December 31, 2010

100 Book Challange

I've taken on the 100 Book Challenge. The 100 Book Challenge is pretty much a contest against yourself and the goal is to read 100 books before January 1st, 2011. To sign up, go here.

This is where I'll be posting all the books I've read so far.

1. A Midsummer Night's Dream
2. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging (a truly terrible book)
3. Jessica's Guide To Dating on The Dark Side (which I loved!)
4. Stormbreaker (Alex Rider #1) (meh)
5. Point Blank (Alex Rider #2) (meh for the first 90 pages, but the last 40 are AWESOME!)
6. Skeleton Key
7. Eagle Strike
8. Scorpia (great book)
9. Ark Angel
10. Snakehead (very good)
11. Merchant of Venice
12. Crocodile Tears (also quite good)
13. Scarlett Fever (loved it!)
14. The Lonely Heart's Club (very cute book)
15. The Year of Secret Assignments (so good! The first half was hilarious!)
16. Heist Society (amazing!)
17. Macbeth
18. Animal Farm
19. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
20. Thirteen Reasons Why
21. Peace, Love, And Baby Ducks (Loved it, very relate-able)
22. The Red Necklace (amazing!)
23. The Hunger Games
24. Catching Fire
25. Night
26. Only The Good Spy Young (great! Addictive!)
27. To Kill A Mockingbird
28. Seedfolks (terrible)
29. Mockingjay (okay)
30. Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero (quite good)
31. Looking For Alaska (great book. Sad, but hopeful)
32. A Raisin In The Sun (where's the plot?)
33. Geektastic
34. The Odyssey
35. The Looking Glass Wars

So, it is safe to say that I have failed. Oh well, I'll try again next year!

December 28, 2010

Mini-Blog: Ghosts Are Probably Lame and Squigglies!

Ok, I was going through my posts--did you know I have 25 posts with a tag of "Mythical Creatures"?--and I was thinking about ghosts. Then I thought about how many horror movies involved ghosts, but eventually, I realized that they're really not scary. At all.

Let's think about it you guys. They can't hurt you because their hands would just pass through you. If there's enough light in the room, you can't even see the ghost. All they can do is scare you and maybe drive you insane, but that is for the weak-minded. Like Jedi powers. But I'm not comparing ghosts to Jedis, I swear. Jedis are much cooler than ghosts. By the boulevard, did you know that Jedi is a word on blogger, but that Jedis has a little squiggly line underneath it? In fact, a lot of words have squiggly lines under them on Blogger, and it is ANNOYING! Blogger needs to just go through the entire dictionary to make sure the website recognizes them.

And then they should employ me to make sure they recognize sniglets.*

Your Blogger,

*Sniglet: Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should. And yes, that was squiggled.

The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor
"THE MYTH: Alice Liddel was an ordinary girl who stepped through the looking glass and entered a fairy-tale world invented by Lewis Carroll in his famous storybook.

THE TRUTH: Wonderland is real. Alyss Heart is the heir to the throne, until her murderous aunt Redd steals the crown and kills Alyss's parents. To escape Redd, Alyss and her bodyguard, Hatter Madigan, must flee to our world through the Pool of Tears. But in the pool Alyss and Hatter are separated. Lost and alone in Victorian London, Alyss is befriended by an aspiring author, to whom she tells the violent, heartbreaking story of her young life. Yet he gets the story all wrong. Hatter Madigan knows the truth only too well, and he is searching every corner of our world to find the lost princess and return her to Wonderland so she may battle Redd for her rightful place as the Queen of Hearts."

I finished this book two days ago, I here are my thoughts on it.

Frank Beddor did a great job writing and creating Wonderland and somehow not making it as confusing as Lewis Carroll made his books. This book was a book. Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass were acid trips. The Looking Glass Wars made more sense, and the entire setting and landscape he created was rich and vivid.

Onto the story! It keeps you interested, even enough to make you want to read the sequel (recent books have failed to make me want the sequel). The book is rather unpredictable, and I love the characters! The book makes you believe that it all actually exists.

I would recommend this, especially if you like fantasy and for some reason find yourself reading a lot of books concerning Alice in Wonderland (like me). The book has some romance, fighting, death, and I would tell you more, but that would spoil the book.

8 stars out of 10!

Your Blogger,

Diary of a Freshman: How Not To Have A Boring Winter

It's winter break, you guys, and guess what! A miracle has occurred! My winter break hasn't been boring!

A wondrous feat, I know.

Do you know how I managed that? It comes with a life lesson.

Most importantly, if there's one person of group of people you usually hang out with and want to hang out with, do not resign yourself to boredom if they are busy. Every winter, I hang out with this group of friends, but I branched out and hung with some other people instead of focusing my attention on people who are busy or just don't feel like spending time with you.

Second, you don't have to wait for someone else to ask you. All it takes is a text or a wall post or something along the lines of, "We have got to hang out!" If there's a reply, then voilà! You've got yourself some PLANS!

Don't be picky about who you go to the mall with. You'll have a good time, whether or not the person you're with is your best friend. By that I mean that even if you two or three are BFFLs, but are friends, go hang out. Do not limit yourself.

Plan well! Don't just say, "Let's go to the mall!" say "Let's meet at the Big Mall in the Food Court at one o'clock."

Hope this helped!

Your Blogger,

December 20, 2010

Nadia's Chritmas Special

If you've been watching tv, you've seen plenty of commercials for Christmas specials. And they're ridiculous. My favorite one so far has been the ABC Family commercial where [cartoon] Moose #1 is laying face down in the snow while Moose #2 looks on, stony faced, yet befuddled, and says--

"You're a moose. You can't fly." At this point I was doing that I-really-want-to-laugh-hysterically-but-I'm-not-sure-it's-a-joke-but-doesn't-that-make-it-funnier? thing.

To this, Moose #1 responds defiantly and full of false, illogical hope, "Nothing can stop me!"

Then I heard that in the UK, they're trying to make Santa skinny, to be a better role model. And then I saw Toys Story 3, which was just like a cynical thought I had jokingly expressed, so I thought that if these could become movies and specials, I could make one!

And so here is the script of my Christmas special. (And I CAN make a Christmas special, despite my whole not-celebrating-Christmas-thing. That makes it easier, actually. You'll understand once you've read this.)

At Rise: A fireplace in a cozy home. Decorated Christmas tree to the left of the fire.

We hear a rumbling from above in the chimney. Soot begins to fall onto unlit logs in the fireplace from above. A moment passes. Santa, with gut so large that the buttons on his red coat look like they might fly off, lands in the fireplace, a foot on either side of the log holding thing. He ducks out of the fireplace, stands up tall, and gazes out onto the scene of the living room with an eager smile.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho!

Santa takes his bag of presents and chucks it carelessly across the room. Back bent and fingers curved, he looks around excitedly at the table and on the floor by the tree.

Santa: What's this? No cookies? Are you kidding me? I come all this way for no cookies. Total crap.

Looks around, shoulders slumped, in a defeated stance. His neck moves as he looks for something to cheer him up. He sees the kitchen.

Santa: Well, I guess they mean to serve myself.

Waddles into kitchen, and opens fridge. He sees chocolate and immediately shovels it into his mouth. He then pulls out bacon strips. He fries the bacon. He turns of the stove, and carefully picks up the strip of greasy bacon, and bites into it.

Santa: Mmm, just how I like it--all cholesterol.

Santa moves his hand to take a second bite of bacon, but before he can, his eyes widen. His hands clutch at his heart for a few moments. Santa makes some panicked, unintelligible noises. He falls backward. The last second of his fall are in slow motion. As his body is hitting the ground, the camera closes up on his arm, which has splayed to the side. Still in slow motion, we see the bacon drop from his hand.

The Next Morning

Two young children, six and eight years old, a boy and a girl respectively, in onesies pajamas run frantically down the stairs, nearly bursting with excitement. They scurry to their living room and see a large red bag. Confused, they look at each other. They go back to staring at the bag. The boy notices a trail of grease and melted snow leading to the kitchen. He taps the shoulder of his sister and points to the trail. They follow the liquid to the kitchen, where Santa is laying sprawled on the floor. The stare uncomprehendingly at him for a moment, and the girl lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

Boy: No! No! This can't be happening! No! My presents!

Camera pans out, then fades, the last sounds being the tears and yells of the small children. We hear the girl saying, "Why did he have to be so fat?"


So, whatcha' think? I was going for a scarred for life effect. I think I hit my mark, what about you?

Your Joyous Blogger,

December 18, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: "Finding Yourself"

Everyone says that your high school years are important, and they are. Everyone says that these crucial moments are the times in which you "find yourself."

I've always scoffed at this. I've also always been a firm believer that you don't find yourself, you create yourself--that every piece of you must be a conscious decision, lest the person you become be someone you don't like.

And as it turns out, I was partially right.

Some background info, first. There's something I've kept from you readers. Since about the middle of eighth grade (at least, I suspect it might've been since before that) I have been a fake.

Fake, two-faced, whatever you'd like to call it, that was me. I knew I was, but I had a hard time stopping it. What I mean by two-faced is that I projected a new persona with everyone. I could act fun and carefree with some friends, while I would be smart and weird/silly with others. (Think: Lindsey from An Abundance of Katherines.) I had so many faces and it was getting tiresome. And I really didn't like it. And I was never really happy. And honestly, this is the first time I've ever actually admitted it, because I was always afraid that if I said it or told someone that then my fears would be confirmed. I'm saying it now because it's no longer a fear of mine.

