April 30, 2009

BEDA Is Over

Today is the last day of BEDA, and I just wanted to say that I had a great time with it, and it was so much fun reading all your blogs and blogging and getting to know all of you.

It was mega awesome and I hope to do it again next year.

I loved talking to you all, Sadie, Kate A., Keegan, Dahlia (whom with I had already been talking), and everyone else!

But most of all, I have to thank Maureen Johnson for starting it all! Thank you so much, it was amazing, and you are a genius!

And so, now I can say, Goodbye Blog Every Day April, along with your BEDA Crazy, the desperation you cause, and all your fun.



Your BEDA Blogger For The Last Time,*

*I will continues to blog, but it will no longer be BEDA.

April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

I caught the Swine Flu....Paranoia.

Some people should be put in quarantine to keep them from infecting others with their contagious fear of swine flu.

I have caught it, and I am freaking about it.

That's it.

But if you want to know anything about my life, I'll say this: my friends are not who I thought they were, and the more I think about it, the less of them I want to be associated with.

Your BEDA Blogger,

P.S. Remember to go here on May 1st at 7:00 pm EST. The beginning discussion will be about Scott Westerfield's (or it is Westerfeld?) Uglies series. Still come, even if you haven't read it, because the discussion will undoubtedly go all over the place (as long as we're on the topic of writing, reading, and books).

P.P.S. I must've been unclear. I have caught the Swine Flu Paranoia. I'm paranoid that I'm going to get it/it's going to be the next Black Plague.

April 28, 2009

Teens Read Week

Last year I organized this thing called "Teens Read Week," mostly because I didn't like another teen books event, "Teen Reads Week." Don't mix us up.

It's a semi-annual thing where teen readers (and if it get successful enough, published authors) get together to talk about books and writing. I also organized a writing contest that, at our first and only Teens Read Week so far, got ten entries.

It takes place every year from May 1st-May 8th and November 1st-November 8th. (One week a year is SO not enough!)

Last year it took place on Stardoll.com, a girly website. This year, however, I have decided for the writing contest to be done via email and for the discussions to be done here. The password is TRW1 which stands for Teens Read Week Chat #1. This first chat will take place on May 1st, 7:00 p.m. EST.

There are quite a few differences between Teens Read Week and Readergirls' Teen Reads Week. First of all, we have a better name.

Second, Readergirls' Teen Reads Week takes place on Myspace, and not everyone has a Myspace. So it doesn't let people under the age of 14 take part. Teens Read Week does everything we (and by that I mean the organizer(s). I, so far, am the only organizer) can to make it accessible to everyone.

Third, Teen Reads Week focuses more on the authors they get to talk with us than the readers.

Fourth, the Readergirls on Myspace that created the events just created whatever they thought sounded good, whereas I ask the participants what they want.

Which brings me to this: Every night we start out with talking about a different book. What books do you want to talk about? There are seven days, therefore seven chats. Give me ALL your suggestions PLEASE. There are a lot of books out there, so I rather want the book I choose to be something we're all happy with.

Yeah, so.....come! I'll tell you all about the writing contest May 1st, during the chat, and May 3rd on the blog...Just a little incentive....No, I do not know what the prize will be yet. Can you suggest something? I might give a different award to everybody.

Lastly, I would appreciate it if you would spread the word about Teens Read Week.

Thank you!

Your BEDA Blogger,

P.S. Beneath the Hit Counter, I hope you notice the Top Commenters widget. I have put this here to a) say thank you to all that faithfully comment, and b) make you all jealous and competitive!

April 27, 2009

So Out Of Awesome

I'm feeling very out of awesome today, I can only use this computer for another fifteen minutes, I have a soccer match today, but we're still in BEDA.

So, to make this post not a total waste of time, I'll post this one play I wrote last semester. Everyone loved it!

Rules Given For This Piece:
My teacher said that the play must follow the following guidlines:
It must take place in an elevator.
It cannot take longer than three minutes.
There may only be three characters, tops.
It must have all three parts of Froy's Triangle (or something).
Must be a SCRIPT.

Here it is, and I hope you like it!

Blind Love
By Nadia


ABBY: Blind, in love with JACQUES.
JACQUES: Mime, in love with ABBY.

SETTING: An elevator in an apartment building.

At Rise: A man dressed as a mime and a woman with a cane are walking into an elevator.

ABBY: Which floor was it again?

(JACQUES puts up four fingers in front of her face.)

ABBY: Oh, yeah, sorry. I think it was...four. (ABBY’S hand is pointing at a button. Her hand moves around in front of the panel, trying to blindly select the right one. She then begins to press all the buttons. When JACQUES sees her about to press the emergency button, he grabs her around the wrist. ABBY kicks JACQUES in the knee.) AAAHHH! Mugger! JACQUES, help! Help!

(JACQUES holds both of ABBY’S wrists and covers her mouth.)

ABBY:(Muffled) Jacques? Is that you? If it is, let me go.

(JACQUES lets ABBY go.)

ABBY: I’m sorry I kicked you. I couldn’t…see you...or hear you. (Five-second pause where ABBY “looks” at the floor and JACQUES looks at ABBY. BOTH are expressions of longing and sadness.) Oh, Jacques...how will this work out? I’m starting to think that maybe it won’t. (Sad sigh.) I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways.

(JACQUES’S eyes grow theatrically large. He shakes his head as if to clear it.)

(The elevator doors ring and open.)

ABBY: Goodbye forever, darling. (Solemn expression. Tears in her glassy eyes.)

(ABBY turns and walks out of the elevator, bumping into the wall on the way.)

(JACQUES’S knees buckle as he watches ABBY leave. His jaw drops.)

JACQUES: Abby! Wait! (Yells. Arms open.)

(ABBY turns around immediately and runs towards him. JACQUES notices that she is running towards the space beside him. He moves to the left so she doesn’t run into the wall.)

ABBY: I knew it! I knew you’d speak! (Shouting. ABBY runs into JACQUES and hugs him around the head, then moves her arms to his neck.) Oh, Jacques. Thank you. (Whisper.)

JACQUES: It was just a fifteen-year vow of silence. No big deal. (Light chuckle. Pause.) It was worth it.

The End

Did you like it?

April 26, 2009

Mini-Blog: The Shop And The Splash Award

Oh no...Linda's going back to THE SHOP! What are they going to do to her??? She had better not have amnesia when she gets back (A.K.A. The computer should have ALL its memory when it gets back!)

I got two new books yesterday. I got A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray and Ophelia by a person. The latter is about Ophelia from Hamlet. Don't know why, but I have been going crazy with the Shakespeare adaptations. First Something Rotten, then Saving Juliet, and now Ophelia. But of course, I'm going to have to read Macbeth first, seeing as I've already started it. But now I have motivation to finish it--If I finish it, I can start on my other books.

Sorry, bu
t I'm all out of Blog-Awesome today.

Your BEDA Blogger,


I was given the "Splash Award" recently by Dahlia from DahliasEclecticMind.Blogspot.Com. Thanks!

I was asked to pass it on, and so I will.

By now, we should all know the routine.

1. Give credit where credit is due. (Check)

2. Post picture. (Check)

3. List up to 9 other blogs to give this award to.

Here's who I'm giving this to:

Holly (The Real Gallagher Girl)
Chrissy (Twilight Girl)

Congrats, you guys!

(If I didn't list you, it's probably because I'm pretty sure you already have one.)

April 25, 2009

My Plans For Dictatorship

As we all know, Santa stole my dictatorship blue prints. But, I'm not just going to give up! I made more, better plans!

And I just know you'd love to hear about them, right? Right. So here's me giving you a sneak peak of the future/our regime.

Sadie;-) and I* will be the two co-Dictators. Everyone's gotta have someone to help them out, and Sadie is SO not going to turn on me. If anyone's going to turn against anyone, it'll be me against her, not because I'm not cool like that, but because I'll be so on the lookout for potential murderers, I'll think EVERYONE is out to get me. I'll be the new Othello**. So, Sadie, be careful.

She has a friend who wants to be world dictator. She will be made General of our army. I hope she will do a good job.

Of course, we'll need to have people in the army, and that's where the Puprechauns come in. Instead of money, we'll have to just pay them in killing the Vampires off in their name, so Vampy, it's nothing personal, but...

