February 27, 2009

P.S. I Loathe You

Look, I know I don't usually do book reviews, but this is worth it.

I'm kinda' reviewing P.S. I Loathe You by Lisi Harrison. It's the tenth book in the Clique Series. If you've read the other books, you think you know the drill: Massie bosses everyone else around and treats them like crap, then the other person does something, and Massie is at the bottom of the food chain, then the other person gets in trouble (is possibly forgiven), and the Pretty Committee is back on top.

Well, things in this book are DIFFERENT.

First of all, Kristen finally gets a point of view. There's not so much of Massie's POV, thank God. Also, instead of everyone just putting up with her, they stand up for themselves, and (VERY SMALL SPOILER) it does no end in their demise, however I guess we'll see in "Boys R Us." (BIG SPOILER) and Massie finally loses. And we finally get into Dylan's head, too! And you really see the best of all the boys. And finally, it seems like Claire is an honorary member of the PC.

Now, in the beginning, it's not so promising, but push yourself to page 50, and you won't be able to put it down. You're going to want to finish it as soon as possible--not because you want to get over it, but beacause you'll want to know what happens SO MUCH!!! The ending promises an amazing 11th book which is to come out on July 7th (which is AMAZING, because books in my city come out a couple days before they're officially supposed to come out, and because of this, it'll be out for my birthday! If you're reading this, Real Life Friends, you know what to get me.)

I think that out of all the books, this has a reasonable amount of annyoingness. I believe it's also the very creative, which I didn't expect; after writing so many books, you'd think she'd run out of ideas.

On the rate of one to ten, it's a 7.8

What do you think? Have you read the book? Do you plan to? Am I just horrible at writing book reviews (if I am, in my defense I wrote this in ten minutes.)

February 26, 2009


Ok, when reading books, you are often asked what side you are on. Well, I can hardly ever answer that because both sides have valid arguments. Well, I decide to settle the score today with a discussion...mostly with myself.

From: the Twilight Series

Jacob vs. Edward

I'd have to say Edward. Although many say "But he left her!" I say that he was doing it for her own good (although I was mad at Bella for taking him back so quickly). Also, Jacob seems like an obnoxious, immature, young, hot-head. And he never takes Bella's needs and such into account when he does something (which I kinda' understand; she has so many!).

Final Verdict: Edward

From: the Uglies Series

David vs. Zane

Well, David got to her first, but I feel like Zane and Tally have a more...real relationship. And she never left him, which means she really cares about him. Also, David reminds me of a little kid, trying to be responsible and mature, and I feel like after Tally turned pretty she changed, evolved, grew. Sadly for many David fans, she grew out of her love for him. I'm sad for David, though, because he had no warning. He was all sad, waiting for Tally to come back, just after his dad had died, and then the next time he sees her, she's in love with somebody else. But hey, it's not her fault that she loves Zane more than she loves David. I still feel sorry for him, though.

Final Verdict: Zane

From: the Uglies Series

Smoke vs. Special Circumstances

I don't think you expected that one. Well, Smoke may well destroy the world with another global warming, so it's perfectly understandable that Special Circumstances would want to stop them from gaining any people and/or power. After seeing the beauty of the wild, and the ruins of the Rusties, I see how they'd stop at nothing to make sure the world wasn't jeopardized again. Then again, the Smokies aren't trying to kill the Earth, just trying to stay their same old selves, rather than slaves to society. But whether or not they try to kill the Earth, they're getting themselves toward it. Maybe we really should have to be slaves to society. We kill our environment, so we probably don't know what's best for us. Best to leave it in the hands of someone that does. If everyone was a free thinker, guess what would happen: war, murder, global warming. I think that thinking in the way of a Pretty is an alright price for a peaceful world.

Final Verdict: Special Circumstances, yet not Dr. Cable, and in the series, I don't want either of them to win. (It's a complicated relationship between Special Circumstances and me.)

From: the Gallagher Girls Series

Josh vs. Zach

Well, Josh is amazing, and sweet, and caring, and sensitive, and pretty much the perfect boyfriend in the entire world by the definitions of any sane girl--but here lies the problem: Cammie is not a normal, sane girl. She is a spy. Zach is also a spy. It'd get hard for Cammie to explain to Josh why she is going to Vietnam suddenly and is so secretive. Also, Zach's mysteriousness is hot.