Freshman year has been kind of amazing. I quit trying to decide what I was going to be like, I just let go of whatever "image" I wanted, hung out with whoever I wanted to hang out, and stopped trying to convince people to like me. I continued to make conscious decisions about my personality, like a little voice would remind me Think about this from their perspective and Watch what you say and Be nice. The difference though--I'm doing it for me. I can now honestly say that I couldn't care less about what others think about me. That makes me really happy.

So the point of this is, Yes, they are right, you do "find" yourself in high school, and that if you keep trying to be someone else or be someone that everyone likes, you will never be happy.

Oh, God, I sound like a Disney movie.

Alright, everyone understand the sentiment? Here's the CliffNotes version: I was fake, now I'm not, and I'm happy, so be yourself, 'cause High School is a time of crucial mental development. Got it?

Your Blogger Who Has Found The Secret of Happiness,

P.S. I would say that this also is a testament to how freshmen interact--changing themselves or parts of their personality in order to infiltrate a desired group of friendship, or to achieve a desired status or standing in the high school's society. Theory of Freshman Culture, Behavior, and Interaction #2: Less mature freshmen may often change their personality, imitate interests, and so on in order to change their image, social standing, status, or peer group.

December 16, 2010

Mini-Blog: Another Snow Day

It's 5:28 PM and my suddenly-more-intelligent school board decided to make tomorrow another snow day since the city is coated in ice.

I got the news while doing homework and thinking, I should have started this earlier, I really need to study for my finals tomorrow. So perfect timing, right? The ice fairies DO love me! Now I get to do all this and take my tests in two or so weeks! Now my music is on and loud, and was technically the first day of winter break!

So happy winter to one and all, and remember to leave soda out for your local ice fairy troop!

Your Joyous Blogger,

Snow Day 2!

Yippee! Today I woke up, stared at the tv which was tuned to the local news, and tried to get my eyes to stop blurring. I saw something on the screen. Could it be? I spent the next three minutes standing in different positions around the room to make sure I was seeing it correctly, and then I finally decided I didn't care!

So I went back to sleep, woke up at nine, and now I'm writing this! Turns out, there was no school. You know what that means? I get to take my science and French finals in January!

But I still have a math final tomorrow. Boo. I should be studying for that, shouldn't I?

Who thinks we might have another snow day?


Your Blogger,

December 14, 2010

Let's Read A Comment Worthy of Hannah Baker

People really do get really worked up about books. Do you guys remember that review of 13 Reasons Why I posted? You remember! "13 Reasons Why I Hate Hannah Baker"!

Well, people are still reading and commenting on it, and who would like to see a comment I recently received in my moderation box? Yes, I thought you would. Usually, I would publish a comment whether or not they agreed with me, but this one is rather insulting, ironic, and misses the point, so I am publishing it, just not in the comments section. Let's read on, shall we?
okay. i do not agree..little words and little things can hurt people wether people relize it or not. but little things can hurt. and i totaly get where she is coming from. yeah everyone can feel violated in some way. but maybe she didnt want her parents to find out. i mean everything is possible. i do not feel completly sorry for hannah. becasue she could have simply went up and saidsomething to all 13 people. but she also could have a depresion disorder. many people do and sometimes they dont want to talk about it. maybe you should learn the facts before you blog
Now, let's address Anonymous's comment.

Anonymous has the right to disagree and I respect that. Nothing wrong at all with that. A lot of people do disagree.

First off, yes, the little things can hurt--but this book takes it to the extreme.

Second, I also understand where she's coming from, not because she's widely relatable, sensical, or good at explaining things, but because I used to be like her. Not suicidal, but I would read into things like nothing else. But it made me crazy, always worrying about "signs" and whatnot, so I realized something--they're not talking to Aly because they're mad at me, they're talking to her because they want to. And looking back on how I used to think, I really didn't like it. If I was someone who expressed those thoughts, I'm sure I would not have wanted to be my friend. Why? Because I was silly, annoying, and without perspective. I really strongly dislike that former Nadia for those reasons, which gives me the right to really strongly dislike Hannah for those reasons.

Then Anonymous tries to defend the fictional character with the weak argument of, "she didn't want her parents to know." Never really an excuse, is it? And it sure doesn't pass for one here!

Then Anonymous goes on to agree with me.

Then she says Hannah may have been clinically depressed. Well, she only very rarely--and fickly--even expressed one symptom of depression, that being withdrawal from friends and family. SO I don't think it was that.

I understand what Jay Asher was trying to get across--little actions have big impacts. However, if he wanted to get this across well, he should not have used this story or character. It's like saying, "Go to marriage counseling. One guy, he and his wife didn't go to marriage counseling and then he got pneumonia."

Then, Anonymous ends her comment with venom and without punctuation. Subsequently, she tells me what I may or may not write in my blog, while also implying that I do not think, but rather am a monkey who sits at her computer, just typing keys, not understanding a thing.

Anonymous really is overreacting to my post, I mean, to stoop as low as to insult the metal capability of the writer? Overreaction, blowing things out of proportion, not making total sense...a comment worthy of Hannah Baker, wouldn't you say?

She goes to all of this trouble to defend a girl who DOES. NOT. EXIST.

To "Anonymous":* Get over it. Get over yourself. It's my blog, my thoughts, and you'll be hard pressed to win an argument against me. Especially since I'm the comment moderator. Bet Anonymous didn't know that before she hit Publish.

This may seem excessive, but as our lovely Anonymous so wisely and insightfully pointed out, small things can cause big reactions.

Your Blogger,

*Is anyone surprised she didn't use a name or account?

December 13, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Snow Day

Today, thank God, is a snow day. So what am I doing? Of course, I sitting in my room being bored to death.

You see, I asked my friend on Saturday when she wanted to study, but she then remembered that she was going to be out of town. Okay, plausible enough, I studied alone and babysat vicious three year olds that night.

Sunday night, I asked if they wanted to do the usual--in wintertime and on most snow days, we all go to this hill in our neighborhood for a couple of hours, then go back to one of our houses for hot cocoa by a fire. They said that they needed to study. Ok. So I'm being bored at home now, because I have no form of transport and they live close to me and are busy.

But don't be like me!

Finish homework, play in the snow, see your friends, have a ride at the ready, break out the hot cocoa and old Disney movies, and have fun!

Unlike me. :( [Though this is probably better than being at school. Maybe.]

Your BORED Blogger,

December 11, 2010

A Little Pick-Me-Up

If ever you're feeling a bit unimportant, stop for a moment. What are you doing? Yes, that's right, breathing.

Do you know what breathing is? Exhaling carbon dioxide (and 10% of that breath is oxygen, just so you know). By doing that, you are providing fuel to trees, thereby saving rain forests. By saving rain forests, you help decrease greenhouse gasses.

What? What's that? No. My logic is fool-proof.

If you obstinate readers out there disagree, then how about this: by breathing you contribute to greenhouse gasses, effectively killing the Earth. That's important. Now you're important. So, if you've chosen this method of being important, feel free to crawl under a rock and start hating yourself for creating this crappy weather. Really. Today was 50 degrees, and Sunday's a snowstorm. The first snow fell in late November. Like, what's with that? How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends!

But that's not what I picked. I save rain forests. I'm special and important. That's why the forest fairies love me. They'll do anything I tell them to. I'm in control.

Your Blogger,

P.S. Uh, was that weird? It seems that people are telling me I'm a bit strange more and more now. I'll take this as a good thing, because who wants to be normal? Normal is boring. Anywho, feel free to chalk the strangeness of this post to my brain being fried. It was a five day week, full of tangents and sines and cosines and skeletons and other things that make my brain go RugHUMPHdilliPLOPerschnigel.

The Odyssey Makes No Sense

I recently finished reading The Odyssey for English class, and I've got some problems with it. But mostly with Odysseus.

For one, he's a total hypocrite. He's all "I'm going to be so mad if Penelope cheated on me after my being away for twenty years!" but he was with Calypso for SEVEN YEARS!

He blames everything bad on other people. He falls asleep, he blames Zeus, but when he beats a monster, he says, "Yeah, that was all me, I'm pretty awesome."

Somehow, Homer thought that to illustrate Odysseus's bravery, he should cage and ambush a room of unarmed men to regain his kingdom.

Did anyone find it strange that the Telemachus-meets-his-dad scene took six lines, but it takes Penelope more than a page to get out Odysseus's old bow?

The part where Telemachus and Odysseus meets goes like this:
O: I'm your dad.
T: No you're not.
O: Yes, I am.
T: Lies!
O: Seriously, I'm your father.

Ok, I can't list all my problems with this because I'm honestly mostly using this to keep from studying, and if I listed all my problems, I would succeed and that would be bad.

Your Procrastinating Blogger,

December 10, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Duuun dun...dun dun...dun dun dun dun--FINALS!

Guys, in one week, winter break is here. Which means that on Tuesday, I start taking my finals. Dun dun DUN.