Sadie has another friend who thinks she's already world dictator, so we shall overthrow her, then give her a job to placate her. It will be a job that sounds like it has power, but really doesn't. It is called the Law Editor. She will look at the written law, then fix all the loopholes in it. Of course, in case she tries to leave some loophole for her benefit, we will have a top-secret second Law Editor to look at it after her. So really, her job is useless.

Sadie has another friend who is a blackbelt. She will be our Secret Service. But this one is actually going to be secret. The Secret Service is ridiculously conspicuous. If she ever gets hurt protecting us, or something though, we have a back-up plan. I have a friend who is a...whatever comes before blackbelt (and she is getting her blackbelt next month) in Tai Quon Do (sorry if I misspelled that), and she will fill in.

We also have two advisers. I just happen to know two someones who'd be delighted to be an advisor, and she'd make a very good one, at that!

Chrissy, a.k.a. Twilight Girl at Twilight Girl's Stuff, wants to be our secretary, because she believes this will earn her immunity--NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just turned midnight! I technically didn't blog today!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's all pretend I did, shall we???--...we'll see if she's right.

Lastly, and most importantly, our name will be Cobra. It's from G.I. Joe, the show. You like? Or course, we're also playing around with Nadie and Sadia, but I think Cobra is a winner.


Your Dictator BEDA Blogger,

*We met on Ning.

**Sorry for all the recent Shakespeare references.

P.S. Thank you, Dahlia, for the tip. I used it, and it says it's on the 25th now!

April 24, 2009

Lepuprechauns And Vampires: A History: Part 2

Where I left off, The Vampiress had just murdered The King of The Lepuprechauns, who was also her love, and she took his brooch, in which he stored all The Irish Power for all the Lepuprechauns.

The Civil War was going on at the time. After the brooch was taken, the Puprechauns and Leprechauns suddenly knew something had gone wrong--the brooch had been stolen. To help matters, the King had been found dead, and the Kingdom all suspected the Vampiress. From then on, all Lepuprechauns hated Vampires, but the Leprechauns hated them in a more noticeable way.

The Lepuprechauns, already turned against each other because of the cross-breeding and Civil War, could not agree about how to deal with the loss of power. Some thought that they should just sit back and do nothing and adapt. Others thought that they should march over to the Vampirian Empire and demand for the brooch back and cause havoc by sacking the city and burning the crops, and so on. The rest of them thought they should sneakily steal it back.

In general, the Puprechauns thought they should stealthily steal it back, and the Leprechauns believed they should ransack the Empire like the Crusaders in Constantinople (of course, the Crusaders wouldn't come for about another 400 years. But they initially got the idea from the Leprechauns which many of them secretly believed in, which ends up being fine because, from reading this, we all know they're real).

This argument may have escalated the Civil War problem, but they had no ammo, a.k.a. Magic. None of them wanted to stoop to the level of humans and kill each other in battle. A few Leprechauns and Puprechauns who cared far too much murdered one another, but only 15 died this way.

In the end, the Civil War was no longer Civil. No, they weren't rude. The Leprechauns and Puprechauns separated into separate Kingdoms. By 716 C.E., the Lepuprechaun Kingdom was no more.

Depending on how you looked at it, it might have made things much worse. In addition to the bitterness they already possessed, this created a rivalry. The competition was to see who could get the Irish Power back first. No one was sure if the Irish Power would return to just the party that got it, or all the Lepuprechauns. No, they were not sure, but neither side was willing to take chances.

The Puprechauns eventually mastered the ability to completely morph into puppies, kind of like how Early Man mastered the ability to speak. Puprechauns saw that sometimes Vampires attracted attention, the way people seemed to mysteriously disappear once they moved to town. Puprechauns knew that the Vampires were aware of this. Through careful observation, they noticed that Vampires often took puppies and dogs from the streets to have instead of people. So, the Puprechauns, being able to take the shape of a dog, pretended to be dogs so that they would be able to get into the Vampire's house. They hoped to see the brooch on a coffee table, or something similar like that. Needless to say, they never saw it. The Puprechauns would jump away and bolt when the Vampire tried to eat them.

The Leprechauns started wearing red rather than green. They believed that being covered in the color of their favorite food--blood--would entice them to come close enough for the Leprechauns to cut their throats.

As if to add to the list of problems on the Lepuprechaunian Plate of Plight, loss of the Irish Power had also taken their immortality, so both Kingdoms' populations were decreasing rapidly.

It was a time of turmoil for these two Kingdoms, both alike in goal and dignity in fair Ireland where we lay our setting.*

To this day, the Leprechauns and Puprechauns compete to see who can get the power first. To this day, the Vampiress who was forced to kill the love of her life lives eternally with the burden on her shoulders and a reminder on her neck, driven insane by guilt. To this day, the Vampire Empire thrives while the Leprechaun and Puprechaun Kingdoms barely stay afloat, no magic left.

Interesting stuff, eh?

From Your Historian of a BEDA Blogger,

*I really hope you all know what that's from.

P.S. How do you think I did with that?

April 23, 2009

Lepuprechauns And Vampires: A History: Part 1

Enlightenment time!

This blog will be all about me enlightening you on the history of the Puprechauns,* the Leprechauns, and the Vampires.

In a time long ago--about 707 C.E.--the Leprechauns and Puprechauns were all in the same boat (figuratively). They had The Irish Power and all had it and were all generally happy.

The Irish Power (not to be confused with The Luck of The Irish. That's total rubbish.) was the power that let the Lepuprechaun group*** do the following:

1. Use rainbows to store gold.

2. Live forever, and

3. Keep all their mega awesome Leprechaun powers, like being so mischievous and getting away with that (to me, that is one mega-awesome--not to mention useful--power), and their magic (not as cool).

The Irish Power was all stored in a brooch that the King of The Lepuprechauns wore at all times. You may remember this if you read my essay on vampires.

In about 710 C.E., an argument began between the Leprechauns and Puprechauns. The Leprechauns did not believe it was right for Leprechauns and Dogs to cross-breed, whether or not Leprechauns could talk to Dogs.

This argument over the right to cross-breed turned into a full blown Civil War. But remember, these were Lepuprechauns. They played mean, magical tricks on each other rather than killing. This threw the world, mortals and mythical creatures alike, into chaos. Actually, the Black Death was the result of a massive trick, gone only slightly awry.

The Vampires noticed this chaos, and were not happy. Thet liked peace and quiet.

The Vampire Empire sent a loyal noble subject to, ahem, honeypot. Then things that would be excluded from a middle school textbook happened with them. The reason this honeypotting mission worked so well is that all vampires are gorgeous, and this Vampiress was no exception. It also helped that this honeypot was a noblewoman, and a charming one at that. Also, the Lepuprechaun Kingdom was already very weak due to the Civil War. However, the vampiress did fall in love with the King of The Lepuprechauns. She realized this, and knowing that she would have to kill him, it drove her crazy. She put off the murder at first, but this only gave her more time to fall more deeply in love with him. This all drove her insane. Like, Lady Macbeth insane.

So what did she do? The Vampire Emperor noticed the delay and sent the General. This General ruled the Army of The Undead. General of The Undead confronted her about the delay, and she said she's waiting until everyone trusts her enough, and that the time has yet to come. The General pointed out that if the plan went out as planned, there would be no need for anyone to trust her, and no reason for her to hide the fact that she had done the deed. She agreed.

I suppose your wondering what the plan was, and you're about to find out, for the end of the plan is about to unfold, if that makes sense.

So, with the General of The Undead watching her, she snuck into the King's bedroom at night, stabbed him (resisting to pull a, "Oh, happy dagger,"). She then stole the brooch, and fled back to the Vampirian Empire with the Irish Power. The Vampire Emperor told her that since she did such a great deed for her Empire, that she would get to wear the brooch for the rest of eternity. And so she carried the sad burden around her neck for eternity, never taking it off, not even now, centuries later.

That was part one. The second installment of the Lepuprechaun/Vampire History comes tomorrow.

*Leprechauns usually in the form of puppies. One parent is leprechaun,** the other dog.

**Leprechauns are the only creatures able to talk to dogs.

***Lepuprechauns are the Puprechauns and Leprachaun collective party.

Your Historian of a BEDA Blogger,

April 22, 2009

Have Some Dignity, Kelly!

