clubs will take applications and hold informational meeting during this time of year. Remember, just going to one meeting doesn't mean that you're committed to the club forever, so don't be afraid to go to a few to see which ones you like.

This is also a great time to find out what you'll be doing this summer. If you're not going out of town, think about going to an educational camp. It'll look great on your college applications, it'll make you better at whatever area you'll be studying, and it will allow you to explore exactly how much you like that field. For example, I'm going to the Duke Young Writers' Camp this summer!


I'm taking Dark Fiction/Black Humor for my morning class, and Experimental Fiction for the afternoon class, and I cannot wait!

To find a summer program you might be interested in, you can go to Teen Ink's website, where, by the way, I am PUBLISHED.

It's been a good few months.

Your Writer/Blogger,