November 16, 2009


I don't know if you've heard of the ChartJackers, but it's a band consisting of YouTubers. YouTubers made the band, song, and music video collaboratively. It's really cool. Their song is called "I've Got Nothing." It's a cheesy pop song, but it's catchy, and here's why you need to buy their song:
-They want to see how far in the charts in can get. On UK iTunes, it's #16. On BBC radio's chart, they're #36. It's only been out for a bit over a week, so that's awesome.
-ALL of the money they make off of this song goes to charity, so that's pretty cool.

This is a great use of YouTube, so I suggest you go on over to iTunes and buy it, get other people to buy it, request it on the radio, all that supportive stuff.

Here's the music video URL:

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