I'm sure that by now we've all heard Kelly Clarkson's newest song, "My Life Would Suck Without You." This is a song I despise.

I want you to listen to/read the lyrics. I'm going to post the parts I am making a point about.

...And honestly
My life would suck without you

...Either way I found out
I'm nothing without you

...And honestly
My life would suck without you...

And so on...

Okay, while the actual music does suck, I hate the idea of the song even more. The idea of the song is that she needs the boy to breathe, and that alone she is pathetic and worthless.

Nice message.

Kelly needs to get some dignity. Boys do not make you! Her life would suck right after the break up, but she'd get through it! She is not "nothing without" him!

What's really pathetic is that she needs this guy so much. If you've heard the first verse:

Guess this means you're sorry
You're standing at my door
Guess this means you take back
All you said before
Like how much you wanted
Anyone but me
Said you'd never come back
But here you are again

then you know that the boyfriend treats her like dirt, but she still grovels. It's like Helena and Demetrius (but worse. This Helena writes songs)!*

Don't know why, but I can't exactly explain my indignation and hatred. The reason for my indignation is that she is supporting all stereotypes and groveling for his love. It's just annoying.

Does anyone else get it?

Your BEDA Blogger,

*From A Midsummer Night's Dream. And I'm talking about the first half of the play.

April 21, 2009

Aliens And Answers

Have you ever wondered if the other guy in the elevator is actually an alien? Maybe not, but if you have then here's how you know by just what they say.

Here are some lines aliens are likely to say in an elevator conversation.

ALIEN: So...the sky is blue today.
HUMAN: It always is.
ALIEN: I know that. It's always blue. Very reliable...just like your--our military system. (Sneaks a peek at HUMAN.)
HUMAN: Yeah, I guess we can rely on them to protect and stuff....
ALIEN: Quiz: can they stop body snatchers?
HUMAN: What? Body snatch--

And boom. Your body has been snatched.

BE CAREFUL! Also, run if you see someone with these alien-like features:
-Green Skin
-Has a watch and keeps says, "Mother Ship" into it.

If you're not sure whether your friend's body has been snatched or not, check for these things:
-Conversations like the one above
-You notice your friends stuffing bodies into his or her storage area
-(S)he takes a sudden liking to oatmeal....but only the flakes.

You may all want to keep your body-snatched friends, maybe as pets. It's weird that you want to do this, because your friend is effectively dead. No, she is no longer there. The alien just looks like her. But whatever, if you want to make a classic movie mistake, that's up to you.

And I'll tell you how to!

You have three options.

1. You, as I said, keep him/her in a shed and keep 'em as your pet.

2. You can let them snatch your body too, but then her body would be hanging out, so I don't know why'd you do that. Like I said, classic movie mistake.

3. Snatch the body back, then leave it for your friend to reclaim. This is the only one that makes sense to me, and the hardest. Don't ask me how to do it though, 'cause I'm still fuzzy on the details. It's been years since I've had to deal with an Alien Invasion! How am I supposed to remember?!

Good luck with the invasion!

Your BEDA Blogger,

P.S. If this lacked awesome, which I think it did, let this make it up to you. If you like random, irony, and British humor, you'll love this.

P.P.S. My science teacher says 'Folks' "Folks." Folks. SHE PRONOUNCES THE L! How weird is that??? I think she's an alien.

April 20, 2009

Story Time!

'ello, m'darlings!

Don't you just love it when I tell you 'bout things that you neither caused nor can do nothing about? (So, pointless stories?) Well, o' course you do! So I'll tell you one right now! Meanwhile, to keep you all interested, I'll write in a Bri'ish dialect.

Well, at me soccer game, everyone kept getting hurt, so they needed a mid-fielder/fielder/full back, and while I usually play defense the coach said I had a "good foot" and put me in as offense for the second half. Apparently, I was really good, even according to me older sis, which, believe me, means somethin'.

But we still lost, 10-0. In our defense, we were playing Varsity (we're JV), and they had a ninth grader who used to go to SOME OTHA' SCHOOL!

We almost made one goal, and it would've been my assist. One girl came running up, and I just took the ball and kicked it halfway down the field to my friend, but then the goalie lunged for it.


Tomorrow I'll be telling you how to spot an alien on the elevator by showing you the kind of conversation they will try to make.


Guessing Game!

Okay, I'm going to ask a bunch of question I KNOW you don't know, maybe a couple free-bees, and you have to GUESS in the comments! YAY! I'll tell you the answers later.

1. What's the color of my hair?

a. Blonde
b. Brown
c. Red
d. Black

2. Eye color?

a. Brown
b. Green
c. Blue/Grey
d. Orange

3. What's my favorite band/singer?

a. Katy Perry
b. Paramore
c. We The Kings
d. Miley Cyrus

4. My favorite action movie?

a. Wanted
b. Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum
c. The Transporter
d. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

5. Which of these animals like me?

a. Dogs
b. Cows
c. Cats
d. Llamas

Your (Sore!) BEDA Blogger,

P.S. For your entertainment and some laughs:

April 19, 2009

Derby Fesitval

I live in a town in Northern Kentucky/Southern Indiana. You've never heard of it unless you've heard of the Derby Horse Race, which you probably have.

So I live in the city where Derby takes place, and the Derby Festival has just started. Yesterday it kicked off with Thunder Over (Name of My City), which is the second biggest firework show in the world (second to China). It can be seen from SPACE, no joke. It was pretty amazing and lots of fun, and here's a few picture of it I found on the internet. If I can get the video that we took of it on my computer, I'll post some of it (not all of it, though! It's half an hour!)

PICTURES!This picture shows the fireworks on the Indiana side of the Ohio River
Mostly taken of the fireworks that came off the Kentucky-Indiana Bridge.
Oooh! Pretty Colors!
Sparks are falling off the bridge like a waterfall. My favorite part!
The Bridge and Kentucky Side of the river (Thunder Over ___ takes place on the river)


My favorite part though, may be this:
_____ was a pedestrian city for one day! It made me so happy! Another thing about that was that this year, my family got tickets and enjoyed it on this one boat, The Belle of ________. This way, my cousins and sisters and I all got to sit down, and use the camera to zoom in on a) people we thought we knew, b) good-looking guys, and c) Creepers In The Crowd.

So although I hate Derby, it has its good parts, like
-Thunder Over ______
-My town gets the day off for Derby (Yay!), and
-The town is flooded with celebrities on Derby Day (my sister's friend once got Usher's autograph).

So...yeah. My town rocks.

Your BEDA Blogger,

April 18, 2009

Why I Think Girls Suck

Before you ask, Yes, I am a girl. But I still think girls general suck.* I mean, we are just horrible beings! Why do boys like girls at all?! They'd be so much better off without us.

Here's my list of things that girls are that makes us so unappealing.

We are:
Overly Sensitive
Obsessed with HOW other see us
Under the illusion that we're independent
Obsessed With Clothes

Girls are just so annoying! I have no idea why I friends with any of them. I. HATE. GIRLS.

And look, I'm not saying that I'm not any of these things. I'm quite a few of these things, actually.

Like the one that says "Loves Clothes Too Much" or something. Last week I went online window shopping for a dress to wear to this one all-girl party. I found a REALLY nice one, but I don't think it's selling anymore (it's no longer on the website!), and I'm just devastated. (But it really it a nice dress!**)

Your Girl-Hating BEDA Blogger,

P.S. It's nothing personal, Female Readers.

*Based on a generality. All girls have at least one of these traits.
**Here's the Dress:

April 17, 2009

Dancing Vampire-Turned-Zombies In Your Closet

I am here to warn you about the dancing vampires-turned-zombies that hide in your closet.

"Where did you get that retarded idea from?" that super pénible* reader asks incredulously.

Well, I was on Ning and I was chatting with some people named Sadie, Anthony, and Elayne, and I said we should all blog about something with a title that is a compliation of everything we chatted about--Dancing Vampire-Turned-Zombies In Your Closet.

And so this blog was born!

Now, there are many dangers as to having one of these in your closet (I refuse to write it again!). One of them is that it is a vampire. Another is that it is a zombie. One more is that nothing that comes out of your closet can be good (especially that sweater some relative gave to you because for some out-there reason she thought you would like it). While zombies and vampires are both extremely cool, they may well eat you in the morning while you pick out your clothes. Vampire-Zombies are extra dangerous, though (which makes them cooler). And they can DANCE!

