July 06, 2011


It's my birthday! Yay! Now I'm...still younger that my entire grade, and I still can't drive.... Whatever, I'll settle for having an awesome time with friends.

Now, I wrote this post because I want to hear about your traditions! In my house, my family doesn't ask what I want to do for my birthday until the day before, when I inform them that I have invited my friends over to the pool. Later on, we order pizza and ice cream cake, and we sing "Happy Birthday," in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish (depending on who is there).

What are yours? Do they involve full meals, parties, radioactive goblins jumping out of cakes, movie marathons...? TELL ME. I AM SO. DARN. CURIOUS.

Your Older Writer,


brave chickens said...

We get a cake. Then in the evening when everyone is home the cake is cut and eaten. We also go out for dinner that week. Birthdays aren't a big deal in my family. As for presents, my parents ask us (les enfants) what we want. If it's feasible,then most likely you get the present.

For me, I just thank God that I'm not terminally ill and that everything is fine :)

JDoe said...

Happy Birthday (belated (:)