July 29, 2010

Diary of A Freshmen Pt. 1

Ok, so I'm about to start my freshman year of high school, and I am--surprise!--nervous. I know that I could definitely have used a diary of some sort (that is not fiction) to act as a guide, but alas there are none, because there are many that have been started this year, but no one else before us seems to have thought of it, so here, for the benefit of future freshmen, I give you the first entry of DIARY OF A FRESHMAN!

Now, some background about the school I'll be attending this year. It's a Magnet School with five magnets; one for science, math, and tech stuff (which is the magnet I'm in), one for performing arts (which is really good! The lead Pussycat Doll went there!), one for communications and media (which includes writing, and oh was I tempted to apply to that magnet), one for the artsy kids, and one for the normal ones. What does this mean? It means that every type of teenager/student/personality is in attendance here at what we're going to call Crimson High.

So, let's start with today, which was Crimson Day, the pre-orientation orientation. They taught us cheers, gave us a Crimson History Lesson, gave us free stuff (by the way, I had been given two flash drives instead of one. And I totally kept them both.) had lunch, talked about learning styles, toured the school, and were later broken up into groups by magnet. Science and math teachers talked about our science fair (which is mandatory for us geeks), talked about some awesome alumni and how their lives are butterflies now because of science fair and things that were taught to them at Crimson High.

I'm good with math, science, and computers don't hate me, so I guess I'll be fine in this magnet. But seriously? We're expected to make life-changing scientific, mathematical, and technological discoveries with these science fair projects--which are called Research Projects at Crimson High. I understand why; to keep up the prestige of the school and get the students scholarships and jobs and whatnot. And yes, because we're so awesome, we have access to university labs and research labs, as well as university medical labs and medical research labs. I know that this makes it easier to have an amazing project, but really! There is only so much that can be discovered by high school students!

So there you have the early Research Project trauma, how about the social?

I stuck with a girl I know and like, and we talked to other girls or groups of girls together, using lines of familiar and equal anxiousness ("Man, by the end of today, I know I'm going to get lost!" "I know, right! This place is huge!"), asking innocent questions to start a conversation ("What magnet are you in?" "Performing arts one." "Really? For what?" "Theater!" "Yeah, I see that!"), and of course, a girl's conversation staple: compliments, ("I love your shirt!" "Really? Best friends!"). I met three girls with these ways today, and they all seem nice. By the way, something I learned today--blooming actresses have big and loud personalities, and do NOT hold back during cheers, so protect your ears or stand far away during cheer wars.

Also, a little wisdom to impart on you. Especially when you're so young that you haven't even started freshman year, know that you never know what you want to do with your life. I went in to Crimson Day wanting to be an interpreter, and now I'm thinking of working in a research lab or being an engineer. So...that's weird.

Also, during the orientations and first week of school, make sure to look good, because that's when they take your picture for your student ID. I wish I knew that one!

Your Almost Freshwoman,

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