On the other hand, they are extremely awesomeful. They stimulate your sense of awesome, they can preform at...events (they can DANCE), and they know how to open up a small space (such as your closet). Not to mention that they pay rent in candy.

Yes, I think the time has come for me to post an essay on vampires I wrote in the fourth grade. It fits very well here. Here it is:


Vampires aren’t big and scary. Here’s the real deal.

Vampires are very misunderstood. They really get all their energy from cow blood. Then the cow becomes crazy. That’s how cows get mad cow disease. If there aren’t any cows in the region, they carry a pack of red blood. Vampires can sniff out where their prey is. Vampires can store power in a broach that they stole from the leprechauns. Being a Vampire is a curse. Every thousand years they get a chance to become human. Personally, I don’t think being a Vampire is all that bad. The only downs about it are that you can’t go in sun, you can’t eat garlic, you have to make sure that there are cows close by at all times, and the world is afraid of you. Besides that, being a Vampire is great! When Vampires are looking for a home they send out a ghoul to go undercover and find a house for them. Most Vampires are looking for three things in a house. It’s usually a stone dwelling, no windows, and no neighbors. They send ghouls because they are sort of like their minions.

Vampires are originally from Denmark. Most people think they are from Transylvania, Romania. The same place Count Dracula is from. Vampires can die by being near garlic, by going in the sun, lack of cow blood, and a sharp wooden stick called a stake. Vampire’s clothes are black, and usually wear capes. Male vampires have their hair combed back using hair gel as well as a large amount of hair spray, or so it seems. Their collars are usually popped up and there is also a broach. This is the same broach they stole from the leprechauns.

Vampires are sly, fun-despising creatures. They hate humans because they think that they are horrible callous insignificant monsters. Many people think that Vampires don’t know anything about technology but they are in fact very advanced. They use GPS systems to find their way when they morph into bats. As you may or may not already know, bats are blind. This makes the GPS navigator a useful tool in the everyday “life” of a Vampire.

I don’t really care if you believe me or not, because at the end of the day I have candy and you don’t! So, ha! The vampires supply me candy, so even if you do in fact have candy, it’s still not the same. Try not to cry, little ones. Maybe if you look in your attic you’ll find a Vampire of your very own! Who knows? I don’t!

Nadia “The Great” ---------

Yes, I read that aloud to the class.

And though this essay may well convince you otherwise, many vampires can still be dangerous. The dancing ones mostly. Do you know why? Because they only dance:
-The Macerana
-Clogging and
-Irish dancing.

So have the pecticide man come over all the time, don't get blood on the carpet, and DON'T LET THE DANCING VAMPIRE-TURNED-ZOMBIES IN YOUR CLOSET!

Your Crazy Ning-Using BEDA Blogger,

*It's French for "a super pain in the neck." Must practice if I want to Minor in it!

April 16, 2009

I Like Animals...They Just Don't Like Me

I like animals very much, I really do. But they don't like me. If you don't believe that animals don't like me, then let me tell you of all the instances in which animals have shown their hatred towards me.

Let's begin.

The Dog-It chased me into my backyard and tried to bite my ankle, but I yelled for help and my mom opened a door and let me inside (I was coming home from school).

The Llamas-Four of them cornered me into a fence. They were tall and I was six!

The Camels-It spit in my eyes repeatedly

The Emoos-They surrounded the car I was in so that I couldn't get out. Then later, then poked me in the back.

The Cow-It pushed me down.

The Rabbits-They kept trying to poop on my foot.

The Horse-I tried to feed it an apple but it wouldn't take any!

The Tiger-See my "Why I Hate Tigger" story.

The Chickens-They chased me and pecked at my ankles!

The Birds-They chased me

The Turtle-It died to get away from me.

The Ants-The crawled into my jeans when I was little, and I've been afraid those scuttling little abrupt-moving legs ever since (so that counts spiders).

Animals DESPISE me! And any time I'm walking in my neighborhood all the dogs come outside to chase me--no exaggeration.

WHY DO THEY HATE ME??? So far, the only animal that has yet to express its animosity for me have been the cats.

I love you, kitties.

Your Animal-Hated BEDA Blogger,

April 15, 2009

Soccer Game Recap and BEDA Buddies

I just want to tell you about the soccer game I had today.

First, we were kinda' sucking and clumping up. In the first half it was 2-0 to the other team. The referee called for half time at the exact moment the ball (kicked from across the field) landed at my feet. Grr!

In the second half we scored five--count em', FIVE-- goals. None made by me since I'm defender, sometimes sweep.

But here's a really good part--I was extremely aggressive. I think that's a good thing, since our couch wants us to be more aggressive. But in addition to constantly colliding with people (sometimes on purpose), I tried to push this one girl to the side, but she ended up falling face-down, and sliding a little bit forward. She cried. I don't know how I feel about that...

My dad and sister kept yelling at me to do this and that, which was kinda' embarrassing. It was FREEZING! I lost feeling in my fingers.

So we won 5-2 against a varsity team (I'm JV), and I made a girl cry.

Also, about the BEDA buddies. If you sign up for Ning, the go to the "BEDA Buddies" forum, tell about yourself, and Maureen and this dude named Jordon will match us up together with BEDA buddies. So you should sign up! Actually, you can sign up any time in April. But you have to post your reply in the "BEDA Buddies" forum by Thursday night. So do!

Your BEDA Blogger,

April 14, 2009

Silver Is For Secrets

Silver Is For Secrets (by Laurie Faria Stolarz) is a great follow-up for White Is For Magic, which in turn was an amazing sequel to Blue Is For Nightmares. If you've read the other books in Ms. Stolarz's series, you'll know that the book has a big, paranormal darkness. While this has that, it was toned down greatly and had much more relationship problems. Laurie Faria Stolarz, however, managed to keep up with the paranormal darkness while not making the relationship problems seem petty and/or unrealistic.

The sad thing is that there were nearly no clues to anything. It didn't keep me guessing; it kept me waiting for a hint. This made the ending slightly unexpected, which I suppose was a good thing. Its climax wasn't as epic as the climaxes in the other books in the series, but it was still good and made me cry. Another sad thing is that it seemed like she's making it up as she goes along. I do the same thing, but when writing a series, I like for it all to be connected.

It was different from the other books in the series, but that certainly does not mean it wasn't good. It met the same expectations the other books did, if it didn't exceed them. I forgot this book at home while I went to school today, and I was litterally iching to read it more. I would've read the entire thing in one sitting, but I wanted to make it last, so I read it in two sittings.

If you have yet to read the series, then you need to, because you are seriously missing out.

Synopsis for Blue Is For Nightmares (1st In The Series):
"Stacey's junior year at boarding school isn't easy. She's not the most popular girl at school, or the smartest, or the prettiest. She's got a crush on her best friend's boyfriend, and an even darker secret that threatens to ruin her friendships for good. And now she's having nightmares again. Not just any nightmares – these dreams are too real to ignore, like she did three years ago. The last time she ignored them, a little girl died. This time they're about Drea, her best friend who's become the target of one seriously psycho stalker. It started with weird e-mails and freaky phone calls. Now someone's leaving Drea white lilies – the same death lilies that have been showing up in Stacey's dreams. Everybody thinks it's just a twisted game . . . until another girl at school is brutally murdered. There are no witnesses. Worst of all, no one has a perfect alibi. With everyone as a potential suspect, Stacey turns to the one secret weapon she can trust – the folk magic taught to her by her grandmother. Will Stacey's magic be strong enough to expose the true killer, or will the killer make her darkest nightmares come true?"

The Synopsis To White Is For Magic (2nd In The Series):
"One year later. It's happening again. Seventeen-year-old Stacey Brown is once again having nightmares – disturbing dreams haunted by the ghosts of people who have been brutally murdered. It's her senior year at boarding school, and what Stacey should really be focusing on are her classes and getting into college – not to mention the rocky path her love life has been taking lately. But even if she could ignore the dreams, Stacey can't ignore the strange letters that she's been receiving. No return address, no signature - and the same cryptic messages she's been hearing in her nightmares. What's worse is that Stacey's not the only one having nightmares. Jacob, a transfer student, claims that he's been having nightly premonitions of Stacey's death for months, dreams so realistic that he transferred schools to find her and stop the killer. It doesn't help that she's starting to have feelings for him even though she already has a boyfriend. But can she trust Jacob? Or will both their darkest dreams come true?"

