February 28, 2011

My Second Published Post

My series on SparkLife is like my first publication, and I'd be SO happy if you guys read it! If this wasn't published on SparkNotes, I would have posted them here, as a part of Diary of a Freshman.

Here's the link!

February 24, 2011

I Have a Great Article For You Guys


Ok, well, there's this great post on SparkLife.

Can you guess who wrote it?

Yup! It's me!!! I'm not just writing a POST! I'm writing a short series on SparkLife!

Getting something published on SparkLife was my goal for the year, and I'm surpassing it! This is amazing!

Thanks to all my readers, because if no one read this blog, I might've stopped writing and the post would be nearly as good as it is.

Also, thank you to the best person EVER who helped me edit!!!

Ok, I'm calm now. Let's see how many people have commented.

EEP!!! I am SO not calm. This is amazing!!

Your Estatic Blogger,

February 19, 2011

Why Is Wind Cold?

Why is it that when it's warm out (it's 60˚ and sunny here!), and the wind hits you, it feels cooler than the air around you? How do fans work? It's air of the same temperature of the air around you, so why does it feel colder? How do fans work????

It makes no sense! Who says that velocity is freezing? How is there windchill? It's not like the wind just whisks away all the heated molecules! Well, unless it does. But then wouldn't the wind just distribute more heated molecules onto your body? Well, maybe we feel cool in the moment before it settles.

This still makes no sense.

Why not? Because the reason you get cold going outside is that when there are molecules/particles with a lot of heat (Particle A), they want to share until all the particles around Particle A have the same amount of heat as Particle A, and the cycle spreads. Ergo, if the particles in the wind have the same amount of heat as the particles right around you, then the wind would not help!

Which means there is only one answer to this question: Hallucinations.

That's right. We get very hot, and we wish that there were some wonderful gust of air to magically cool us down, and our brain obliges. Does that mean that we are all crazy?--well, that doesn't sound too off the mark to me.

But then again, we may just live in The Matrix.

Your Blogger,

February 16, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Gym Thief!

So, as it turns out, the one day you forget to lock up your things, your things get stolen.

To be specific, your clothes. Yup. I went to go change, and my shirt was missing, along with another girl's necklace. A few weeks ago, $50 and a debit card was stolen too.

Whatever chick is doing this made a huge mistake--she messed with me.

Not to mention, she did so while my thought process has been hijacked by progesterone and other crazy period-related hormones. She's going down. Well, once we catch her that is.

Moral: ALWAYS lock ALL of your things up. Or else you'll have to ride the bus home in your gym clothes. Not fun.

My Plan: Another friend and I will stakeout the locker room (we won't let anyone see us in class, so they'll think we're absent) and catch whoever keeps stealing from us. When she is caught, she can only hope she leaves with an unbroken nose.

Plan B: Hope that there's a camera outside the locker room to see who entered the locker room from the non-gym entrance.

Your POed Blogger,

February 09, 2011

Valentine's Day: The History, Use, and Impracticality

It's almost Valentine's Day, which means that it's time for the annual "V-Day sucks!" post. Unless you're talking about Velociraptor Day. I'm cool with Velociraptor Day.

Valentine's Day started when some guy named Saint Valentine married people in secret while the Roman Emperor outlawed marriage for his soldiers. Then Valentine was put to death. The End.

We celebrate Valentine's Day on the fourteenth because that's the day he was killed and buried. Romantic, right?

Now, no one uses the 14th to elope, but rather to pay $4 to get your school to deliver a balloon that 5 hours later, your valentine's bus driver will force her to let go of. It's mostly, of course, time for couples to prove to themselves and others that they have genuine feelings for their SOs. But let's be honest--they're probably only going to be dating for another week or so, and soon thereafter, they will be all, "Yeah, that was such a mistake. I don't even know why I went out with him/her!" Let me answer your question: It's because you are a child with no perspective.

