September 08, 2010

19 Ways To Procrastinate

In high school, it's important to get right to work, and not to procrastinate. I plan on learning how to do that, but I'm too busy right now.

So we shouldn't procrastinate, but for those of us who can't resist, well, we might as well do it in style.

What IS procrastination style, you ask?

Well, this is something that can only be explained in LIST FORM!

19 Ways To Procrastinate

1. Read this blog
2. Draw this beautiful picture!

3. Go to, then click SparkLife and read anything. See, SparkNotes is a fairly academic site, but by doing something very un-academic on this site, it is procrastinating in style.
4. Spend an hour looking up and watching Harry Potter 7: Part 1 sneak peeks. (Ooh, you should watch LITERAL Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer Parody HD. It is great.)
5. Perfect your eyeliner applying skills.
6. Test the durability of your phone.
7. BOOMSHINE! (Just search Boomshine, click the first one, and PLAY!)
8. See if you can get your backpack to fit in your other backpack. If you don't have two backpacks, see if you can fit your sibling there.
9. Listen to The Wombats, then sing the words back to yourself in the mirror. Now, their lyrics tell stories, so be prepared to act it out.
10. Have a stare-off with that bird on your windowsill.
11. Try to discover the most inefficient way to reach and be able to touch the ceiling of your room with your entire hand.
12. Attempt to force yourself to have a certain dream.
13. See how many shirts and jeans you can take from your sister's closet before she realizes something is missing. This benefits you AND helps you procrastinate! Also, this one can take place over several WEEKS!
14. Measure the walls of your room using a roll of toilet paper.
15. Make those stuffed animals in your closet perform "A Psychopathic Stuffed Animal In A Closet and The Rather Unfortunate Mr. Fluff." It's a play.
16. Practice your miming skills.
17. Tape thick papers together so that you can then tape them onto every surface in your room. That way, you can write all over your room and make it 'your own.' What's more your own than you writing and drawing on EVERYTHING?
18. See if you can style your hair using only your hair.
19. Write a list on ways to procrastinate. :)

How do you know that these are ways of not working in style? Imagine your conversation with your teacher the next day using that form of procrastination.

TEACHER: Nadia, why didn't you do your homework.
NADIA: Well, I was miming.
TEACHER: Miming.
NADIA: Yes. I was practicing my skills as a mime. It's very important.
TEACHER: The homework was only two questions. It was the first assignment. You're now failing this class.
NADIA: Well! I see that you think teaching math is far more important than being a mime! How arrogant.
TEACHER: Leave my class.

Et voila! Mimes = Cool Procrastination.

Your Procrastinating Blogger,

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