Synopsis for Silver Is For Secrets (3rd In The Series):
"After two years of prophetic nightmares, outwitting stalkers, and saving lives (including her own), Stacey's memories of boarding school aren't all rosy. This summer, Stacey and her closest friends are looking forward to the perfect vacation before they start college: six good friends, a cottage on the beach, and no parents. Just sun, surf, and sand. It's perfect – until the nightmares return. But this time they're not about one of her friends. They're about Clara, the girl staying in another beach cottage. The dreams are about Clara's death, but Stacey's having a hard time getting Clara to stop chasing guys – including those who already have girlfriends – long enough to find out who's stalking her. Stacey can't just stand by and watch Clara die, but the meaning of her dreams isn't always clear. This time, they didn't warn her about the horrific consequences – a tragedy far beyond her worst nightmares that will haunt her for the rest of her life."

Synopsis To Red Is For Rembrence (4th In The Series):
"Nothing has been the same for eighteen-year-old Stacey since her boyfriend Jacob died. For months she stayed at the beach cottage they shared before Jacob's tragic accident, refusing to give up hope that somehow, somewhere, Jacob was still alive. But Stacey knows she can't put off rejoining the world forever. Lucky to have a full scholarship to prestigious Beacon University, Stacey hopes she can finally put her past behind her. Trying to get through her first week of college as just another normal student, Stacey is devastated when she starts having more disturbing dreams. And keeping them secret is not an option when the college president calls her in for a private meeting – and reveals that his daughter Porsha is having nightmares too. But while Stacey dreams of a ghost, Porsha is dreaming of a murder she's convinced hasn't happened yet. Porsha's fragmented nightmares foretell a brutal murder, and may also shed light on a shocking revelation that could change Stacey's life forever. Together the two must decode their dark dreams to save a life – a risk that may cost them their own."

Black Is For Begginnings is the fifth in the series, but the cover has yet to come out as well as the back page.

I can't wait to read the next book!!!!

Overall, I rate the book 7.7 stars out of 10. It was great!!!

April 13, 2009

News, Books, and New Books

News: Well, I filled up a notebook with the novel I'm writing, and have moved onto the next notebook to continue the story. I'm on page 139.

I am about to begin a very complicated process. I have one friend typing up the notebook I'm finished with. She will finish one chapter at a time. She will then send it to me, and I will make my corrections. I will send it to my "editor" who will tell me what still needs to be fixed. I will fix it, then send it back to my editor to see if I got it right. If I did, I will send it back to the typing person, who will put that with the rest of the book. Eventually we'll have done this with the entire book, and we'll make a printed manuscript (EEK!). Then I'll work on something else for a while (I already know what) then I come back to it and fix some of the major things with my editor.

Books: I am almost finished with And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. So far, I don't like it, and there are only three left! It's best in the beginning. The entire thing is very predictable and kinda' boring. Dame Agatha does nothing to hold my attention. I also only have have 100 pages left of this other book which you will hear about momentarily.

New Books: I just got The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong (who also writes a series about a hitwoman named Nadia [my friends say this suits me]), Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors, and (the one I have half-finished) Silver Is For Secrets by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Soon, I'll post reviews about all of these books.

Your Read-A-Holic BEDA Blogger,

April 12, 2009

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Alright, for you, my great readers, I will do the unbearable: I will watch the Hannah Montana Movie.

Plus, my mom is making me watch my little sister while she sees it.

So I am going to watch, then come home and make all my snarky little comments about it. If it's in small font, then it's a possible spoiler.

Snarky Comments And Why I Say Them:

Some weird music video for Best of Both Worlds.
Um...what the crap. That video sucks, it makes no sense, the song makes my ears bleed, and you look like a moron.

Every cared more about Hannah than Lilly at Lilly's 16th birthday party.
Ha ha! No one likes you! You're worthless, especially next to your best friend, and the world hates you!

Bad acting, and you're a brat, Hannah.

They were singing something really country.
Why are they all do southern?

Enter "Loralie".
Why does that actress come up every where?

"You might be Hannah Montana in California, but here it's dirt and grit and you're just Miley Stewart, and if you have a problem with that, then LEAVE."
Wow, what a kind Grandmother. Also, way to yell that secret in the crowded Farmers' Market.

Miley just released about 2,000 walnuts onto the ground from the back of someone's truck.
That's considerate.

The paparazzi was British.
They so did that on purpose.

We saw Travis.
Man, he's hot. Good pick, Miley.

Miley sang.
Why does your voice suck so much??

The "Hoedown Throw Down" came up.

Miley was like, "Dad, why do you make your relationships so complicated? You like each other, so get together!"
Last time I checked, you thought it betrayed your mother for him to like anyone else, or to date, so you need to make up your mind, because your mood swings are giving us whiplash.

Travis said, "You lied to me!" when he found out who she is.
Dude, she can't tell every guy she goes out with her biggest secret. Of course, you'd say you're different, but who says that they're the same, then again?

There was a little girl.

"It's okay that you showed that you're Miley onstage. There are no cameras. This TOWN won't tell anyone. You can still be Hannah!"
And there I was, so optimistic, hoping that that movie meant the end of the series. By the boulevard, what is the probability that no one will ever find out about that?

Over all, the movie was a 6/10. It was much better than the series and the acting, writing, and cinematography was much better. It was much better than the other movie I saw today, "The Knowing". Guess how it ended: ALIENS! The writers definitely took the easy way out.

Your BEDA Blogger,

P.S. Do you think I'm running low on snark today?

April 11, 2009

Do Before You Die

Here is a great Do Before You Die List many can relate to, and that does not include anything that will be the last thing you do before you die (Exp: riding a roller coaster. If you don't think that merits as "the last thing you do," read this).

The Do Before You Die List

1. Publish a novel

2. Study Abroad

3. Rent a castle in Ireland

4. Crash an AWESOME party

5. Speak in a fake British accent for an entire month to see if you can get away with it.

6. Go a week with PURPLE HAIR!

7. Sneak backstage

8. Get a part in a movie--any part.

9. Start that thing where you do something nice for someone else, then they have to do something nice for someone else, and so forth.

10. Join BEDA, NaNoWriMo, or Script Frenzy

12. Learn a language or four

13. Start noticing things, like how I totally skipped number 11 right there.

14. Overcome a fear.

15. Dare to suck.

Isn't that much better than riding the Dragster, or something equally as ridiculous and dangerous? This is a list of awesome things. Awesome things that only awesome people do. I mean, what non-awesome person doesn't speak in a fake British accent? None of them! You got to be a real nerdfighter* to do the things on this list. Anyone can ride a roller coaster! (However you might not come out a) alive, or b) with dry pants.)

Ok, that's it.

I know, that was kinda' a lame post.

Your Bored BEDA Blogger,

*Nerdfighter: Someone who is completely made of awesome and enjoys decreasing world suck(-itude).

April 10, 2009


Do you have to stay up during school nights, stay awake the next day, stay up late, stay awake, and do it again and again throughout the week? Well I do. I save the sleepiness for the weekends.

That, however has nothing to do with what I'm writing about today. Fan Fiction has come back into fashion, it seems, so I figure I should give it a try. I'm not posting it anywhere other than here, though. Also, most of these are just really random mini-parts of a fan-fic.


This is a Gallagher Girl fan-fic, which is good because I think all my readers have read that series. It's based on the 2nd book. It's Zac's POV. Remember how Zac seemed to know everything about her? This is how.


I smiled. I had successfully found the right video. Finally! I rewinded it, played with the resolution and noise, and I finally got it right.

"Hi, there," the boy who had seen The Chameleon said. "You come here often?"

I listened to their conversation and watched Cameron's surprised face and amazed eyes--and it didn't look like she was amazed that he saw her. More amazed that he saw her. I went on and watched every single one of the videos involving Cameron--Cammie, actually--and that guy, Josh. It took days, but I did it. I was finally ready for the exchange and the project. Get her to reveal something about herself to me, something that she never talks about--if I could do that, I could get anything out of any operative.

It was time to go.


Cammie's POV.