Valentine's utmost use, however, it degradation and assertion of social status (I'll discuss this more later this week). Not only are boyfriends expected to make some public declaration of their undying love, but when and if such a thing occurs, do you know what nearly always happens? Something like this:

V-DAYer: Hey, what's up?
GIRL: Nothing, I'm cramming for th--
V-DAYer: Oh that's cool. Oh, you want to know what this is?
GIRL: No, that's ok.
V-DAYer: Matt just got it for me. They're roses he planted and grew himself with love water and they were nurtured by the sound of puppy giggles.
GIRL: Uh, ok...
V-DAYer: And these roses have the ability to serenade me. Because my boo just cool like that.
GIRL: Yeah, well, I sit with him at lunch, and he's constantly talking about how annoying you are and how hot your best friend is.
V-DAYer: Oh, you bitter girl, don't you have any magic singing flowers?
GIRL: Nope, thank God, those are incredibly creepy.
V-DAYer: It's ok, you'll find someone someday. Maybe. But until then, you need no boy to validate you!
GIRL: I think you're at least pretending to be nice, but don't worry about it. I honestly don't care.
V-DAYer: Whatever makes the tears go away.

Valentine's Day is incredibly impractical. I'm not even going to attack the meaning of V-Day now. We have so many holidays that are on the 2nd Tuesday of May and the 6th Day beginning with T of July and all that, but Valentine's couldn't be the second Friday? This year it's on a MONDAY! And you know what? People are still going to expect something special out of it, then when one says they need to study for their math test, the other will proceed to stuff their faces into a carton of their new boyfriends, Ben & Jerry, and cry themselves to sleep, sobbing, "This is the worst Valentine's Day EVER!", right before they type a passive-aggressive Facebook status.

Happy Velociraptor Day!

Diary of a Freshman: Homecoming

Here at Crimson High, we have a football homecoming and a basketball homecoming. You never read a post about homecoming because I didn't go. I predicted it would be lame and awkward, and I was right. So while my classmates were being yelled at by the assistant principal, I was watching a Pretty Little Liars marathon.

This Saturday is the basketball homecoming, and now that the novelty has worn off, at least a third of your friends will have decided not to come in favor of something like sleep, shopping at the new Forever 21 (TWO FLOORS! I can't wait to go), or cleaning their rooms. But just because you're not going to homecoming doesn't mean your day has to be boring! In fact, most people feel compelled to party in their own way on the night of homecoming. This Saturday another one of my friends who is above the whole stand-around-awkwardly-looking-for-someone-to-talk-to-and-maybe-dance-in-such-a-way-that-you-will-be-embarrassed/ashamed-later ritual is coming over to watch the last season on Doctor Who in order to prepare her for the upcoming season.

And you know what? We're going to have FUN! In fact, we'll most likely have more fun than if we went to Homecoming, because we're not into popularity contests (cough cough Homecoming King and Queen), and other lame things associated with second-caliber dances.

The moral: Don't confine yourself to having fun in everyone else's way. Do whatever you'd like to, and forget the hordes of people rushing to homecoming in too-short dresses and 4-inch stilettos, who have obviously forgotten what a disappointment the last dance was. Just don't waste any of your time.

Your Blogger,

February 05, 2011

I Have A Question For You

For my AP Human Geography class, I and 14 other people will have to orchestrate an event to raise money for a charitable organization.

We have decided to sell tickets to a Student Film Festival. The films will all be about 10 or 15 minutes.

I just want to ask you all something, because I want this event to be as successful as possible. If kids at your school were having a Student Film Festival (hosted in your school's nice auditorium), would you attend? Under what circumstances (Exp.: A Friday night, your friend is in a movie, etc...)? How much would you pay for a ticket?

Please help, not only is this a grade, but if I know how to get people to come (I'm the leader of the Communications committee), then we'll be able to help children who are blind, hard of hearing, and affected by AIDS.

Your Blogger,