So I should be blogging, right? Finals are important. But I haven't been blogging too much, and won't be because they're FINALS! Which are IMPORTANT! So I'm studying. Or, uh, will be.

Some Tips For Final Studying
  1. Make a list of concepts and things that you need to review.
  2. Take your notes, binders, and textbooks home with you.
  3. Study in a small group of people who have your same classes. Individual study is good at first, but if you're iffy on some things (like pretty much everything you've learned on trigonometry), it can help to have someone there to explain it to you.
  4. Have your study partners quiz you.
  5. Do absolutely all extra credit stuff. You'll probably need it. Bring in bouche de Noël for French, calculate the circumference of the moon for Math, whatever you have to!
  6. Remember how you've been gliding through English class, not reading the books and saying "Need levels," every time you're asked about some character's motivation in A Raisin In The Sun, and relying on knowledge attained through the Percy Jackson books to cover up that you've yet to read a word of The Odyssey? Yeah, well, you might want to get around to reading those, because they WILL be on the final. Reading the SparkNotes version IN ADDITION will really help you out, and make sure to check out the Important Quotations section, and the take the quiz.
  7. READ DIRECTIONS. I got a C on a test because instead of putting down the letter which stands for the character, I put down their initials. Watch out for that.
  8. Make sure your calculator is in the correct function. When calculating sines/cosines/tangents, you'll need to go to Mode and then select Degree. Yeah, I know, same here, all I know how to do on my calculator is play games.
  10. Pray for a snow day.
And that, my darlings is the formula for success.

I hope. I'm going to be spending the entire weekend studying (Oh no, I can't clean up after all my mom's cousins and uncles that are visiting!). And I study hard.

You know, I'm pretty sure that the school specially designs Finals Week to kill us. That way they won't have to order as many yearbooks. If you had met my teachers, you wouldn't doubt this possibility.

Your Blogger,

P.S. Wish me luck!



I didn't go on my e-mail for two days, so when I did, it asked to verify my account so I did, and an hour later, I came here to check on my blog, and it was GONE and my account was there, but not the blog, not the two years' worth of posts. But it's 5:46 A.M. right now, and my blog is BACK!

This is great. Seriously, I was heartbroken when I saw that this was deleted.


Your Happy Happy Blogger,

December 01, 2010

Mini-Blog: SparkLife

Can I just say that I get WAY too excited when I'm mentioned in SparkLife (the section of SparkNotes filled with awesomesauce)!

Like today, I saw an article on Dos and Don'ts of hosting an exchange student. And I had asked for that, and they mentioned that at the beginning of the article! Eep! And I do a little happy dance every time they include my answer on Phi Beta Dagger and Interview With A Sparkler.

Am I the only one?

Your Sparkling Blogger,

P.S. The "Would you join a Quidditch team?" poll has closed. 3 "Hell yes!"s and 1 "Maybe". Good job, readers! Turns out you guys are pretty awesome.

November 30, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Surprise, Surprise, and Reiteration of Theory #1

P.S.* Posts with heading "Diary of a Freshman" may also be apart of my Something-Part Series Dissecting Freshman Culture, Behavior, and Interaction.

You remember Theory #1, don't you? It was originally everyone loves a chase but I added to/revised it so that it also says Freshmen don't realize what they have until they've lost it.

While most people subconsciously love a chase, I thought of my own actions--I chased for six weeks, then gave up, so to elaborate on Theory #1, everyone loves a chase for a certain amount of time, which may very from situation to situation.

Freshmen don't realize what they have until they lose it--this may apply with everything from cell phones to friends.

And NOW I'm even more confident that this is fact.

I take AP Human Geography, and we were all required to do group projects on a religion, randomly drawn from a hat. I'm Muslim and my friend got Islam as his project subject. We laughed at our luck, I helped him out with getting and understanding the information. He joked about how he would slyly just ask me to give him all the information as he presented, and I told him beforehand that if he was ignorant and rude, we couldn't be friends, to which he said, "Got it."

So what did he do? He was ignorant and rude. Needless to say I refused to talk to him after that. (And I was PMSing like crazy, so I told my Muslim friend, so she wouldn't talk to him, and eventually half of math class was mad at him.)

I made it clear that I wouldn't talk to him, so he tried apologizing, but he didn't know what he was apologizing for so I didn't accept it.

Then he defended himself by saying, "I didn't write that slide [of the PowerPoint Presentation from which he read]." However, I had a text from him, sent that morning, stating the opposite. I called him out for lying, and he backtracked and said he copy and pasted the information. Problem was, he also texted that he had had to write a lot--not copy and paste a lot!

Then I almost forgave him. But when I walked into study hall, he had a hat on and was saying "MOHAMMED, MOHAMMED!" with this arms over his head. Then he noticed that I was there.

Obviously, I haven't forgiven him.

So there was me venting about the ignorance of the great populace, here's why it reiterates Theory #1.

While I wasn't talking to him, he would chase me down the hall, and tried to get my attention more than ever. He must've apologized (but not for the right reason) a dozen times. If this had happened with someone whose friendship he didn't value in the least, then he wouldn't have tried to apologize more than once. But, when I stopped talking, walking, and hanging out with him for the 75% percent of the school day that we usually hung out, he realized that I'm awesome and tried to get me back as a friend. Because freshmen don't realize what they've got until it's gone! He didn't care about offending me, but once he realized that he wanted to keep me as a friend, he tried to make up for the affront.

Let's see how his plan goes.

Your Agitated Blogger,

*It stands for Preceding Script.

P.S. To explain WHY I'm so mad at him: My religion is part of who I am, and I can't turn on the radio or go to school without that being attacked by bigots whose main source of information is Fox News. I hardly need that from my friends.
Not only that, but if that's what he thinks about my religion, then that's what he believes about me, and I'm not going to put up or waste my time with someone who thinks I am what he described.

P.P.S. I told him to figure out why I was upset and apologize for THAT. He did, and it was sincere, so he was forgiven. But one more strike and he's out.

November 29, 2010

Mini-Blog: Friend's Birthday Gift...s

Soooooo, tomorrow is the birthday of one of my best friends--well, we were best friends throughout middle school, but we haven't talked too much this year--and her favorite candy is a York Peppermint Patty. At least it was during middle school. So I asked my mom to get some on her drive home, and, well, she got a few bags. I saw this:

and thought, "Yeah, I can give these to her."

Then I saw this:

and thought, "This could either be really good, or really awkward."

What do you think will happen?

Your Blogger,

November 26, 2010

Crackling Logs and Ants

I was just sitting by the fire earlier, thinking about how snow arrived just in time, when I heard something. The fire was crackling.

I asked my sister if she heard it, and she said yes, and that it was made to do that.

Then of course, I started thinking about how it sounded like ants screaming as they burned to death, or maybe like their little bodies beings shriveled and burned up like POOF! That obviously made me wonder whether or not they used the bodies of ants in their fake wood recipe.

And what is someone dared some other guy to eat some of it? He would take a confident and defiant bite out of it, like it was no big deal. Then his lady friend would look at the box from which the log came from and cautiously notify him that the log was filled with ants. Mr. Log Eater's eyes would widen as he looked at the log in his hand with a mixture of disgust and abject horror, and would finally find his voice to say--

"Why would anyone make a log like that?"

To which his lady friend would reply, in quite a befuddled manner, "I don't know."

And at this point, I was laughing hysterically, and I asked the people in the room, "Isn't that so funny?" However, then they would either ignore my random musings to which many of them are accustomed, or they would give me that sideways look, and then I realized that this had only taken place within my head, and none of them had the foggiest idea of what I was talking about.

In other news, I saw Harry Potter again, but this time with cousins and sisters, and they kept asking me questions that I couldn't answer for fear of spoiling things. I'm pretty sure my cousin just gave up on trying to keep with the story an hour in, because she knew I could explain it to her.

Your Blogger,

November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Is Weird

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and isn't strange?

First of all, I KNOW there was a year when it was in October, and I kept going, "Guys, isn't Thanksgiving always in November?" and everyone went, "Psht, NO!"

But now it's in November.

So there are two possibilities here:

1. The universe is conspiring against me. This one is rather likely, actually. You see, the Universe and I are not on good terms. (It is completely her fault.) So naturally (pun intended. What? How did you not notice it?), she is screwing around with the holidays to mess with my head. And she's also convinced everyone on Earth that this was completely normal. Oh my! She's done it again, because now you readers are all sitting in your bedrooms, going, "Oh, Nadia. You're crazy. That never happened." But it DID. It DID once take place in October and I know it! The Universe has just brainwashed you into thinking it was always in October to mess with me, and now into believing that it never was to mess with me further. DUH!

2. I confused life with a dream I could've had. Again.

But the first one seriously is more possible. It happens all the time. Remember that one movie, The Forgotten? It came out forever ago, but I remember some alien or something stole all evidence of a woman's daughter from her to see if the woman would still remember her daughter.

OMG! It's not the universe that's screwing with my head--it's ALIENS! Now I'm getting really creeped out and I keep looking over my shoulder, because that was a really freaky movie and I still have the Psycho theme stuck in my head from Halloween.

Ok, there's nothing there. At least, not yet. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

Alrighty, I turned on some Wombats music, it's getting better.

