March 11, 2009


S.O.C.C.E.R. stands for all the things I love and hate most about soccer. Let me show you what S.O.C.C.E.R. means.

S is for being Sore.
O is for the way the Opposing team suddenly becomes so Odious when the game starts.
C is for Competitiveness.
C is for all the Cringing I do.
E is for the Epic-ness
R is for the Running.

I, personally, love being sore after playing a sport I love, because it shows how much you practice and how hard you worked.

The O is strangely true and...strange. But in the good way.

I love competitive sports. What motivates you if you're not trying to beat someone?

I hate it, but there are multiple times when people aim for my face, and reflexes force me to cringe, which makes me look stupid and I end up hand-balling, most of the time.

The shots that are made in professional soccer are AMAZING! It's so exciting and EPIC! Even watching elementary soccer can be cool. It's one of those sports where you can easily find yourself yelling, most of the time at the players (which is a very bad thing to do. You can't do it any better, so don't heckle. Then of course, you don't say that you are good at soccer, but they do, and they suck, so perhaps in special circumstances it would only be right to heckle).

I hate the running, mostly because I get winded extremely quickly.

From Your Soccer Obsessed Blogger,

P.S. Sorry for all the soccer-related posts. I know they're boring. I'm just nervous/excited about it. My first practice is tomorrow (and I'll get my jersey!). Unfortunately, it's outdoor soccer, and it'll be 37 degrees where I live.


BookSnob said...

All the soccer posts? This one makes two, and don't worry, there not boring.

Holly said...

I love soccer, and i also play soccer :]