July 16, 2010

Being In Syria: A Pro/Con List

I have just finished staying six weeks in a country in the middle east, Syria. Just in case any of you care to know, these are the pros and cons of being there.

A Pro/Con List

Pro: It smells like jasmine.
Con: It also smells like garbage and exhaust fumes sometimes.<

Pro: Lots of cute kitties! (No evil dogs.)
Con: Most of these kitties are stray, and therefore full of diseases.

Pro: The pictures you bring back look like they're from another world!
Con: You have to wait until you get back home to show them to anyone because Facebook is blocked and there are hardly any places that have internet.

Pro: The fruits taste better.
Con: This summer, many of my cousins are boys between the ages of 2 and 3, who will not hesitate to wake you as early as nine a.m. so that you can pick them up and twirl them around. If you don't, they will not hesitate to pull your hair and smack your face with vicious strength.

Pro: It's always hot.
Con: I can't enjoy it by going to the pool because I dislocated my shoulder. And just guess how. (I'm not telling until someone guesses it in the comments--yeah, it's that ridiculous/embarrassing.)

Your Blogger Who Is Very Excited To Get Back Home,

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