Final Verdict: Zach Goode

From: the Harry Potter Series

Cho vs. Ginny

Cho lost Cedric, so I feel like she deserves someone, but Ginny is awesome.

Final Verdict: Ginny

I hope that kept you entertained. Tell me if there's anyone else to debate about. I love to have debates....with myself.....


February 23, 2009

Mega-Awesome Music Shuffle Game

Put your music on shuffle ask these questions, and get the answer with the next song! Like so:

1. How would you/I (Nadia Murti. I'm not sure which pronoun to use. The last person used "you" but I'm not sure if it makes very much sense) describe yourself/me?
"Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)" by The Veronicas
I guess I'm just not a sweet person. I don't know if that's true or completely false.

2. What do you/I like in a guy/girl?
"One Sweet Love" by Sara Bareilles
Aw! All I can say.

3. How do you/I feel today?
"Shake It" by Metro Station

4. What's your/my life's purpose?
"Lost" by Katy Perry
To figure out what's going on in

5. What do your/my friends think of you/me?
"City" by Sara Bareilles
They think I'm a city girl! I'm not sure whether that's a compliment or insult.

6. What do your/my parents think of you/me?
"Without You" by the Clique Girlz
They want to be free of me. They also thought they'd miss me when I leave, but won't. Not a bit. Actually, the song makes a lot of sense if you think of it as a parent singing to a kid.

7. What do you/I often think about?
"You Think" by the Clique Girlz.
Three choices: a) I just...think, b) I think about what others think, or c) I think very vain thoughts.

8. What do you/I think about the person you/I like?
"Wish You The Worst" by Katy Perry
According to the song, I wish the person was with me and not with whomever he is with. And I want his relationship to crash and burn. Makes sense.

9. What do you/I want to be when you/I grow up?
"You're Not Sorry" by Taylor Swift
That is not sense-making! (If you've read Pretties by Scott Westerfeld, you'll get that.) Can I pick another?
"One Of The Boys" by Katy Perry.
I want to be one of the boys, apparently. (Actually, I understand that. They way girls act is infuriating. Girls can often be petty and obnoxious, not to mention backstabbing. Guys are cooler in the way that they don't do that.)

10. What will you/I dance to at your/my wedding?
"Untouched" by The Veronicas
Hmm...it is my jam.

11. What will they play at your/my funeral?
"Smile" by Clique Girlz

12. What is your/my biggest fear?
"I'm Still Breathing" by Katy Perry
To stop breathing?

13. What is your/my biggest secret?
"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles
That I forgot how to play this on the piano after months of annoying people with the constant sound of it for months--if they found out about it, they'd kill me.

14. What do you think of your/my friends?
"Tell Me Why" by Taylor Swift
Does this mean I think my friends have all changed their personalities, try to stop me from having other friends and constantly crush my spirit?

15. What is your/my future going to be like?
"Misery Business" by Paramore (my favorite band)
I don't think that's good.

16. What do you/I see in the person you like?
"In Your Eyes" by Sara Bareilles
Their eyes, it seems. Oh, how cliché!

17. What will be the song for you/me and your/my spouse?
"Les Yeux Des Marie" by Andrea Lindsay (It's a great song, even if you don't understand it!)
We shall live in France! Our marriage will be relatively happy.

That was fun! I know this isn't the kind of game where you tag people, but I'm going to anyway. I tag the following people:


So get going! And I also encourage you guys to all check out some of the songs up there. Most of them are pretty good.

February 22, 2009

Mini-Blog: WHY???

Why in the world do people let you read the entire book online, except for two pages here ad there? IT'S HORRIBLE! Seriously--torture.

I JUST WANT TO READ PAGES 43, 44, 50, and 51 FROM SPECIALS! Is that so much to ask?

Your Tortured Reader,

February 15, 2009

Mini-Blog: Chat

Hey, I was just at the Ally Chat with Sarah Mlynowski, and it was great. I was thinking that us readers should make a chat like that sometime. We'd talk about writing and reading and I think it would be really fun and we'd all get to know each other.

What do you guys think?

Your Writer,

P.S. I saw Dahlia and Orchid at the chat. (Or at least I saw what they wrote.)

February 14, 2009

14 Reasons Why Valentines Day Is Bogus

Here are my 14 reasons why Valentines Day is completely and utterly bogus:

1. If someone loves you, they'll show it every day of the year.

2. If they on;y show it on one day of the year, it should be a day that means something to them, rather than conform and celebrate their/your relationship on a day that everyone else is celebrating.

