January 11, 2010

Something People Fail To Appreciate

There are some things that I have noticed that people fail to appreciate. I want you to read these next few lines and really think about them before I tell you what I think others sometimes fail to notice. I want you to think about your opinions on this, and whether or not you agree.

The most interesting characters are dislikable, yet not the villain.

The most beautiful paintings depict terrible things.

The most pleasurable music always has an undertone of raucous sound accompanied by more melodious tunes.

The most remarkable and spectacualar stories are full of hardship and challenges, and not have completely happy endings.

The most amazing people are far, far from perfect.

What I'm trying to say is that the best things in the world are not perfect or great or anything of the like, but that's exactly what makes them so amazing, which not many people seem to agree with or even notice. I know people who are just wonderful, but they are well flawed. Truly uplifting stories never end happily.

Seriously, I don't even know exactly what I'm writing, but I've found it annoying that people don't enjoy the imperfect enough, and I've been thinking about it all week, and I remembered that I had a blog, and this is what it was for--it's a place to spew out random, poorly organized ideas. And so, I apologize for not being able to word this well, my stream of conscienceness, and I publish this without a care, fear, and without reading this over again.

Your Future Asylum Resident,

P.S. Please leave a comment if you have any response to this whatsoever (e.g. you agree, you disagree, you have no idea what I'm talking about, etc...) or at least to let me know that you got the main concept of it all.

January 02, 2010

2009: A Review

2009 was a crazy year, and now, in early January, with everyone saying, "There goes another great year," I can't bring myself to respond even with just a lazy, "Yeah," because in truth, was 2009 that great?

Let's review. On the upside, in 2009:

-America got its first black president
-Captain Sully managed to land the plane in the Hudson river and saved 155 passengers.

On the downside, in 2009:

-the economy crashed
-Michael Jackson died, along with Brittany Murphy
-Melbourne, Australia records the highest-ever temperature ever, causing
-the worst collection of wildfires in Australian history killed 181 people
-Israel launched the invasion of the Gaza Strip
-Swine Flu came along
-a plane going from Brazil to Paris crashed in the Atlantic and killed all 228 people
-also, this last decade was the warmest decade in Earth's history.

It also wasn't a very good year for me personally.

So, I don't really think I'm going to miss 2009 very much.

With that, I embrace and greet with open arms the new year, filled with hope and endless possibilites. And in the words of Modest Mouse, "it's hard to remember to live before you die," and I hope that we all remember to really live this year.

Your Blogger,