But wait! It always happens when you least expect it--aka the happy dancing time, right after the chick finds out that Johnny likes her! So I need to listen to the opposite kind of music! Alright, let's go with the dramatic organ music.

No! This music is acting as a method of foreshadowing! Foreshadowing is the WORST!

This is terrible! The Psycho Aliens That Are Trying To Mess With The Date of Thanksgiving are going to come for me no matter what!


Ok, never mind. Once I wrote that, I realized that these aliens must be pretty lame anyway. No point in being freaked out about it.

Well, I started this post out in order to talk about how relatively scheduled holidays confuse me, but seeing where this has gone, I think I should give that idea up, and just post this one.

But, uh, Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Messed Up Blogger,

P.S. My big sister is cooking the turkey. Let's see how this goes.

November 22, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: Phenomena Solved!

Do you remember that post, Diary of A Freshman: Unexplained Phenomena?

Well, the phenomena isn't explained, but it sure is solved!

You see, that friend ditched me and wouldn't talk to me, so I took the hint. So, I found another lunch table, made new friends, and had fun. I completely forgot about her, and I was pretty happy.

Then she started doing what I used to do--she would walk around aimlessly before, during, and after class, even sometimes during lunch, looking uncomfortable. She would stand around, on the outside of a conversation or circle of people. She was put in my position, but now she's the one trying to get my attention and conversation.

Is it wrong that I'm loving this?

Of course, though I'm not dropping everything to talk to her, or really even making an effort to talk to her, I'm not as mean as she was. She talks to me, I talk back. Most of the time, I try to include her in the conversation. But when I feel like I don't want to continue the conversation any more, I don't. After three years of doing all the work, I feel...powerful. Independent. Free.

Ah, isn't it grand?

So, if you are ever in this situation, you know what to do! And good luck, my darling readers!

And I believe this ties into Freshman Behavior And Sociology--everyone loves a chase./Freshmen have to lose something to appreciate it.

Your Unconstrained Blogger,

November 21, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: 5 Most Odious Things

Everyone has a couple pet peeves. And every freshman has a burning hatred for five things.

5. Busy Work
Listen up, 'cause I've got a news flash. High schoolers are BUSY. So quit it with the ridiculous packets you give us in hope that you'll trick us into thinking you're actually a teacher. We can tell that you're watching Harry Potter on your computer!

4. The Cafeteria
Not sure if you know this, but the cafeteria is no fun. First of all, unless you have first lunch, the cafeteria is disgusting. Second, it's humid in there--the air is weighed down with GREASE. Third, it takes ten minutes to get to your twenty-five minute lunch, because a couple of idiots are hanging around in the most crowded, smallest part of the hallway, and then some jock will push an entire crowd forward, pushing you all onto each other and forcing you forward in a very uncomfortable way. Seriously, it's easier to walk outside the school and enter your cafeteria from another door.

3. Substitute Bus Drivers
They're late, they ruin the route, they manage to ruin the bus's engine after driving for ten seconds, and then have to stop the bus to try to fix it, and after all that, they yell at you as if it's all the riders' fault.

2. Silly Rules
Really, Ms. Tatro? You give us half credit because we wrote 14=X and not X=14? These rules RUIN our GPAs, and are just ways that administrators get to say, "Haha, I have power over you, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

1. An Unqualified Teacher
Everyone hates it when some teacher wastes an hour of their time "teaching" you something, so that the next day he says, "Oops, I taught it incorrectly, here's how you really do it! Ok, here's your test." Or better yet, and this one is real, *Is asked a question* "Uh, well..." *reads entire chapter from textbook* "Um, well, if you guys want to study up on that and then present a lesson to the class, that'd be great. You guys can probably understand, er, explain it better than I can."

These things will inevitably strike sometime in high school, so watch out.

Your Agitated Blogger,

November 20, 2010

Harry Potter 7 The Movie: A Fan's Review

I should start off by saying that I was blown away by movie. In a good way! Oh, and if you don't wan things spoiled, you probably shouldn't read this.

This movie stuck to the book like nothing else. Half of the dialogue can be found in the book (I assume they were making up for HP5). Also, some VERY small details were included, and I loved it!

There were a few funny one liners, at which you will laugh very loudly, because they do bring some momentary comic relief that this dark movie needed.

I really liked how they did:
1. The horcrux
2. The diving below the surface for the sword
3. Godric's Hollow
4. Bathilda and her body, and the snake. (You will probably shriek during this part, but everyone laughs right after it, just like you're on a thrill ride--you know, you get really scared for a second, then laugh as you feel the relief of realizing that it's all fake.)
5. The wedding
6. The attack on the wedding.
7. The Malfoy manor.
8. How they expressed that Harry felt like he'd never known Dumbledore.
9. Bellatrix!
10. The Ministry scenes!
11. Dobby :'( (Really, everyone in the theater was crying. His death was a tear wrencher.)

But a couple of things I have to nitpick about...
1. They didn't tell Regulus's story!
2. They didn't say anything about Little Evil Dumbledore
3. They didn't really say much about Dumbledore at all.
4. Mrs. Weasley wasn't trying to stop them from leaving.
5. Remus Lupin didn't ask to join them in order to abandon his child!

But that was a much shorter list than the first.

So GO SEE THE MOVIE! You won't regret it! Plus, this is a CULTURAL MOMENT. IN HISTORY. Do you want to miss a cultural moment in history? I didn't think so.

At least go so that Harry Potter will beat Twilight in the box office.

Your Blogger of Awesome Nerdiness,

P.S. My school is trying to form a Quidditch team, and I'll be joining. (Probably as a chaser.) I love Crimson High.

November 19, 2010

Awkward Harry Potter Lines

Today was the opening day of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1. So what was I doing? WATCHING OF COURSE!

But before the watching of Harry Potter, there is always the line. It was the 6:30 showing, so I figured there would be a huge line that would start at 2 hours before the show, so I arrived at 4:25.

And stood. And waited.

I think the awkwardness of the situation can be expressed through the texts I sent to the person I was going to see the movie with, who arrived 45 minutes before the show began, and 10 minutes before seating. (I'll change and shorten some texts so, you know, no one identifies and SERIAL KILLS me.)

So read these, and try to imagine the scenario.

Background: I told my friend that I was going to be at the theater in 20 minutes, and she said her parents weren't even home yet. So she asks (at 3:45) when the movie starts.

NADIA: 6:30, but you know how we nerds roll.
NADIA: First in line!!! Being a nerd is awesome.
FRIEND: That's mah gurl, rite ther!!!!
NADIA: Hell yeah!! I look pretty awkward though, I'm also the only one in line. Come quick! I look like a nerd overload! Is there such a thing?
FRIEND: Haha, I'm pretty sure I'm coming in glasses and a lightning blot on my forehead so I don't think I'll help ur image much
NADIA: Haha, please do!!! Well, two visibly awesome nerds is better than one disguised awesome nerd!
NADIA: This is TERRIBLE!! People are coming out of a theater and TALKING about the MOVIE!!!!!
NADIA: Lady just mistook me for a ticket taker, with my lonesomeness.
NADIA: I accidentally confirmed that I was.
FRIEND: Bahahahahahaha, Nadia!!!
NADIA: Yeah...
FRIEND: Oh my god!!!! That's so funny I'm sorry.
NADIA: It's ok. You can just make us look cool, and like we're partying to make up for it. The people working here are congratulating me on being first, and one of them waited for 12 hours for the midnight showing.
FRIEND: Omg, that's inspiring.
NADIA: I know!!!!! I've now become the person to ask about which lines are where.
NADIA: A kid just skipped by yelling about how awesome the movie was going to be, and I smiled, and then I realized he was talking about Megamind. Heh?
NADIA: Just applied makeup in line. Got weird looks.
FRIEND: Lol, tell em u just got accepted to Hogwarts and to leave u alone.
NADIA: Haha, yeah, they won't look at me weird then.
NADIA: Little Kid was going, "Megamind, Megamind! It is ON like donky KONG." He is now repeating that last line repeatedly with different inflections.
NADIA: Please dress nerdy!!
FRIEND: Haha, lemme see...
NADIA: People keep staring!!!
NADIA: {Name} is here too, but she totally blew me off when I said hi, and I KNOW she saw me. JERK.
FRIEND: Throw something at her!!
NADIA: Good idea! I'll throw popcorn at her from our awesome, first-in-line seats! We're gonna cause the Battle of House 10!

So, I think you can see my nerd factor. And how awkward it was.

I mean, I was a one person line for an HOUR. And the front of the line was right in the middle of the hallway, so there was no wall to blend in with.

BUT it was SO worth it. And coincidentally, two of our close, fun friends were also there, so us four shared 3 seats, went to Steak'n'Shake, and had FUN. So, yeah, worth it.

Your Nerdy Blogger,

November 14, 2010

Second Anniversary Blog

Today marks the second anniversary of this blog. Whoopee! I'm sure you guys are just having a little party to celebrate at the moment, and that you've been anticipating this blog ALL YEAR!

Well here you have it. Congratulations! C'mon Jimmy!
This is all Jimmy gets to do. Humor him, please.

I started this blog two years ago because, well, I actually hit the "Create Blog" button on accident, and then I filled in the information on an impulse. Which means I should be more spontaneous, because not only has the blogsphere opened a world of great writing, but of great people that I've had the privilege to know. Through this blog, I've been able to express my self and my strange sense of humor to smart, non-judging people, and the world could use more of them.

