October 19, 2009

Books and Music and Other Stuff

I started reading the Pecry Jackson and The Olympians Series. I love it! It's so good, and the characters are very original and real. (Yes, I did just call the children of Greek gods "real.") I just finished that last one and I very much like the ending, but I wish the series wasn't over. But thankfully, Rick Riordan is going to write a bit of a spin-off series about the second generation of 'demigods.'

Unfortunately, that series will most likely be the last one I'll be able to choose to read. The eighth grade Language Arts teachers are giving us assigned reading now. So far I've read Lord of the Flies, Diary of A Young Girl, Romeo & Juliet, and now I'm on 1984. It's pretty good so far. For my 1984 project, I'll be writing a "lost chapter"/"deleted chapter" from the book. And you know what else? I'm 201 pages in, and I've yet to use SparkNotes! Whoop!

The new Paramore album, "Brand New Eyes," came out the other day, and it's great! I like Turn It Off the best. I'm going to the very last concert of their new tour in November.

Did you know iTunes is now charging $1.30 for each song, but only $9.50 for an album. It's outrageous!

I got a new bike! Now I don't have to ride a 9-year-old bike with the seat higher than the handlebars! (It used to belong to my older sister.)

Ok, that's it.

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