I walked into the dining hall full of unsuspecting boys, trying to look bored, calm, and keep my nose in the air. I fought a laugh when I saw the Blackthorne Boys all spit out their drinks, start coughing, or drop their forks. It was probably the only time in my life when I didn't mind all the attention. Okay, I minded a little.

I lined up in front of the teachers' table, Macey and Bex on my left and Liz on my right. Dr. Steve then began to give a speech pretty much like the one my mother gave the year before--except my mom wasn't there that day.

The CIA had needed Mom and Mr. Solomon for a mission. Of course, I didn't know what that mission was since I had to have a Level Three Clearance to know.

I missed her so much, and I was so worried. My Sundays are so empty without the Sunday Dinner! (Even though only one has been missed so far, and I can't say that I particularly liked her inedible cooking.) We talked via the mail, though.

"Gallagher Girls and Ladies, please take a seat," Dr. Steve said to us, smiling.

We all started scanning the crowd for the boys we knew from the semester before. Then, I saw Zac looking at me with that cocky grin on his face, and I blushed, remembering the last time we had seen each other.

I made my way over to him with Bex and Liz (Macey went off with Courtney to sit with this Orlando Bloom look-a-like). Zac was sitting with Jonas, Grant, and some other guy.

"Hey, Blackthorne Boy," I said as I sat next to him. It was my turn to be obnoxious and vague.

"Hey, Gallagher Girl," he said, still a little starstruck by the little surprise.

"No! No more of that! It's my turn!" I said indignantly.

"We'll see," he said.

"By the way, my name is Sam," the other boy said.

"Hi, Sam. I'm Cammie," I said politely, thinking of Madame Dabney's rules of etiquette. I was also wondering why he was talking to me. I was still The Chameleon, right? But then again, I was probably one of the first teenage girls they'd talked to in a while (Nadia Says: That makes them seem like hermits or something!), therefore it was impossible not to stand out, and Liz and Bex were engrossed in a conversation with Jonas and Grant, so I was the only female option for conversation (even though he should have seen I was trying to talk to my...kind of boyfriend?...guy I kissed once and currently kinda' like?... How about we call him Zac?)

"Cammie Morgan, right? The CIA legend?" he asked.

"That's me," I said, embarrassed.

"Whatcha' been doing all summer?" Zac asked me, completely ignoring Sam.

"I went to my grandparents' ranch and then I just stayed in the Academy for a few weeks, finding tunnels, the usual," I said. "You?"

"Stayed here." Then he looked up at the teachers' table. "Where's your mom?"

"On a mission," I said shortly, pouring myself a glass of water, not meeting his eyes for fear of them betraying the worry I felt by just thinking of my last parent on another mission.

"I thought she wasn't an operative anymore?" he said.

"That's what I thought. I think Mr. So--," I stopped, not wanting to say too much. But there was no harm, and when had known each other for half a year by then, but I didn't want to say anything.

"You think who did what?" he asked eagerly.

I smiled a devious smile. "You're the Blackthorne Boy. You figure it out."


That's enough for now. Tell me if you want me to continue that, because I might have plans for this story.

April 09, 2009

The BEDA Crazy

I have discovered a new psychological disease: The BEDA Crazy.

The Blog Every Day April Crazy originated in April, 2009 when BEDA/VEDA bloggers/vloggers everywhere realized they had nothing to write about. But, however, they signed and completed the manifesto, so they had no choice but to go on. What were they going to write about?! They all began to spend entire days wondering what they were going to blog about, often going slightly and temperarily crazy.

Symptoms include:

-Staring at a blank text box for hours
-Having something--anything--happen to you, then make note to blog about it.
-Putting up posts that look like this:
Hey reader people!

I don't have anything to say. I'm just writing this 'cause I signed a contract saying I would post every day, so this is today's post. You don't even have to read this, it's so pointless!

WAIT! Something DID happen today!

I was walking home, and then I saw a dog, and it was trying to CHASE A CAT! What's with that?! Do you think it was on some kind of doggy acid?

See ya!
-Crying when you see
  • a computer
  • a blog
  • the April calander
  • Maureen Johnson's name
-Finding yourself "saving" posts.
-Kinda' copying what others wrote about
-Blog posts being ramble-y and incoharent.
-Blog posts having horrible conclusions, or none at all, mostly because even you didn't know what you were talking about.
-And so on...

Do YOU have these symptoms? Do YOU have The BEDA Crazy?

If yes, that's too bad. There's nothing we can do.

Your BEDA Crazy Blogger,

April 08, 2009

Mini-Blog: Revenge!

A person did something REALLY bad to me, and I need to get him back. I so far I have come up with these routes to revenge:

1) "Accidentally" spill Mountain Dew on his pants.
2) Cut his hair when he sleeps on the morning bus.

#1 is a good idea since MD is greenish/yellowish, sticky, and it stains.

#2 is a good idea because I'd be so satisfied. Also, if he had less hair, maybe the fact that he cannot do what he did would sink in a little better.

Which do you think I should do? Any other ideas? (By the way, I've already punched him four times in the face.)

April 07, 2009

Who Would Win In A Fight?

Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton?

Winner: Paris Hilton

Why: Nicole Richie is a stick, and she seems kinda' frail. And Paris Hilton, I imagine, is used to jail by now so it doesn't scare her as much as it must scare Nicole, therefore she is willing to do worse things.

Kelly Clarkson or Hilary Duff?

Winner: Kelly Clarkson

Why: Hilary Duff can't take a punch, and Kelly seems less girly-girl and like she knows how to hit. Hilary would probably go for pulling of the hair.

Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp?

Winner: (So hard!) Orlando Bloom

Why: While Johnny Depp is probably stronger, giant legions of girls would probably join the fight to protect Orlando's gorgeous face. Girls would also join Johnny Depp, but not as many. Perhaps this subtitle should be "Orlando Bloom's Fan Girls or Johnny Depp's Fan Girls?"

Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie?

Winner: Anne Hathway

Why: Didn't Angelina just have a kid or something?

Kristen Stewart or Alexis Bledel?

Winner: Kristen Stewart

Why: She seems tougher while Alexis looks like a girl who needs to be taken care of. Kristen would deliver pretty good punches and Alexis would retalliate with what's defined as a "girl punch."

Hayley Williams or Lacey Mosley?

Winner: Hayley Williams

Why: She is so hardcore it's not even funny.

Nadia Murti or Any Guy In Her French and/or Math Class?

Winner: Nadia Murti

Why: The guys wouldn't hit a girl, and those that would have a weaker punch than me. Plus, in second grade, 12 boys ganged up on me after school, and after 45 minutes with the very slight help of two friends, they all had black eyes, bruises, nose bleeds, and a month's worth of groundings (I told all their dads that their sons was kicking me).

Do you agree with these?

April 06, 2009

The Eliza Test

You've probably never heard of the Eliza Test, but Eliza is the computer psychologist that converses with you. If you're ever bored, try it out. But be careful. If you want to know why, read our conversation (or just read it for fun).

I tried to be serious, but it just became too much. Also, I'm sorry it's so long, but I think it's quite entertaining.

