February 02, 2010

How Dating Stunts Your Growth

I have a theory about the negative effects of dating on the still-developing mind.

Between 6th and 10th grade, everyone is still finding out exactly who they are. They're creating their personalities, forming opinions, etc...

When people who are effectively children date each other, it can have some deleterious repercussions.

Here's the scenario:
One person who has yet to fully form his/her mind starts dating--therefore spending a lot of time with and being heavily influenced by--someone who has also yet to fully form his/her mind. These people will spend there time changing for one another rather than being whoever they would like to be. Also, how could these people know if the other is the kind of person that they'd be interested in when the person doesn't know what kind of person they are in the first place?

While they could have been realizing who they are, they're stuck in a sort of suspended animation where they're not doing anything--progress has stopped (much of the time for fear that the boyfriend or girlfriend will no longer have any interest for him/her if he/she changes; sometimes simply because they have no more time to sit around and mold their own minds).

As I hardly need to tell you, the stunting of maturation and mental growth is a serious problem. Most of our classmates are immature enough as it is, and imagine them being kept that way for even longer than they would have been! A nightmare. *Shiver*

Also, we all know that "middle school relationships" are ridiculous as well as growth-stunting.

In conclusion, I think 'A Song About Love' by Charlie McDonnell from the YouTube channel, charlieissocoollike, sums it up quite nicely in its chorus.
I've never really been in love and that if fine by me
I'll sit at home and refine the person I want to be
'Cause I'm still young and not prepared to waste my time
On chasing girls who have yet to fully form their minds.

Your Blogger,

P.S. That made sense...right?


Princess said...

I completely agree. My sister thinks I'm crazy and when I try to explain she think's I'm being dramatic.

missy's storyworld said...

I've never been in love either. *sigh*

Actually, I think you're pretty smart. Dating in middle school is much overrated.

missy's storyworld said...

ps - I like the song too.