In the last two years, since I created this outlet for my Crazy Little Thoughts, I've grown a lot, and that's very much reflected in my writing, and the way I've been writing. Nadia Murti's Crazy Little Thoughts became a way to enhance my writing, get my thoughts down on virtual paper, and most of all, have fun, and I'm so glad I discovered this.

But let's shake things up; I'll use this blog post to express how else I've grown: musically!

I suppose you could say I'm into "weird" bands--but not "local indie bands" like all cliché teens think are the best--but bands that are a bit less known to the world, but totally should be.

So, here are bands that YOU should know that I've discovered in the last 2 years!

The Wombats
Arcade Fire
Damien Rice
Freelance Whales
The Like
Regina Spektor
The Antlers
Darren Criss
The XX
A Fine Frenzy
The Shins
Modest Mouse
God Help The Girl
Downtown Fiction
Death Cab For Cutie
Cage The Elephant
Florence + The Machine

And for those of you who have been awesome enough readers to at least skim through that list, I have something for YOU!

I'd like to introduce you to...

The Something-Part Series Dissecting Freshman Culture, Behavior, and Interaction.

And if you haven't realized by now, I've been reading a lot of sociology books as of late. Because that's what mature* people do. I guess I'm already kind of doing this, but let's just make it official with a tag.

Anywho, what do you think of this idea? It combines my amazing humor (see! Right there!) with my interest in sociology and anthropology with my own crazy little thoughts, PLUS my expertise in all things Freshman, not to mention, it totally coincides with my Diary of a Freshman.

So, what do you all think?

AND if you're awesome (and if you're reading this, you are), you get this Official Badge of Awesome
And congratulations to me!

Your Two-Year Old Blogger,

*Pronounced mah-tyoor

P.S. Thank you. So much.

November 03, 2010

Bird Demons

Myth: Birds are awesome.

Fact: Birds are demonic, winged rats.

I. Hate. Birds.

They're twitchy, they have weird covering (seriously, feathers? Why can't they just have normal fur or skin, like the rest of us?), and their beady, black eyes cover up a horrific, secret, ultimate plan to wipe humans off the face of the earth.

"Uh, BIRDS are being wiped off the face of the earth, actually," says that naive little reader--who is a secret bird ALLY! He can't be trusted.

So what, naive reader? Ok, their plan isn't going so well, but it still exists! It's still their intention, and it's the thought that counts.

I think I've decoded the secret Bird Plan Alpha. And it goes something like this.

Make friends with old people, who can tell you the history of the earth, as well as the news. THAT'S why the birds swarm around Ole' Johnson. Not because of those old sunflower seeds we all know she's chewed on and spit out.

The next phase is to set up safenests, surveillance stations, strongholds, and secret bunkers in enemy territory. (Why else would there be a nest in your garage?)

After that, quickly increase bird population. Of course, this effort has been hampered by the government's animal population control. Thank you, Uncle Sam! Nevertheless, it is imperative for the birds to increase their population, therefore it is imperative for us to stop them. Otherwise, they will take over. And rule the world (which would really bum me out, since I called the position of dictator). And then there would be bird poop EVERYWHERE.

After the total bird population increases to about 9 billion (1.5 times the human population), and then they'd attack, and we'd all end up looking like Prometheus--except for the whole immortality thing. Yeah, we'd die eventually.

So stop leaving worms lying around, before the enemy gets them!

Your Anti-Bird Blogger,

November 02, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: How To Nerd Day

At my school, the second day of Spirit Week is Nerd Day. Now, I was a little sketchy about this, because at my school, half of us could come as ourselves, and Nerd Day makes us MST kids easy pickings.

But I participated anyway.

By the way, if your school has a nerdy magnet, wear their magnet t-shirt! It was actually kind of funny. Or, you could take it a step further and wear the t-shirt of a middle school that's really nerdy--however, some may see that as going too far.

But like all Spirit Days, there are tips you should follow to ensure a fun and heckleless Nerd Day. Read on!

  1. You should wear a dress shirt.
  2. Try to get some glasses. 3D glasses with the lenses punched out work just as well.
  3. Everyone loves a sweater vest!
  4. If you're feeling ambitious, go for some suspenders.
  5. Old sneakers!
  6. Wet hair!
  7. Braids, pigtails, pigtail braids, ribbons, be creative.
  8. IMPORTANT: WEAR AN UGLY TIE! I recently found out how to tie a tie, and here's my guide: Put around neck. Put the big part over the small part. Wrap the big one around. Put the big one through the hole between the knot and your neck, and stuff it through the hole made by the knot and the big piece of your tie. Pull big piece through. Voila! You probably don't have it!
  9. High socks are a classic.
  10. Light wash jeans are normally ok, but with all this, it'll really add to the effect.
And THAT is how you Nerd Day. Take it from a nerd.

Your Nerdy Blogger,

October 30, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: How To Mismatch Day

Spirit Weeks across the country are generally similar; school spirit, strange clothing, and those quick slip-out-your-phone-to-take-a-picture moments.

And a school favorite, Mismatch Day.

In order for you to avoid my debacle of an outfit, read further for general rules to follow.

1. If you wear pieces of clothing that don't go together, no one will get it.
Wearing a t-shirt with a work-like blazer on? It'll go right over everyone's heads, and they will throw bottles at you for your spiritlessness, and HUNT YOU IN THE NIGHT!

2. I know it's called Mismatch Day, it's really more like Layer Your Entire Closet Day.
And I mean entire closet. Like, bikinis over one's clothes are not rare.

3. Mismatch shoes, earrings, makeup, socks, gloves, EVERYTHING.

4. For the love of God, please do not, do NOT, forget to lay out your clothes the night before. And then oversleep.

Your Sadly Matched Blogger,

October 16, 2010

Book Review: Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

Two Word Review of Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero half way through the book: Pretty good.

Two Word Review of Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero after I finished the book: Oh. My.

Ok, so this book really had three main characters; Jason, Piper, and Leo. First, we have two chapters from Jason, then two chapters from Piper, then two chapters from Leo, and so forth for the entire book.

Bad Stuff
  • First thing I noticed was that Annabeth seemed majorly out of character, but then I conceded that it may just seem that way because we see her through a different characters eyes. Then I decided that she's out of character in chapter 2.
  • Rick Riordan stayed with the pattern the whole way through, which was bad because to fill his two-chapter quota, he might unnecessarily start a new chapter, or make a three-page chapter.
  • Another bad thing about two chapters with Jason, two chapters with Piper thing was that sometimes, certain parts of the story would be better if they were told from someone else's point of view.
  • There seemed to be a lot of new info in this book, some that even contradicted old information the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series. It just looks like he didn't plan it out so well.
  • So much of the book felt like it was fan fiction of something, but then again, it may be because it's a new character's POV, so Riordan is using another writing style.
  • I often felt like I was dragging myself through out character's chapters just so that I could get to the next character's chapters. Like when you're listening to the radio, enduring a pretty bad song because you know a better one is coming on next.
  • It seems our characters take forever to realize something we realized 138 pages ago.
Good Stuff
  • The new characters are likable.
  • An advantage of what I will now start to call the Two Chapter Rule is that each character telling the story has something to add, they each have their own story.
  • The plot is rather good.
  • The book is fast paced.
  • It's addictive at times.
  • We find out more about the camp and other cabins and such.
  • The ending will make your heart stop.
All in all, it's a great book that promises an amazing series.

So, I'm just going crazy sitting here, trying to think of what is going to happen. Because NO ONE HAS READ THE BOOK YET!

So do me a favor and read it already.

Now, there might be some questions about the book, so here are some answers.

(Tiny Spoilers Ahead)

The book starts four months after The Last Olympian ended. The old characters are still in the books, but few of them are shown. The others are not omitted, they just don't appear for one reason or another. The book is 553 pages long.

(Spoilers Ahead)

Jason has no memory.

Percy is missing.

Aphrodite's kids can sometimes "charmspeak."

Hephaestus's kids can sometimes make fire just appear, like that guy in the Fantastic Four.

The Olympians can apparently appear in their Roman or Greek forms.


Thalia has a brother.

Jason is Thalia's brother, but his dad is the Roman form of Zeus, Jupiter, while Thalia's dad was the Greek form, Zeus. Don't know how that works...

Remember how Percy is missing? Well, he's in the Roman form of Camp Half-Blood, over in San Fran. Oh, and he can't remember who he is.

Jason is from the Roman camp, but was sent by Hera to Camp Half-Blood, memory erased, to form bonds with the people there.

Percy was sent to what I will call Camp Romulus by Hera to make bonds there.

The Roman and Greek sides of the family apparently always war against each other every time they make contact with each other.

They must join forces to defeat the new villain.

The new villain is Gaea.

Your Olympic Blogger,

October 12, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Guide To A Pep Rally

Look, if there's a couple things my school knows about, one of them is school spirit. Our pep rallies are awesome, and fun, and loud, meaning death for those with headaches. SO, who is qualified to tell you about how to act at a Pep Rally? Me.

