April 01, 2010

Goodbye, Blogging Community

Goodbye, bloggers! I've made a tough decision recently.

I decided to stop blogging.

There are no readers, and I seemed to have lost my touch. The blogging world just isn't as fun as it once was, sadly.

So why keep blogging when I could be writing? Having fun? Finishing that language arts project due Monday? Exactly.

Thanks for reading my blog over the year(s), everyone. And so, I have but one very last thing to say to all of you: April Fools!

Did you guys seriously think I was giving up? Yes, I have no readers. Yes, I haven't written a truly awesome post in a while. But do you ever think I'll stop trying, Nonexistent Readers? No. Never. I mean, you're reading the words of a girl who is still best friends with a girl living two states away and has been for five years. I'm not the kind to throw in the towel (unless the towel is gross and dirty--those are the worst!)

Your Faithful Blogger,


Maria said...

Lols! You nearly got me there. I still read your blog, I just don't get around to commenting as much. Lazy me...but its good to know that you're not giving up! =))

BookSnob said...

Hi Nadia, I don't know if you remember me, I'm BookSnob. I read a year ago or so, and I wanted to say I'm really sorry I left without a proper goodbye. I loved your blog so much, you have no idea. If I ever have a blog, I'd want it to be like this one, with a just hint of Maureen Johnson. =P
I'm afraid I can't be a reader of yours, security crap and all that joy (reason I left. I've regretted it, not telling you why I left.)
I just wanted to say I really really enjoyed it, and I'm sorry.
Keep blogging!

Nadia Murti said...

Of course I remember you, BookSnob!
Thank you so much, that means a lot to me.
Yeah, internet security can be crap.

Holly said...

I about cried.

Okay, well i don't blog that much anymore, but i still like to check in!!

And i was like...BOO!!

Also, i'm late i know