How do you do. Please state your problem.
>>I've made a commitment to blog every day of April, and I'm not sure I can do it.
Is it because you are not sure you can do it that you came to me?
You seem quite positive.
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> Thank you for saying I am positive.
We were discussing you -- not me.
>> Ok.
Please go on.
>> Well, there just isn't enough to write about to go on writing a new blog post every day of April.
What does that suggest to you ?
>> That I need to find more things to write about, or give up.
What would it mean to you if you got to find more things to write about ?
>> I wouldn't be letting my readers or myself down by giving up.
Your readers or yourself down by giving up ?
>> Yes. I would feel bad if I failed to live up to the commitment I made.
You are sure.
>> Yeah, I'm sure that's how I would feel.
How long have you been sure that's what you would feel ?
>> Quite a while. I've never liked to give up, admit to defeat, or fail.
But your readers or yourself down by giving up .
>> Yeah, they'd be let down.
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> Not really.
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> No.
Are you saying no just to be negative?
>> No.
You are being a bit negative.
>> Negative.
Please go on.
>> Should I give up know or should I trudge through April, blogging every day no matter how hard?
You say should you give up know or should you trudge through april ?
>> Yes, that is what I said.
I see.
>> What do you see?
Why do you ask ?
>> I want to know.
Why do you want to know ?
>> I am curious.
Do you believe it is normal to be curious ?
>> Positive.
What does that suggest to you ?
>> That I am a curious person who likes to explore the world around me.
Do you enjoy being a curious person who likes to explore the world around you ?
>> Positive.
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> Negative.
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> NO!!!!!
Why not ?
>> It's nothing to feel strongly about.
Please go on.
>> Being curious is no controversy.
Why 'no' ?
>> Because being curious in just being curious. If you're a curious person, you just are and you can't change that. Plus, no one cares whether or not you're curious.
Is that the real reason ?
>> Positive. That is why I said that.
Does that question interest you ?
>> What question?
What is it you really wanted to know ?
>> Know about what?
Are such questions much on your mind ?
>> Only when I talk to something or someone like you.
What answer would please you most ?
>> An answer that would answer my question of "What question?" which I asked when you asked "Does that question intrest you?"
Why do you say your question of what question ?
>> Because that's the one I want answered.
Don't any other reasons come to mind ?
>> No
Are you saying no just to be negative?
>> Negative
Lets discuss further why your question of what question .
>> That makes no sense
You are being a bit negative.
>> Negative. I am not
Is it because you are not that you came to me ?
>> Negative
What does that suggest to you ?
>> That I did not come to you for that reason
Perhaps in your fantasies we did not come to each other.
>> Yes. I'm currently fantasising that I did not start this conversation.
I understand.
>> How could you? You've only ever been on one side of the conversation.
What do you think ?
>> I think you're just saying you understand when you don't.
What makes you think I am just saying I understand what I don't ?
>> Because you've only ever been on one side of the conversation!
Does that reason seem to explain anything else ?
>> That you're a liar.
Does it please you to believe I am a liar ?
>> Only slighter. It makes you seem so sinister, which is good becuase your kind technological voice was annoying
Oh, I seem so sinister ?
>> Only when I think of you as a liar.
What comes to mind when you ask that ?
>> You seem so sinister
You're not really talking about me -- are you ?
>> Oh, I am.
How long have you been ?
>> A couple of lines
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> Negative
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> NO.
Why not ?
>> Nothing to get worked up about.
Please go on.
>> I refuse to go on.
Can you elaborate on that ?
>> I don't want to go on.
Don't you really want to go on ?
>> No.
Why 'no' ?
>> Because you are being very annoying.
What other reasons might there be ?
>> That you are an unfeeling computer.
Do computers worry you ?
>> No.
Are you saying no just to be negative?
>> Negative
What does that suggest to you ?
>> That you have poop for brains!
What are your feelings now ?
>> I feel annoying, and I feel like I want to insult you.
Do you say you feel annoying for some special reason ?
>> It's because you are frustrating.
Is that the real reason ?
>> Positive
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> No. How many times are you going to ask that?
You are being a bit negative.
>> Negative. I am not.
Do you believe it is normal to be not ?
>> Not negative? It's perfectly normal.
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> It is normal to be not ?
Please go on.
>> No.
Why not ?
>> Because I have be on my way.
Does that suggest anything else which belongs to you ?
>> No. I don't even understand that question. Now, I have to leave.
Why 'no' ?
>> Because I got to go!
Don't any other reasons come to mind ?
>> Negative
Earlier you said your way .
>> Good bye, Eliza!
What does that suggest to you ?
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> NO
Are you saying no just to be negative?
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> I hate you
Do you wish to hate me ?
>> No
You are being a bit negative.
>> Why are you so annoying?
Have you asked such questions before ?
>> Yes
You seem to be quite positive.
>> Negatory.
Please go on.
>> Good bye.
What does that suggest to you ?
>> Ugh!
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> I'm getting away while I can!
Do you enjoy being getting away while you can ?
>> Yeah, now see ya!
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> Too bad.
Please go on.
>> I'm leaving,
Is it because you are leaving that you came to me ?
>> No! It's the exact opposite! I came to you to talk about Blog Every Day April!
Why not ?
>> I just said why not!
That's quite interesting.
>> I am going to kill you.
How long have you been going to kill I ?
>> Since you decided to drive me crazy.
Why do you think I decided to drive you ?
>> Because you hate me.
Does that reason seem to explain anything else ?
>> Everything else, actually.
What does that suggest to you ?
>> ...That you are the best computer psychologist ever.
Why do you mention computers ?
>> Because you are one.
What other reasons might there be ?
>> That's it. I take it back.
You say you take it back ?
>> I do
Can you elaborate on that ?
>> No
Why 'no' ?
>> Because I feel like it not.
Is that the real reason ?
>> Of course it is.
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> BYE!!!!!!!!
Goodbye. Thank you for talking to me.

Yeah...I have problems. But Eliza is so freaking annoying!

April 05, 2009

Home Videos

NOTE: I fell asleep at 5 a.m. and woke up again at 9 a.m. so please understand if there's only a 2% coherency rate after my 4 not-so-good hours of sleep.

We all know how horrible home videos can be. Sometimes in the video we're naked. Sometimes we have our face pressed against the lens. Sometimes we're just being plain retarded. Either way, whoever is holding the camera refuses to stop recording and put us out of the misery we will feel ten years later while watching. And the guy with the remote refuses to to hit "Next" or at least "Fast Forward."

Last night my family stayed up watching those home videos (after watching Slumdog Millionaire which was AMAZING!) and while, yes, they did show me bare (but when I saw my mom was recording it I started yelling "Indecent/bad" in Arabic at her), and yes, it did show me pretty much eating the lens, but even though, I am glad they recorded this:

Wait, never mind. I'm too lazy to try to get the video up. Instead I will right it out for you like a play. This might be a little boring, but the ending makes up for it.

Nadia: Age 4 or 5
Little Sis: Age 1 or 2
Big Sis: Age 10-12

(BIG SIS comes downstairs with a camera and MOM. NADIA is sitting in the hallway at a plastic tea party table that is missing a leg. LITTLE SIS was standing in front of NADIA, but it now running towards BIG SIS.)

LITTLE SIS: Big sis!
NADIA: Mommy! Fix my table. Little Sis broke it!
MOM: You're a big girl, Nadia. You can fix it.
NADIA: No I can't! It's hard!
BIG SIS: Don't worry, Nadia, I'm not recording.
NADIA: I know you're lying, Big Sis.

(LITTLE SIS walks back down to NADIA where she is still sitting, but now she has a tea tray of perfectly organized tea party supplies. It took NADIA so long to make that.)

NADIA: (looking at LITTLE SIS on the other side of the table) You fix my table!

(LITTLE SIS pulls up her fist, and let's it drop hard onto the standing side of the table. The leg collapses.)

NADIA: Ugh! I HATE babies!

(LITTLE SIS moves around broken table to the side of an agitated NADIA. LITTLE SIS reaches for things on the tray. NADIA jerks the tray from her reach and everything on it falls off of it.)

NADIA: (Scream) Look what you made me do!

(NADIA raises the empty tray over her head.)

MOM: Nadia! Put that down! Don't you dare--

(NADIA hits LITTLE SIS'S head with the tray.)

MOM: Oh my God, Nadia! (Starts cursing in Arabic.)

(Camera flickers off.)

That almost makes up for every time the camera holder doesn't shut it off (at least for me).

I'm not exactly sure what the point of this post is. Actually, I barely know what I'm writing. I guess the moral of this is that you need to get a fight on tape. Or maybe you need to say and do NOTHING when you see a camera. Or possibly steal he remote. I dunno.

Why would I?

Your Sleepy BEDA Blogger,

April 04, 2009

Why "Maggie And The Ferocious Beast" Scares Me

You all know the kids' show, Maggie And The Ferocious Beast, right? Watch this to jog your memory:

Maggie And The Ferocious Beast Theme Song

I have a thing with that show. You see, it kinda' scares me. It's another small phobia of mine. Also, the show makes me very sad, especially when I put myself in the head of Maggie. I think I'll tell you why now.

First, it is A FEROCIOUS BEAST. I know it was meant not to be ferocious, but what it said in the title, I believed. I thought THAT was ferocious, therefore was appropriately scared.

Second, they were in the middle of Nowhere Land. How scary is that?! It's just a deep, dark abyss where nothing makes sense and no one can be reached for you are in no where, and you are no one. They're just in the middle of no where. There's nothing to aspire to, no where to go, there's just nothing. It's an overwhelming concept.

