June 30, 2010

Hi From Vacation!

Hey, I'm on summer break in Syria, where internet is pretty hard to come by, and where Blogspot is blocked--but not Blogger! So here I am writing to you from the other side of the world, in the boring town of Hama, where, apparently, I'm related to half the people I walk past on the street.

It's strange, because it seems that the town knows that it's boring. Guys drive around, blaring loud music. My cousins are all worried about what other people think about them, so I can't do anything fun here. Watching the World Cup is fun, except I go to restaurants to watch the games and just 'cause I'm one of the few blonds around here, I pretty much can't leave the house without getting stared or honked at, and lemme tell you, it's getting pretty annoying.

Anyway, hope you guys are all having fun, watching movies and going to parties that don't involve old ladies talking about you as if you're not there (they assume I don't know Arabic, but I do!) and other fun things.

Your Far Away Blogger,