May 21, 2010

Whole Nine Yards

I'd like to explain something of extreme importance to the populace.

Nine yards is nine yards.

Do you get it?

It is always the whole nine yards, because otherwise, it wouldn't be nine yards at all. It would be 28 feet. Or 4 centimeters.

I'm really not sure what people are going for when they say the "whole" nine yards. Are we expected to walk three feet and announce that we did not walk the whole nine yards, but one third of it? I wonder if for our entire lives, Little Yard Elves are just waiting for us to walk a whole nine yards, not just a fraction of that, or double nine yards, but exactly nine yards. Is every step we take measured in terms of Nine Yards? DO WE LIVE FOR THE WHOLE NINE YARDS???

No. Probably not.

Well, not sure what that was about, but I think I'll go now.

See ya,

P.S. Just...stop saying the "whole nine yards." It's just redundant.

1 comment:

missy's storyworld said...

I think it has something to do with how the saying originated, probably in a race or something, and some people did not finish and therefore did not go the "whole nine yards" but only a part of it.

But I don't usually use that saying anyways and usually just ignore it if I do.