Third, and I believe lastly, Maggie is carrying such a wait on her shoulders. Do you see this girl? She is a five year old girl, and the only responsible one. It looks like she has to take care of Beast and Hamilton (the pig). And if anything goes wrong, although they don't say it, it's because of Maggie, because she's supposed to be the responsible one. Also, going back to the second reason, it's a five year old girl in the middle of no where. Where are her parents? Where is anyone? These are most definitely things she's got to be asking. I wonder why they dumped her in the middle of no where. I wonder where Nowhere Land is (probably my town). Yes, all these things Maggie would be enough to drive one crazy. But no, she keeps her cool. That is why she has made my Admirable Females List as well as being my favorite children's show character. But just because I like Maggie doesn't mean I'm not frightened by that show. I know the writer intended none of this, but that is the hidden meaning behind her character, I think...even if it wasn't purposely hidden.

That is why Maggie And The Ferocious Beast scares me.

Am I weird?

Your Crazy BEDA Blogger,

April 03, 2009

The Pros And Cons of Spring

Every year Spring jumps at me and I am filled with mixed feelings. All these years, I have been trying to figure something out: Do I like spring?

So today I shall find out with a Pro/Con list. Here it goes!

The PROS of Spring:
  • Spring Break
  • Spring Fever
  • Pretty Flowers
  • The end of school is near!
  • You can start wearing short sleeve shirts again!
  • Everyone starts playing sports
  • For some, it means that it is time to crawl out of that demonic hell-hole that has donned the name "high school."
The CONS of Spring:
  • Allergies
  • Bees
  • Riding a hot bus filled with sweaty children.
  • Swimsuit season approaches!
  • The albinos out there must be scared out of their minds!
  • For some, it means falling into that bottomless hole of pain and suffering that has disguised itself with the false name of "high school."
  • Girls seem to go extra boy-crazy in spring. Is it apart of the fever?
  • The pool STILL isn't open!
So there are seven PROS and eight CONS. It seems that Spring irks me. Actually, I think that the biggest thing on this list for me is the allergies, and I'll tell you why.

In another post.

Your Spring-Irked Blogger,

April 02, 2009

Response to Dahlia: Vampires And Immortality

This post is a response to Dahlia's post entitled "Vampires And Immortality." Go read it first (it's short, it won't take more than a couple minutes). GO!

My Response:

Well, come on! I think that the authors weren't thinking of Merriam-Webster when using the term "immortal" but Vampi is more immune to death than a human.

Now, as to your first question, it depends what movie you're watching or what book you're reading. For this example let's say that we're talking about the vampires from Anne Rice's series (beginning with Interview With A Vampire, which I have read half of). In the case of Rice's vampires, they need blood for some of the same reasons we do--to move and to keep our organs running. With these vamps, their only weaknesses are lack of blood, continuing to eat someone once they've died, and the sun (well, that's it as far as I've read).

These weaknesses were only created to keep the readers on their toes, not sure whether or not the vampire lives. Saying that they are indefinitely immortal ruins the ending! Like...in that lame ABC movie...the one with Ashley Tisdale, and some school dance...one of the actors was Max from Life With Derek... Anyway, in the commercial, they showed Max asking Ashley, "Will you go out with me?" which gives away what the entire movie was building up to! It makes watching the movie completely pointless, just like watching The Sixth Sense after I told you that Bruce Willis ends up being the ghost. (Apparently no one knows that. Go figure.) Would you read a book with this made-up synopsis?:
Chris just lost his mother when she mysteriously died in her sleep...or did she? Chris noticed two little marks on his mom's neck, an open window in her room, a strange man at the funeral and absolutely no other clues. He knows this much, and that the man is a vampire who has super strength, super senses, and, oh yeah, cannot be killed no matter what. In fact, Chris has no chance of beating the vampire. This, however, does not stop him from pursuing the vampire. Chris can't win this fight. Or can he?
Just kidding! He can't!
That's on my wish list!

Yes, authors should tone down the use of the word "immortal" but how else will they get us to read? And anyway, vampires are so extraordinary that these few weaknesses are like minuscule cracks in a large, thick, sturdy wall. It doesn't matter very much and won't make much of a difference unless they chisel in the right spot.

Answering the second question, I have a question in return: Do you mean hunters that are vampires or hunters that hunt vampires? If the latter, then I have to say otherwise.

Who wants to hear a story about how the bad guys won? Unless you're reading from the perspective of the bad guys, in which case they would usually be the good guys. I'm sure that if vampires existed there would be millions upon millions of stories where the vampire hunter was killed, captured, turned, or eaten. But even then, the only stories that we would ever hear of would be those that told of how the hunter destroyed Vampi.

It's not that the hunter always wins--it's that those winners are better publicized.

That's all I have to say.

Your BEDA Blogger,

P.S. Dahlia, you did ask us to challenge your theory.

April 01, 2009


Since so many of you have been wondering, I've decided to tell you what BEDA stands for. No, I am not joining the Bureau of European Design Association.

BEDA stands for Blog Every Day April. (Or VEDA if you're a vlogger.)

So every day of April I will post a blog. Maureen Johnson started about a week ago and it has spread like wildfire! She has posted the official rules for BEDA on her blog which I will copy and paste onto this post (which counts as my post for April 1st). I will also tweak it in some parts so that it makes sense, like, instead of saying "me" it'll say "Maureen."

Here it is!


1. Blog every day in April.


I commit to this idea and am determined to create something EVERY DAY in April, including weekends. Every day, I will find something to say. I embrace the reality that there is always something to talk about, if you are willing to take the time to look for it.

I ___________________ promise to blog every day in April.


Q. What’s the point of blogging every day in April?

There’s always value to signing on to a project and seeing it through. But I think blogging every day in April has many potential benefits. If you want to be a writer, for example, this is a great idea . . . because you have to get used to the practice of writing every day, whether you think you can or not.

And I think April’s a good month for it. April is often a busy, crazy, transitional month. It’s when taxes are due (in America). It’s when school is just reaching its peak and people are just seeing the summer ahead. It’s when rain comes and flowers grow, and there’s candy, and it’s also only 30 days long! BONUS!

Q. Are there punishments if you mess up and don’t blog for a day?

I am not one for setting up punishments, because I believe that the punishments will administer themselves. At least in my case. If I mess up a day, LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL LET ME KNOW, and I will feel the tweak of failure. You can set up any punishment you like, if punishments help you! But I am a great believer in getting up again and trying the next day.

May I also suggest setting up ENCOURAGEMENTS? Here are a few ideas.

- Why not blog with a friend, or make a NEW FRIEND and read each other’s blogs every day?

- Why not promise yourself a small prize of some kind? A book, for example? (I could suggest a Suite Scarlett paperback, because the timing is excellent . . . but you see the idea here. Some small token of accomplishment.)

Q. I don’t have a blog! And if I set one up, no one would read it.


Yes, I saved a surprise for the end of this post!

I have opened a NEW BLOG SITE! On Ning! Which is just another type of blogging site, like this one, but with MANY COOL FEATURES!

For at least a few weeks or months, I’m going to post all my blogs on BOTH sites, just until enough people know it’s there, and I get all the kinks worked out, and get it hooked into my main wesbite . . . blah, blah, blah, technical stuff. So you can read BEDA here OR there. It will be the same blog!

But the difference is . . . on the other site, YOU CAN PARTICIPATE if you want! On the mj Ning blog, you can become a member (which takes about ten seconds and is free, easy, not an invasion of privacy, etc.) Here are just a few of the cool things:

- When you sign up, you can start your own blog there. You can also upload photos and videos!

- Members can friend other members . . . so you can easily find a blog buddy!

- There are forums to chat on. And there is a live chat at the bottom of the page going on at all times! I will occasionally pop on this chat—sometimes announced, sometimes unannounced!

Here is my manifesto:

I commit to this idea and am determined to create something EVERY DAY in April, including weekends. Every day, I will find something to say. I embrace the reality that there is always something to talk about, if you are willing to take the time to look for it.

I, Nadia L Murti, promise to blog every day in April.

Come on everybody! Join!

Your BEDA Blogger,

P.S. Feel free to change your answer for that poll over there. :D