March 26, 2010

Lots A Things!

Made the varsity team!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! The internet broke.

Also, I was looking back at all of my older posts, and I realized something--my writing is completely different know. In the bad way. Back then, eveything was an interesting metaphor. Now, it's a bit boring, to tell the truth, and I do not blame you for not commenting. But it's all going to change now!

I'll start blogging again with weird outlooks on life, crazy metaphors, interesting plots for world domination, and insightful book reviews! The Era of Dullness on Nadia Murti's Crazy Little Thoughts has ended!

Speaking of which, that last line gave me an idea. Maybe not a great one, but better.

See You In The Next Blog Post,

P.S. BEDA, in 2010, stands for Blog Every Day August, while in 2009, it stood for Blog Every Day April. Which is good, because I wasn't going to do it if it were in April. Now I can blog through my first days of high school! Wee!

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