March 02, 2010

Mini-Blog: Varsity Try-Outs

Small update on my life.

I have my varsity soccer try-outs tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I think I'll be fine, though. Also, I already have a 95% chance of getting on the team since I was on the team last year. Seriously. The coach said, "If you were on the team last year, you'll probably get on this year. There a very high chance of it. You sixth graders, however, might get cut," at which time the little sixth graders commenced whimpering and sliding beneath their desks.

Also, I have a question of you. I have some friends who, when I told them I wanted to be on the soccer team, said, "Ew, why? There's no one on the soccer team!" insinuating that those who weren't among the Dominant Culture at our school don't count as people. They're usually otherwise good friends, except when it comes to books (they scoffed at the title Death By Bikini for what seemed like days), and soccer.

Now, should I be offended? Does this show that they're unsupportive? Does this show that they care too much about popularity?


Hoping I Make The Team,

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