3. If they love you, I'm sure they'd be able to put some effort towards originality.

4. Valentine's make you think the only love worth celebrating is that of the romantic, when in truth, whoever you are celebrating with is most likely going to leave you within a few weeks (if it's a boyfriend, not a husband) whereas your family and your friends who feel like family would never dream of leaving.

5. It's a day made to make singles feel like they need someone else to make them feel whole--not true!

6. Valentines is just too much work for the guy. Seriously, girls--give 'em a break. If I were a guy, I'd break up with the girl on the 13th, and get back with her on the 15th.

7. When guys buy you flowers for your Valentine Day present, they are gonna die anyway, so what's the point?

8. No matter how your date went it's not gonna meet your expectations and you will end up watching old sappy movies and eating chocolate ice cream.

9. All that Valentine's candy goes straight to the hips, ladies! (Can't the guys just profess their love for you with celery?)

10. You always hope your crush will send you something, but why would they do that if only your best friend Suzie knows? I wouldn't risk the humiliation.

11. you spend hours getting ready for the dinner with your man plans and he ends uptaking you to Mickey D's.

12 He buys you that heart shaped box of chocolates and you're either allergic to them or the flavors are unknown to the world (in the bad way!)

13. If you don't spend the "right amount of money the boyfriend/girlfriend thinks your horrible.

14. Finally, Red, Pink, and White are the worst color combination EVER!

Your Valentines Day Haters, (notice the plural)
Nadia and Chrissy (From Twilight Girl's Stuff)

February 12, 2009

Barrel of Monkeys

You know the term "as fun as a barrel of monkeys!" right? Well, how fun is a barrel of monkeys? Not. Fun. And I'll tell you why.

First of all, if is just a bunch of plastic monkeys in a mini plastic barrel, I don't see the fun. It's like, "Yay! I can link things! I'm not worthless!" A bit pathetic really. So if you can't link them together and put them in the barrel, I bet you feel like crap right now. If you are one of those people, I suggest you take down Lakeside Toys (the company that made them) to make you feel better. That is, if the economy hasn't gotten it first.

But if it's a straight up barrel of monkeys--like, and real barrels with real monkeys in it--it is NOT FUN. Actually, it's mega scary. Just think of it! There's a barrel with monkeys in it. It started to rock, because of the moving monkeys inside. Crazed chimp noises are emanating from within. The side of the barrel is coming off and breaking because of one of the monkeys is trying to break out. The other monkeys pitch in and help the other one make a large opening in the barrel's side. It works. Then, rabid monkey things come chasing after you and gouge out your eyes since they are angry at you for stuffing them in a cold barrel.

Now, does that sound fun to you?

I didn't think so.

So stop saying "As fun as a barrel of monkeys!" unless you're talking about High School Musical.
It really does make me want to gouge my eyes out, and the acting is scary.

Another thing: I don't think the monkeys appreciate being called benign, fun, cute little animals. If I were them, I'd want some credit for my rabid savageness. (Unless I was a lemur. They're adorable! How could I, a lemur, deny that?)

Leaping Lemur!

I love monkeys.

Not this, though:

That's scary AND dangerous, and while I usually applaud those things, I do not recommend stuffing mad, rabid chimps into a barrel.

Instead, how's about we all start saying, "As fun as Mario Kart," or "As fun as Candyland." Those are both some fun, old, unappreciated games, therefore they HAVE to work!

But dude, seriously, BE CAREFUL WITH MONKEYS! They're are the hippogriph equivalent, and I think we all remember how fast Buckbeak turned on Draco.

Your Grave Blogger,

February 11, 2009


Since I'm a nerd like that, I'm going to spend about 2 and a half hours at a library this Friday with a couple friends.

What books do you recommend I get? I'm in the mood for something with suspense and romance. Young Adult books only, please (unless it's a classic Exp: Dracula, Shakespeare, Wicked). I want as many reccomendations as possible! I'm a HUGE book buff. Ah! I love that phrase!!! ....BooK Buff.... Sorry for the off task-ness.

Yeah, please suggest some books. I'm running low on book supply. I've read all the books I have, and now I have been reduced to reading The Twilight Companion.* I mean, who reads the guide to the series books?! It's not even by Stephenie Meyer (which actually makes it better). Series Companions don't even have plots! It's terrifying! Like it says in my "About The Author," my hands are shaking with the lack of real book.

