March 18, 2009

The Man

We've all heard the term, "The Man" but do we really know about who he is? What does he do? When is he of importance? What kinds of things does he try to censer, and so on...

Is this post I will begin an exploration into the psych of "The Man" and his place in today's society. I will do this by answering many questions from many people, whether or not they were actually asked by a real person. Actually, I making up people to ask the questions as a teaching tool. So get ready!

What's the first question?

"Nowadays, 'The Man' is defined as who or what?" asks the asker.

Well, according to Meg Cabot in Princess in Waiting, The Man is a white, middle-aged man who almost always has either great riches, influence, power, or all three. He censors all who oppose him, so everyone who goes against Corporate America, the government, or golfing.

Who has the second?

"When did this term come into use?"

It dates back to 1948 (at least, that's what Wikipedia said). It was commonly used as a code word for the prison warden. Imagine me, ten years from now, in a prison because I lit something on fire or something. This is an example of how the term would be used in that situation, which may have been the same back when it was first used:

(NADIA has a spoon, and an iron rod torn from the bed. She is digging a hole is the corner of the cell.)

NADIA: Is there anyone out there? (Whisper.)
CELL MATE: No, I don't see anyone. Keep working on that tunnel!
NADIA: Hey, I don't see you digging with a plastic spoon!
CELL MATE: Just keep digging and I'll keep watch.
NADIA: Fine!
(Two minutes later.)
CELL MATE: Nadia! Stop!
(WARDEN is close enough that CELL MATE can see his shoe.)
CELL MATE: So, The Man said, "Hey! That's my pizza!" (Laughing from CELL MATE.) Isn't that a great, perfectly innocent joke?!
NADIA: You bet! The Man was so funny! I love when The Man was right behind the other person, and--Oh, hello, Mr. Warden!

And so, our perfect escape plan won't be found out!

Third Question!

"Why does he like to censor people?"

Because the people bring it to our attention that we do not in fact live in a perfect world, and sometimes brings out attention to what The Man is doing. In either cases, it does not bode well for The Man, therefore he must put a stop to it.

The follow up?

"How can he stop it?"

By not letting it out in a magazine, maybe. As I said earlier, The Man is someone with great power and influence.

Any more?




Don't Let The Man Get You Down,

P.S. This is my 50th Post, and I feel like I should do something to commemorate it. Should I just wait until the 111th post to do something special? If I should do something right now, then what should I do? Best of The Best, maybe? I'm open to ideas!


BookSnob said...

Prison sounds like loads of fun with you! (as long as you're the one holding the spoon:)

Dahlia said...

Hehe, 21 just made a shirt on Zazzle that says "Not Fooled by the Man" so this is a major coincidence.

arary121 said...

The cell mate thing was hilarous! I swear! But who's your cellmate? Mine is Patrick :)


Amber Leigh said...

i got the quotes for my blog on xanga. :)

funny post. :D