Because most the the Freshmen didn't heed these rules, and we were treated to 50 Seniors and half the marching band (including the tuba and massive drums) walking through the buses, the parking lot, and along adjacent streets singing "Freshmen suck!" It was sad. And we all understood why the upperclassmen think we suck.

So don't let this be you! READ!

Rule #1: Don't be the loser who refuses to cheer.

Rule #2: Listen to the junior and the cheerleaders directing the cheers.

Rule #3: KNOW your school's cheers.

Rule #4: Yell as loud as you possibly can at the appropriate times.

Rule #5: If the Steering Committee is offering free face painting in the courtyard, PAINT YOUR FACE! With what? Your year, of course! Example: '14 or 20*nose*14

Tip #1: Bring water. Screaming makes your throat scratchy. But don't let people see that you have water, because then they will want some. Then they will either waterfall onto their face and spill your water everywhere (it's happened. Three times.) or they will just drink it, and you will get meningitis. And die.

Tip #2: Latch onto a friend from your class when going to the gym or field for your pep rally, so that she can lead you over to where there are people.

Tip #3: Wear your school colors.

Tip #4: Follow these tips and rules, and you might just steal that spirit stick away from the Seniors!

Your Peppy Blogger,

Bad Science Jokes

Alright, so I have a teacher who, every other day tells a joke. Relating to science. And I can't say they're very good.

Now, this teacher is the kind of person who likes to rap in class about how cool science is. That would be cool, if it weren't also so pitiful. Also, I strongly dislike him because a) he sat me at the edge of a full table even though there are TWO EMPTY DESKS! and b) his entire class is a rerun of my 5th, 7th, and 8th grade classes, and it's supposed to be an advanced class.

So I'd just like to record the jokes he tells, for future reference and your amusement. Start.

Where does bad light go?

Johnny was a chemist's son, but Johnny is no more, for what Johnny thought was H2O was H2SO4 (sulfuric acid).

Why do scientists park on the street at night, but not in the day?
Because they prefer nitrates.

What did the male magnet say to the female magnet?
From your backside, you were pretty repulsive, but from the front, you're rather attractive.

Two things were walking, and one said, "Why are you so negative?" and the other said, "I gained an electron." (I paraphrased here.)

Why was the turkey playing in the band?
Because he had the drumsticks!

Who was the roundest knight of King Arthur's court?
Sir Cumference (circumference)

Pretty bad, huh? Stay tuned for more!

Your Blogger,

September 24, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: Unexplained Phenomena

Guess what! You know how you might have imagined your freshman year as fun, with some soul-searching, and full of great times with your friends?

Let go of those dreams.

You know why? Because there is work. And most teachers don't teach, so instead of soul-searching, you'll be searching for a tutor. Because you might come back from vacation, hang out with your friends and have a great time, but when you two get to school then you may find that you will be ditched for a group of people she's met through cross country.

Now, NEVER get mad that your friend has other friends. However, you have the right to get pissed off if ever time you try to talk to her she SPRINTS down the stairs ahead of you, not even acknowledging that you spoke.

Why this happens? Hard to say. Her new friends are nice, so it's not their fault.

It's something wrong with your friend. She's probably 'moved on' or she thinks that she is somehow above you now. Either way, after six weeks of trying to get her to talk to you, I'd say it's about time to take the hint, give up, and sit somewhere else at lunch, because this piece of unexplained phenomena will only drive you mad, and she might even start to miss you once you've given up the chase. Show her that you really don't need her at all, and maybe her head will deflate.

Basically, she'll stop running once there's no one chasing her. Then wait a month, and if she hasn't started talking to you, then maybe try to start conversation with her, if you still want to be friends, that is.

But note the 'maybes' in this post.

Your Blogger,

P.S. Writing really does help! At the beginning I wasn't sure what to do, but as I wrote I found a solution! Man, this is awesome!

September 17, 2010

Why In the World Do They Speak Like That?

A couple days ago, my friends and I were in the courtyard, sitting along a wall. A few inches from me, also on the wall, were a bunch of football players. (And do go thinking, "Ooh!" because they are wildly unintelligent, not even attractive, and as you will soon learn, gross.)

As I am permanently out of the loop, I was quiet, eating my salad, when I heard them speak. Well, my first thought was, Is that them trying to talk? Of course, I didn't recognize the gurgling noises they were making, then I realized--they're just speaking with pounds of food in their mouth!

I kept listening and found that they were physically incapable of speaking unless their mouths were full of food. Every single time they spoke. Every single time, another boy would ask, "Whab yf skhlay?" and every time, they would speak grossly. (That's a word, right?)

But more important than the observation is the REASON! Do you think Newton published his findings in one sentence that read, "Things fall down"? No. I don't think so. And seeing as I have to start my insanely difficult science fair project next month, I guess I should start practicing.

Ok, my hypothesis: Because they want to talk, but they want food more, so they decide not to waste any time by multi-tasking; speaking WHILE eating!

Conclusion: I am right. What other reason could there possibly be for them to do such a thing?

Your Scientific Blogger,

September 08, 2010

19 Ways To Procrastinate

In high school, it's important to get right to work, and not to procrastinate. I plan on learning how to do that, but I'm too busy right now.

So we shouldn't procrastinate, but for those of us who can't resist, well, we might as well do it in style.

What IS procrastination style, you ask?

Well, this is something that can only be explained in LIST FORM!

19 Ways To Procrastinate

1. Read this blog
2. Draw this beautiful picture!

3. Go to, then click SparkLife and read anything. See, SparkNotes is a fairly academic site, but by doing something very un-academic on this site, it is procrastinating in style.
4. Spend an hour looking up and watching Harry Potter 7: Part 1 sneak peeks. (Ooh, you should watch LITERAL Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer Parody HD. It is great.)
5. Perfect your eyeliner applying skills.
6. Test the durability of your phone.
7. BOOMSHINE! (Just search Boomshine, click the first one, and PLAY!)
8. See if you can get your backpack to fit in your other backpack. If you don't have two backpacks, see if you can fit your sibling there.
9. Listen to The Wombats, then sing the words back to yourself in the mirror. Now, their lyrics tell stories, so be prepared to act it out.
10. Have a stare-off with that bird on your windowsill.
11. Try to discover the most inefficient way to reach and be able to touch the ceiling of your room with your entire hand.
12. Attempt to force yourself to have a certain dream.
13. See how many shirts and jeans you can take from your sister's closet before she realizes something is missing. This benefits you AND helps you procrastinate! Also, this one can take place over several WEEKS!
14. Measure the walls of your room using a roll of toilet paper.
15. Make those stuffed animals in your closet perform "A Psychopathic Stuffed Animal In A Closet and The Rather Unfortunate Mr. Fluff." It's a play.
16. Practice your miming skills.
17. Tape thick papers together so that you can then tape them onto every surface in your room. That way, you can write all over your room and make it 'your own.' What's more your own than you writing and drawing on EVERYTHING?
18. See if you can style your hair using only your hair.
19. Write a list on ways to procrastinate. :)

How do you know that these are ways of not working in style? Imagine your conversation with your teacher the next day using that form of procrastination.

TEACHER: Nadia, why didn't you do your homework.
NADIA: Well, I was miming.
TEACHER: Miming.
NADIA: Yes. I was practicing my skills as a mime. It's very important.
TEACHER: The homework was only two questions. It was the first assignment. You're now failing this class.
NADIA: Well! I see that you think teaching math is far more important than being a mime! How arrogant.
TEACHER: Leave my class.

Et voila! Mimes = Cool Procrastination.

Your Procrastinating Blogger,

August 31, 2010

We're Getting Constitutional Up In Here

Ok, everybody, unless you've lived under a rock for the past few months, you've heard about the mosque that's being built a couple blocks from Ground Zero.

And, unless you're Helen Keller, you've seen and heard the hate. Wait, scratch that--it's evolved. It infects on contact now!

If you've ever read my blog before, you know which side I'm on.

I think the mosque should be built.

Why do I think this? Well, let's get started.
  • It's our constitutional right.
  • You can't just generalize 1.57 billion people based on the actions of about one thousand.
  • In Islam, someone who murders and/or commits suicide is not a Muslim, and has no chance of going to heaven. It's stated very clearly in numerous religious scripts, so those terrorists are just people who aren't fans of the West, and want some twisted excuse to harm the US.
  • One big reason we have to come together to make a mosque is because we're outcasts to the rest of the country.
  • That mosque has already been there for a year. They're just expanding now.
Also, to address every argument I've heard...
  • We Arabs are your doctors, engineers, and lawyers, and we've been here for a while. Get over it.
  • If you're so patriotic, why are you pushing for the contradiction of the constitution?
  • Dude, you are clinically insane.
  • Of course they're not training camps!
  • Because Saudi Arabia has a state religion. Sorry, when did Saudi Arabia become America's standard?
  • What ever happened to 'Live and let live'? What about 'Love thy neighbor'?
  • You should be ashamed that a matter of religion has entered politics. This is America, the supposed land of the free. By trying to tear apart the constitution, you're the ones that are terrorists. You're the ones that are trying to bring down democracy.
  • Please do research beyond the words of Glenn Beck before you speak.
Those are my views. I, of course, am Muslim, so I support the building of Park 51 wholeheartedly.