So I suggest that you suggest, for the sake of my well-being.

Your Book-Deprived Writer,

*It's actually pretty good, and quite interesting. It sounds just like my Critical Reader Reviews that I write for Language Arts.

P.S. I realize that I haven't had many funny, weird posts lately. I'd just like you to know the next one is in the works and will be posted within a week.

February 09, 2009

Mini-Blog: Movie Marathon

I've recently become interested in old movies; Audrey Hepburn movies to be exact. So, I've planned to have an Audrey Hepburn Movie Marathon. I've finally managed to find out the names of all of the movies:

Funny Face*
The Nun's Story
Breakfast At Tiffany's*
Wait Until Dark*
Two For The Road
How To Steal A Million*
Green Mansions
Paris When It Sizzles
They All Laughed
Love In The Afternoon
War And Peace
Roman Holiday*
The Children's Hour
Robin & Marion
My Fair Lady*

As you see, this is a long list of movies. I need help picking which 4-8 movies should be watched. That's where you guys come in. Now, all of the ones with a * next to it, I'm considering to be picked. Do you think those are what I should pick, or do you suggest I select some other one?

Your Classic Movie Lover,

P.S. Dracula rocks! I watched it yesterday. If you're going to watch it, watch either the 1958 version, or the 1931 movie. Old horror movies are more realistic, and overall less out there, therefore scarier but not a give-me-nightmares scary. Wow, I make no sense. Anyway, I recomend Dracula to the scardy cats and horror movie buffs alike.

February 02, 2009


Hmm, what's this post about? you're thinking. When you read my post, "Disney," I mentioned something about how they made me believe something about tigers that turned out to not be true, and that I'd blog about it later. Well, m'darlings, later is now.*

You all remember Tigger the Tiger from Winnie The Pooh and Christopher Robin or something like that. (Oh, I can never remember the title.) Well, Tigger is one of the reasons that I hate Disney Channel, Media, and Co.. Here is the some of the lyrics to The Tigger Song:

The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is I'm the only one

Tiggers are wonderful fellahs.
Tiggers are awfully sweet.
Everyone elses is jealous,
And thats why I repeat...

The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Are Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is I'm the only one.
Yes, I'm the only one
Well, I agreed that Tigger was awesome. Yet, Tigger was a tiger, so surely he was just like any other tiger, right? So, I thought that all tigers could bounce of their tails. Yes, that's what I thought. Just imagine it! Tigers bouncing on their tails! Isn't that awesome?! Of course that's why I wanted to believe it. So maybe Disney should've made their characters less awesome and/or realistic.

"Didn't you hear that part that he said OVER AND OVER?! He clearly stated, and I quote, 'I'm the only one.' And it was an animated show where animals talk!" that annoying reader points out, even though she should still be recovering from that last elf attack.

Well, in one of the movies, Tigger found his [large] family, who could all bounce on their tails, so he wasn't the only one, therefore there could be more Tiggers in the world.

Anyway, (I recently discovered that it is "Anyway," rather than "Anyways" which is in fact not a word.) when I found out that tigers couldn't bounce on their tails like Tigger, I was completely heartbroken.

The way I found out was pretty horrible, though. I was in my kindergarten class, and we were learning about wildlife. My teacher turned the page in the book she was reading us, and showed us the picture of a tiger.

"Tigers are big mammals that live in Africa. They're actually related to cats," she said.

"And they bounce on their tails!" I called out. My class laughed and I didn't know why.

My teacher (let's call her...Ms. McTeacherFace), Ms. McTeacherFace chuckled. "Not really, though," she said, making sure none of us were confused.

"Yes they do!" Little Nadia protested.

"Honey, they don't really bounce on their tails. That's only in the storybooks and TV."

My/Little Nadia's jaw dropped. "Okay. Can I go to the bathroom?"

"Sure," Ms. McTeacherFace said.

I left to the bathroom where I would deal with my emotions toward the revelation. In the background, I could hear all my classmates laughing.

Now, I am holding a strong grudge against Disney for deceiving me so. I don't believe I can ever forgive them. They completely betrayed my little 5-year-old trust! (Oh my gosh, I sound like a lovesick, heartbroken girl whose boyfriend cheated and the likes.)

But that was nothing compared to how I felt when I found out it was all just a show! Although that's a story meant for another time.

Your Deceived, Heartbroken Girl,
Nadia M.