January 29, 2009


Have you ever had an urge to do something really spontaneous? Well, since I was sure that we had no power/heating, and and we were about to be snowed in, and my mom was already going to Miami for a workshop/seminar, I decided that I would go with her.

Have you ever been told that if you really want to be impulsive to go to the airport with a suitcase and get on the first plane out? Yeah, well, the problem with that is that there are never any tickets left.

An hour before the flight I was packing my suitcase to get to 80 degree Miami, instead of 25 degree Kentuckiana while my parents tried to book a flight for me and my sisters. I came downstairs to find that I couldn't go. Needless to say, I was sad. I almost got a flight to Savannah, though, where a friend of mine moved to, but there weren't enough seats for my sisters. :(

A Life Update: I have no electricity. I have no heating. I have no internet. I have no school (I'm okay with that part!). I won't for the next 6-9 days (I'm sure about the school part, though). This morning, my sister was going stir crazy so she went outside and chipped away at the ice and snow. Eventually, she succeeded and we ran for heat and internet at some family's place. Even though, I'm starting to feel that cabin fever.


January 27, 2009


I kind of despise Disney. Not the person, Walt Disney--he started out with good intentions--but the company. The Walt Disney Corporation has no excuse. They are the scum and gum on the bottom of your shoe. The kind that you can't get off and keeps making annoying squeaky noises. It just attacks you unexpectedly and you can't get rid of it! Nor can you just ignore it because it's everywhere. Have you ever seen Limited Too (now Justice)? Children's Place? Wal-Mart??

Why do I think this? Well, here's a few reasons why I hate Disney:
  • The trademark Disney sign made me think it said "Gisnep"
  • It made me believe something about tigers that turned out to not be true. (I'll blog about it later.)
  • Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair
  • Everyone in those movies had a great singing voice. while mine was terrible
  • They always take a perfectly good fairytale/classic movie and RUIN it with a sequel. Why can't Cinderella just ride off into the sunset and be done with it?
  • Almost all of the girls barely now the guy at all when they marry him (Read "Just Ella" by Margaret Haddix if you agree.)
  • Hannah Montana
  • Selena Gomez
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Camp Rock
  • High School Musical
  • ALL of the shows have world's most idiotic script! Characters are stupid. Logic is seemingly non-existent, or at least skewed. Conflict could be solved in such a simpler way, but being dumb characters, they decide to take the hard way.
  • I can FEEL my IQ dropping as I watch the horribly thought-out, predictible story line unfold.
That's enough reasons I hope. Tell me if I missed anything.

Yeah, that's why I despise Disney Media.

Bye bye!

P.S. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Linda (my computer) was getting repaired. Forgive me? Anyways, a little life update: I got a snow day today! And I'm getting one tomorrow! I went sledding today, and I sang the "There's Snow In My Pants"song quite a few times. I ended up in sopping wet jeans.

January 20, 2009

Mini-Blog: Inaguration

Did you see it??? My school was totally shut down during it! I don't know about you, but I was psyched to be able to say a) President Obama, b) Mr. Bush, and c) that I watched the inauguration of America's first black president! Isn't that exciting?!?!

I was pretty inspired by the speech. It was great! (My French teacher said she was going to have an Inauguration party, but she decided she didn't want to buy cupcakes, so we didn't have it. :( )

Yeah, I'm a nerd.

January 19, 2009

Lots of Quizzes

I went crazy with the quizzes.

How awkward am I?

What Fantasy Creature am I?

How Likely Am I To Survive Zombie Invasion?

What color Jeans Am I?

January 18, 2009

Do Pizzas Fall In Love?

Before you guys ask, Yes, my little sister is very strange when she's sleepy.

So last night, my little sister asked me, "Nadia, do pizzas fall in love?"

And of course, I answered, "Why, yes. Yes, they do."

We then ended up talking about pizzas and their lives for about a half hour. Pizzas don't have much of a place in the world nowadays, as we discovered through philosophical conversation, so I decided to make a pizza colony. On this blog, because I don't feel like actually building a Pizza Fort (although I tried).