In a few years, Park 51 will be built, Americans will have something more to add to their big plate of shame at the White Guilt dinner party, and we'll all have a really good topic for college admission essays! They even might stop preventing us from gaining scholarships by lumping North Africa and the Middle East (prominently Muslim regions) with Europeans in the "White" box. Seriously. When you get your registration forms, notice that Arabs are included under "White," even though Arabic isn't even Latin-based, the culture is completely different, we're treated differently, and the religions specific to each region wildly differ.

So, what I'm really trying to get at is that it's our right, and everyone needs to stop hating.

What's your opinion?

Your Pro-Rights Blogger,

August 29, 2010

I Love Stats

Hey guys! Have you seen the new tab on Blogger? It says Stats and it is wonderful.

As you may well have noticed, I'm a fan of creeping. And with this tab, I can be a MEGA CREEPER! And it's easier.

So I now know that my most visited post is 'Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost Than To Have Never Loved At All, which surprises me, since I forgot that that post existed at all. And hey, are you using a Windows? You're a part of the majority!

Are you feeling creeped out yet? You're probably not alone! (I wonder if my magic Stats tab can tell me that...) Just another example of how NOTHING is private now, what with the internet and my magic Stats tab.

I even know where you live.

Dun dun duhhhhhhhhhhn.

Well, not really, but I know most of you are in America. The country that visits the second most? Netherlands. Yeah, I didn't expect that either.

Sorry, my Dutch readers, but I was not rooting for Holland to win the World Cup.

Your Creepy Blogger,

August 28, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Funny Things I Have Heard

High School is weird. High School is a place with a lot of different people. Because of these things, I've heard and seen quite a few things in my two weeks at high school.

In Health class:

After my teacher talks about Camaros, money, how good he thinks he looks, how cool he was in high school, dances, nightclubs, pharmaceutical companies, sports, over the phone meetings, layoffs, the electric slide, and different ways people have cheated in the past on his tests for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES, he returns to the subject in the last three minutes of class with a, "So, uh, I dunno, good mental health."

A teacher to a student in the hallway:

"Yes, but if you're a pirate on the high seas..."

On my technology handout:

'Manu PC maker fudge.'

And that's in only two weeks! Imagine what kind of gold I'll have in a month!

Also, I found and opened my locker--on my first try! Tip: The only time you should go looking for it is study hall. Just search the walls for a number near yours as you go from class to class.

So, what have you heard recently?

From Your Freshie Blogger,

August 27, 2010

What Your Facebook Info Page Says About You

Your Facebook Info Page says a lot about you, and as I have been creeping for a week--I mean, not at all--I've noticed that the info page says quite a bit about the person. Here's what your Facebook Info says about you.

-If you only have your family under 'Siblings,' you're normal.
-If you have three or four people under 'Siblings' who are not related to you, you have a tight group of friends, and hang out mainly with those people.
-If you have a million people under siblings, then you are popular, but flighty.

-If you have interests under your Interests title, and they don't involve vampires, you're cool (in my eyes).
-If you have things like "Mustard" and a Bob Marley quote under your interests, well, you're not exactly the smartest cookie on the block.

Profile Picture
Arguably one of the most important things on your profile is your profile picture. It tells what you think of yourself, what you want to show everyone on Facebook, and, as every picture is, it's worth a thousand words.
-You smiling nicely=Normal. Cool.
-Hilarious picture, possibly involving an animal costume=Hilarious, fun, upbeat, be friends.
-Picture that is just showing off their "hot bod"=Stay away. These people are often large sac à douche. Or putains désespérées. (This is all in Frenchlish because I often feel bad about saying bad things. But it's ok in French!) Do not get tangled up with these people. Not in any sense.

So, what does your Facebook profile say about YOU?

Your Normal[-ish], Cool Blogger,

August 22, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: You Have No Choice

There is something I've learned in the past week. It is that if we, as students, don't want to fail, then we have no choice.

By that, I mean that we must bend to our teacher's every whim. So that means I have to get a red, wide rule notebook with pockets, with the words HEALTH WHITE 4 written on the front in black Sharpie, as per my half-deaf teacher's instructions.

Because as it turns out, they mean it when they say that they will not take points for work that was not written with mechanical .07 pencil on 1 cm by 1 cm graph paper.

Why they do this? Maybe they like the power trip, knowing that hundreds of students are currently breaking their backs to do the most ridiculous things. Or maybe they just feel like doing as little work as possible.

My math teacher, when having us grade our work, will not ever give us more than half the answers, because half the answers are on some mysterious page in the back of the textbook. It would take no more than 1 more minute to write down the other answers.

Also, before you buy that kaliedescope of colors in a box, know that most teachers will only take work written in black, blue, or pencil.

So, what you should take away from this is that if Ms. Jameson wants you to chicken dance over the threshold of her classroom, well, good luck making a 4.0 without your dancing shoes on.

Your Irked Student Blogger,

August 19, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Water Fountain

Small tip. Press the button on the fountain, then lower your head. You never know which ones rise six inches into the air. You do NOT want to get sprayed in the face in the middle of the cafeteria.

If it does rise six inches, be very careful. When it hits down, it splashes everyone within a three foot radius. You must drink it all.

Firsthand knowledge. Heed my warnings.

Your Thirsty Blogger,

August 18, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: First Day

Today, I had my first ever day of high school. I learned some very valuable lessons. Wanna hear? Of COURSE you do! And I have block scheduling, so I had TWO first days, which means no one else is more qualified to tell you about the first day of high school.

Well, I suggest you make a map. Or at the very least, tour your school before the first day, because otherwise, you WILL get lost.

The first number of the room number is the floor!

Don't be afraid to ask the teachers where a room is. That's why they're hanging around the outside of their classroom. Don't ask upperclassmen. They will not answer. Only ask an upperclassman if you know them.

Do follow the signs! Much of the time, there are signs or plaques reading things like ROOMS 300-310 -> Look for them! They help SO much!

Do not forget to bring your lunch to lunch. It makes you look kind of weird. Also, if you try to go back to your class to get to your backpack which has your lunch in it, don't even try. The classroom will be locked. On your way back down, remember that the cafeteria is in the right wing, RIGHT of the main stairwell. Not left. It will take you to the gyms, AKA Smelltown, AKA the other side of the building. Firsthand knowledge here, people.

Do bring paper, pencils, and an accordion folder.

Find a buddy! If you know you have your next class with someone, stick to them, and together SEARCH.

If you're taking a level 2 language class, brush up on your language. You will have to speak it on the first day.

Be prepared to have homework, yes, even after the first day.

If you have a class, like study hall, with a lot of upperclassmen, don't freak out. Just try to befriend some sophomores, or become the kid in the corner who uses his or her time wisely.

If you're 10 minutes late to your class after lunch because you had accidentally been looking for class on the wrong floor, don't say so upon eventual arrival to class.

Talk to new people that seem normal. If that's hard for you, then find an old friend who has other friends, and meet people through him or her.

If you have Health in 235B, and your friend has AP Human Geography in 235A, then look together for this mysterious classroom that no one (even teachers) knows the location of. Ask the creepy kid in the corner. He'll know.
So, search with your friend, find a large group of people in the auditorium, find creepy stairs behind a door in the back of the auditorium, climb all those stairs, go through a door, and you've found 235B, Health! But what about your friend who is supposed to take AP Human Geography? Well, see that door in the back of the room? It leads to another classroom, which opens into the hall.
That happened to me. Exactly like that. I was the one with Health.

Yes, it is ok to say, "Is this Computer Applications for Freshmen?" upon finding what you think is your classroom. It is not ok if the room's teacher is talking.

Do all the homework given immediately!

Do save a seat for a friend you know will be in your class. Even a new friend. It's a good way to pave a path to friendship, or even just lab partners.

Quietly laughing and making fun of the teacher's antics can quickly bond table mates.

At most high schools, most people don't use their lockers, unless they are in the absolutely best position.

There are some of the best tips you'll hear, and I've got some French homework, so until next time...

Your Freshie Blogger,

August 16, 2010

Fixing My Sleepy

Ok, I'm trying to stay up all day so that I sleep at nighttime like people are supposed to. I only have one day to fix my sleep cycle, so I need to make it count. Every now and then I'll write a bit more in here to stay awake and to let you hear my crazy sleepy.

12:49:53 PM
Mom just woke me up, even though I set my super loud alarm clock for 10:40 am. But this is an accomplishment, because yesterday, I woke up at 5:28 PM.

12:57:02 PM
Skywire 2!

1:04:33 PM
I'm hungry.

1:06:41 PM
Level 27 is so hard! I can't even get past the third mole!

1:09:45 PM
These Skywire riders must be seriously traumatized. Like, their skywire mates were killed by mechanical monkeys and leaping frogs or eaten by a giant alligator head. I'm sure that once they got off at the checkpoint, the first place they went was to the therapist's office.
SKYWIRE SURVIVOR: ...and the cabin just wouldn't stop, and there was no time, and the frogs leaped! Jimmy fell out, screaming "Why me?" And then the half-robo monkey was MOVING. It CAME for Carmen! Not even her viking hat protected her. *Sobs uncontrollably.*
THERAPIST: *Confused, has no idea what she's talking about.* Why don't you try on this jacket for me. See? It even has a pretty belt.

