November 02, 2009

Paramore Concert

Ok, so yesterday I went to the Paramore concert in Nashville, and it was AMAZING! The opening act, Paper Route, they were great. I really liked their music.

And Paramore... They are amazing performers. And you know how sometimes people sound worse live than recorded? Yeah, it definitely wasn't the case here. Hayley sang even better, if anything. It was so exciting! No one ever sat down, and I can't think of one song where the audience was quiet.

And we got to hear a bunch of songs not on the album and a song they did with Paper Route, Here In Tennessee (that's their hometown), which has been stuck in my head all day.

Not only that, but guess who was in the audience. Taylor Swift! I was really cool. She was a couple rows ahead of me and to the right. By the way, she is REALLY tall. Like, 5'10''. (I don't know if we all have the same standard of 'tall.')

It was just an awesome concert, and I will post videos and pictures once I find the adapter.

It was SO worth the 5 and a half hours of driving.



Dahlia said...

OMZ! I am sooo jealous!!! I ♥ Paramore!!! ^_^ I've seen them perform live on tv, and they are really good. I wish I could go!

Dahlia said...

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