Here are some things about pizza culture:
-Wedding Rings are rings of cheese.
-It takes about five hours for a baby pizza to mature.
-They learn about the History of Pizza, The Leaning Tower of Pizza, and The Enemy of Pizza.
-They all have names like Piz (the name of my pizza) and Cheese Macho (the name of my sister's).
-"Oh my crust!"
-A very popular book is "Cross My Crust, And Hope To Be Consumed," along with it's prequel, "I'd Give You Cheese, But Then I'd Have To Cut It". (I know, I'm a nerd.)

So, I encourage you to help build up the Pizza Colonies and keep their eccentric culture alive--lest they go into extinction--by imagining your own pizza.

Cant wait to hear about your Pizza People!

Your Notoriously Eccentric Friend,

Mini-Blog: I Hurt Myself

Today, I was at a birthday party, and I hurt myself A LOT. It was a ridiculous amount. I think my brain and butt are both permanently damaged. If you would like to know how, read on, darlings.

First of all, I was in the exercise room, and I was playing with the ab exercise machine. It was the kind that's like a chair where you just have to lean back. Well, I held onto the handles, and I leaned as far as I could forward, and it got stuck that way. It didn't hurt, but it was hard to get out. It was easy t o unstick the machine, though.

Then, I tried kicking up as far as I could, and I got pretty far, but my other foot slid, and I fell on my butt. It was painful.

After that, I was sitting in one of those cheap half-circle chairs, and I sat on the very edge and leaned forward and...it tipped, my butt hit the floor, and my head hit the top edge of the seat. Pain.

THEN, I recapped it all so that I could get it all on video. Yeah...it hurt.

January 15, 2009

How To Eat A Teddy Grahm

Yes, there is a special way to eat all your assorted bear-shaped foods--and here I am, teaching you how. It is important that you follow these procedures. If you don't, you may face death. And boy, that'll make you look stupid! Imagine that, murdered by a Teddy Grahm. So, if you would like to be saved the embarrassment, read on. If you want us all to laugh at you because your pinkie toe got taken off by a Gummy Bear, ignore this.

Step 1. Bite off the ears. This will keep them from hearing you as you advance to swallow them. If you take out the ears, it will take them a while to fight back.

Step 2. Take out the head. You may combine this with Step 1, but I don't like to. This movement will definitely keep them from resisting.

Step 3. Eat the appendages. Bear Foods can be like spiders. Even though you squash them (in this case, eat the head), the legs still move. So you need to eat the legs so it doesn't kick/punch your uvula and make you barf all your bears up. If you do upchuck all your bears, they will create a Food Bear Army, and kill you. OR, when you swallow them, instead of going down your esophagus, they'll climb up into you brain and take over your body for nefarious purposes. So, EAT THE APPENDAGES.

Step 4. Consume the torso. This doesn't serve any purpose besides filling up your tummy, and finishing them off.


I hope you'll all remember this when you pick up a bag of Gummy Bears, and know that there is an entire army of little Teddies trying to snag my rightful place as World Dictator.

Okay, Peoples. I'm out!

January 13, 2009

Mini-Blog: I Need Your Help!

I need the help of anyone and everyone reading this! I have writer's block! Well, not so much writer's block as loss of ideas. Look, I have the entire book plotted out. I know nearly all the details. I've written some scenes in my head. (By the way, the climax is GREAT!) There's one thing, though.

One girl and the main character girl have a bet. It's like, "You have to do this, or else you have to..." I got to the part where One Girl is presenting the 'or else' to Main Character Girl.

Now, what I need from you is an idea for a good 'or else.' I need some help! Seriously! I've been brainstorming and researching all day, and I can't find anything! Please help! (Just so you know, this is only a very small part of the plot. It's actually only 30% of a subplot.)

I beg of you, take pity and help me brainstorm!

P.S. One Girl is the kind of person who cares A LOT about social things and boys. Right now, I have only one idea. It's okay, but I'm not sure that Main Character Girl would accept it--and you know how characters can be. You can't make them do something they wouldn't do.

Please leave a comment/E-Mail me! (My E-Mail is on my profile.)

January 10, 2009

Mini-Blog: Magical Wax!

Have you ever seen a Bendaroo commercial? I'd just like to point out that when they are explaining the oh-so-complicated anatomy of a Bendaroo, they say that the second and third layers are "Magical wax!" Magical! What's so magical about it? Did it come from the MAGICAL land of Jokju? Did the MAGICAL Princess Fairy Sprite enchant it with her MAGICAL powers? I think not!