1:19:18 PM
I am SO hungry!! I should've had more for breakfast.

1:26:07 PM
I am OWNING Anagram Magic!

2:17:45 PM
I accidentally entered Keeperbee instead of Beekeeper. It cost me nine points. I could have won!

3:06:39 PM
Watching a show about the extravagant lives of celebrities. Who can guess the channel? That's right! VH1. It's always VH1.

3:23:59 PM
I get to eat! So happy. :)

3:25:18 PM
That's a good Fruit of The Loom commercial.

3:37:01 PM
Googling Orlando Bloom. So pretty.

3:38:19 PM
TOTALLY SPIES!??? Wait a minute, what's this? This is NOT Totally--never mind it was a commercial. Phew! Whew? Phew.

3:45:27 PM
What? Jerry's mom is EVIL? She's Mr. X? Oh, Mr. X. Disguise. She drank the villain gene? NO!!! She's going to try to kill all those other WHOOP (or WOOHP?) spies? NO!!!! Wait, that was convenient. You'd think the fixings on an evil robot would have some kind screws or something. You know, something that prevent one from being able to access the inside and batteries of the evil robot with one's bare hands. Of course, these spies don't even think of messing up the innards. They just want some power source.

3:52:24 PM
The Fushigi is JUST A BALL!

3:52:52 PM
It worked! Yeah, Jerry's Mom is good again! That was easy! But, oh boomdogle, the Goodifier doesn't work on all those droids stalking WOOHP agents! Let's KILL 'EM. That was convenient too. She just happens to have a bunch of jet packs. Ouch, thrown into Big Ben! Yeah, mirror versus laser thing! It wins somehow! Woo-hoo! That's what I call teamwork! The girls fell into the river, and the first thing Jerry said was, "Oh my! If the girls are down there much longer, they'll run out of oxygen!" which for some reason, I cracked up for about 4 minutes over.
About 3 seconds later, they surfaced.
Ooh! Mega-droid! But never fear! The girls can do it! And they did!
Global evil has been eradicated, so there's no more need for spies, so Clover, Alex, Sam, and Jerry are now retired. Totally Spies! over.
Hell YEAH, I just summarized the series finale!

4:25:31 PM
So much ice cream. More Anagram Magic!

5:21:38 PM
Cramps suck.

7:12:16 PM
Cramps are slightly better. House is quiet. Everyone is asleep. Fixing my sleepy is so hard.

8:07:40 PM
Enough games! I must set out tomorrow's clothes, do 30 sit ups, have dinner, set my alarm clock, brush my teeth, wash my face, and sleep. School is so hard.

8:12:52 PM
WHERE is my soup?!!!

8:50:10 PM

Your Sleepy Blogger,

Sleepy Woes

You know what sucks? Trying to fix your sleep cycle. Do you know what time it is right now? 4:25 am.

Do you know when school starts? Tomorrow.

I took some cold medicine around 11 pm to know me out, but it is 4:30 now, and I'm hardly drowsy.

And so, I have devised a plan so that I can sleep at the right time tonight so that I don't pass out on the [high school] bus, nor my first [high school] class.

'Cause that could be embarrassing. And God only knows what goes on in high school. I could get my SHOES stolen! (Actually, on the first day of middle school, my older sister got her phone stolen. Someone very politely asked to borrow it, and never gave it back. Is that stealing? I think I'll return to this later.)

Also, I wouldn't want to miss out on anything, especially since I have to report back to you for my Diary of A Freshman. No, I will not let you down! For you, for the next generation of high schoolers! For the future historians! For the children! End world hunger for those who don't have maps and education like such as South Africa and the Iraq we were such as and I believe that they should our education over here in the US should help the US and help South Africa it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future--wait a sec, never mind, that was the 2007's Miss Teen South Carolina's answer to "Why do you think 20% of Americans can't find America on a map?"

But you get the point. I'm going to try not to fall asleep or faint, because lack of sleep combined with lack of food (it's still Ramadan) will be BAD, and I DO NOT want to be forever know as the chick whose shirt blew up as she fainted and fell down the stairs.

So, to amuse you and help me to not fall asleep, I will periodically write in a post, and post it later. It will look something like this:
4:43:56 AM
Watching runway fails is so funny!

4:58:32 AM
Darn it! I'm still not 5'4''! I mean, someone whose dad is 6'3'' and whose mom is 5'0'' should be at least 5'4'' at 13, am I right?!

and I assume that by 5 pm it'll sound something like this...

5:29:46 PM
I chased a bunny around the yard. His name is Charles. But then he hopped away when I collapsed. He waited for my guards to go down, then he attacked! What a jerk! I hope he never comes back! Who does he think he is? I was nearly passed out, and he just left??? I never want to see his ears again!
I miss Charles so much.

Ok, well, I hope you have fun with my delusions!

Your Tired Blogger,

August 12, 2010


Alright, it's Thursday today, which means it's the first day of Ramadan! Well, for me anyway. The rest of the world started on Wednesday. Why? Because you tell if Ramadan is going to start the next day or the day after by looking at the moon, because Ramadan is a month in the lunar calendar. But, in my region of the US, we couldn't even see the moon, so we figured it started on Thursday. Well, it didn't, so I already have a day of fasting to make up later in the year.

Now, it seems that most people I know don't know much about Ramadan, or even Islam--but I guess I can't criticize, I still don't know where the Easter bunny comes in--so let me educate you.

When we fast, we wake up at around 5 am, start eating and drinking a lot of things, go back to sleep to be passed out till 2 (in my case), and we can't eat or drink anything at all, no gum, no medicine (but if you're sick, then stop fasting), NOTHING until sunset, which this year, is around 8:40 pm.

Yeah, that's right. We can't eat a thing for 15 hours!

Man, I wish Ramadan was in November this year. 8 hour days!

Your Fasting Blogger,

August 11, 2010

Mini-Blog: Sorry!

Sorry I haven't been BEDA-ing for a few days. I had limited access to computers, which means I was grounded.

But it's all better now, so I'm back!

Well, I would tell you interesting stuff here, but I have to save ideas for the other August post, so be sure to read them!

Your Blogger Is BACK!,

August 07, 2010

"Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated" Is NOT Scooby Doo

You may not know this, but my favorite cartoon of all time is Scooby Doo, followed by Tom & Jerry. I watched Scooby Doo pretty much every day of my childhood. So, I was excited when I saw that there were some more Scooby Doos coming to Cartoon Network. The oldies are my favorites, but new ones are okay.

It took two episodes for me to wholly realize that "Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated" was NOT the real Scooby Doo.

Because every Scooby Doo episode must follow a certain set of rules, and this new series made sure to break every one.

Scooby Doo Episode Guidelines

1. There shall be no romance between Velma and Shaggy. He's a 60s hippie in the present day who eats dog food, and she's the genius. NO SPARKS.

2. Scooby Doo is not allowed to be fully literate. He's still a dog!

3. There must be a hallway chase thing with the doors a stuff. It's classic, and a Scooby Doo signature.

4. Daphne has to get kidnapped, and then Fred will say, "They got Daphne!" and they aren't too worried, more determined. Daphne is the chronic damsel in distress. They're never really worried because this has happened dozens of times.

5. Shaggy and Scooby have to go off somewhere to eat, encounter the monster, run, get back to the gang, whimper, and suggest leaving. No initial bravery allowed. They must be led by their stomachs, and controlled by their fear. In short, they must remain in character.

6. The first plan/trap must fail. Plan #1 must fail so that they can assess what went wrong and make a better plan. And you know what? That's how life works, and Scooby Doo, as we all know, is realistic.

7. Scooby and Shaggy must ruin the second plan, but still capture the culprit. It's just how it works. Also, life is never how you plan it, so why should the traps go according to plan. It's a life lesson.

That is just how REAL Scooby Doo episodes roll, and if they don't it's not Scooby Doo.

Your Groovy Scooby-Loving Blogger,

August 05, 2010

The Best Things I've Encountered This Summer

I've had a pretty good summer, and here are some of the best things I've encountered this summer.

-Graeters Ice Cream. It's an ice creamery specific to my region. It's so good. In fact, in the last two or three weeks, I've eaten nearly three pints of their ice cream. (One pint belonged to my sister. Shh!)

-'Now We Can See' by The Thermals. It is a great song, especially since it's kinda weird. Not The Shins weird, but more like Modest Mouse weird, except the sound is a bit more mainstream. Anyway, listen.

-Being in a new city, where you know no one, don't speak the language (but are trying to learn via menus and signs), and you don't know the city. It's fun and adventurous! Well, it would've been, but we had my grandma with us, so the adventure pace was kinda slow. In fact, the adventure stopped every 15 minutes for a break.

-'Blogging Breaking Dawn', a weekly blog that mocks Breaking Dawn, chapter by chapter. Dan Bergstein, the king of Sparklife, has been Blogging Twilight for the last 4 books, and it is SO funny. Go here to read them. Sadly, this week's post hasn't been uploaded yet. *Tear* It's like BEDA all over again! *Goes to a quiet corner to cry--I mean, drain herself of body fluids through the eyes so that she can find out what it's like to faint. Yeah, that's better.*

Well, now I'm busy *ahem* trying to faint? So, I'll see you tomorrow.

Your Blogger,