They also claim that the MAGICAL wax is above the "Super Strong String." I doubt that if you tied this SUPER STRONG String around a truck once you can pull it off the ground. So, "Ha!" to Bendaroos!

Yeah, I just thought it was really strange that they labeled it SUPER STRONG and MAGICAL.

January 09, 2009

10 Ways To Annoy Someone While They Play RockBand

I've discovered and tested ten ways to annoy/ruin the game of one playing Rock Band (or Guitar Hero, though results may vary).

Now, it may or may not change depending on what the person is playing, but it should work most of the time. But you can't be playing while doing this. So here are my ingenious ways of annoying the aforementioned player:

1. Turn off the screen. One of the simpler ways, usually done with a remote behind the couch. This is quite effective seeing as you have to watch the notes and words to play, and at very least hear it.

2. Put the t.v. on mute. You'd be surprised how hard it is to play instrument games with music.

3. Turn the volume up and down. The volume bar should cover up the upcoming notes.

4. Come into the room with a large stereo. Put in as loud as it needs to be to be as loud as Rock Band, then turn it on. The music is should be playing would be classical or rap.

5. Trip the singer and guitarist.

6. If they have never played before, tell them to go on Expert, and that Rock Band/Guitar Hero is actually really easy, and has skewed definitions of "easy."

7. Keep going, "Red, red, red, red, blue, red, red, red, blue, yellow, yellow, green, both at the same time!" right in their ear. Works quite effectively when you are saying the wrong colors, and when the player is colorblind.

8. If the player has his or her cell phone on him or her, keep calling and texting the person. If it gives you an option, say that it's an urgent call.

9. Keep trying to take their instruments away from them and saying, "No, you're not doing it right! Let me show you."

10. Simplest and most straight forward. Turn off the gaming system.

I hope this a) helps, or b) makes you on the look-out for the kinds of people who do this.


P.S. Ayah, if you're reading this, happy birthday!!!

January 05, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

Dahlia tagged me, so I have to answer the following questions with pictures, and not explain any of them. :) Have fun!

I would like to go to...

My favorite food...

My favorite place is...
My favorite article of clothing...
My least favorite article of clothing...My favorite TV shows...

Town is which I live...
Screen Name/Nickname...

First job...Dream Job......
If I had a million dollars, I'd buy:
and I'd go to:
My one wish:
How in the world could you expect me to find a picture for being a best-selling author? Or a published author, at least?

Now I tag Chrissy.

Does Fire Hate Water?

The other day, a friend said, "I hate the name Daniel like fire hates water." (By the way, I LOVE the name Daniel.) And I thought, Does Fire actually hate Water?

Now, why would Fire have a reason to hate Water? Some people say it's because they're opposites, but I don't think anyone hates a person for being their opposite. I mean, name one instance.

"The Jocks and The Nerds," says that infuriating reader.

Name another one.

"Literary people and commercial writers."

They're the only other exception.

"White people and not white people. White people have discriminated against everyone--"

Oh, shut up! (Although, it is true.)

Alright, but I feel like elements should be above that. I mean, they're not people. They're more powerful, in a way. They're fire and water. When you think about the elements as people, they're wise people, aren't they? (Okay, I realize I sound really weird, but play along; pretend like you think the same thing.)

Maybe Wind got jealous of the friendship between Fire and Water, so Wind (is it a he or she?) started a horrible rumor among the elements (Sulfur is such a gossip, so it spread pretty quickly) that said that Fire despised Water because she was his opposite. Water heard it before Fire so she just all of a sudden stopped talking and friending (yes, it's a verb) with Fire, and to this day, he has not been able to tell his side of the story.

Dumb, mean, ugly, Wind. See what jealousy can do? It can create war, hatred, lies, and even idioms (the worst of them all).

So, I beg of you that on the behalf of Fire, you will cease to say "I hate what's her face like Fire hates Water." It just adds fuel to the flame (Pun intended, but only if it was funny). Saying this is just like saying you hate your best friend. It only destroys the once beautiful friendship more.

January 02, 2009

Mini Blog: New Years Resolutions

Yes, I was convinced to have New Years Resolutions, so here are my recipes for disaster:

-Write at least one page of 7 o'clock everyday. No excuses!
-Pray more
-Be as close as humanly possible with my friends
-Try to sympathize
-Practice soccer!