August 31, 2010

We're Getting Constitutional Up In Here

Ok, everybody, unless you've lived under a rock for the past few months, you've heard about the mosque that's being built a couple blocks from Ground Zero.

And, unless you're Helen Keller, you've seen and heard the hate. Wait, scratch that--it's evolved. It infects on contact now!

If you've ever read my blog before, you know which side I'm on.

I think the mosque should be built.

Why do I think this? Well, let's get started.
  • It's our constitutional right.
  • You can't just generalize 1.57 billion people based on the actions of about one thousand.
  • In Islam, someone who murders and/or commits suicide is not a Muslim, and has no chance of going to heaven. It's stated very clearly in numerous religious scripts, so those terrorists are just people who aren't fans of the West, and want some twisted excuse to harm the US.
  • One big reason we have to come together to make a mosque is because we're outcasts to the rest of the country.
  • That mosque has already been there for a year. They're just expanding now.
Also, to address every argument I've heard...
  • We Arabs are your doctors, engineers, and lawyers, and we've been here for a while. Get over it.
  • If you're so patriotic, why are you pushing for the contradiction of the constitution?
  • Dude, you are clinically insane.
  • Of course they're not training camps!
  • Because Saudi Arabia has a state religion. Sorry, when did Saudi Arabia become America's standard?
  • What ever happened to 'Live and let live'? What about 'Love thy neighbor'?
  • You should be ashamed that a matter of religion has entered politics. This is America, the supposed land of the free. By trying to tear apart the constitution, you're the ones that are terrorists. You're the ones that are trying to bring down democracy.
  • Please do research beyond the words of Glenn Beck before you speak.
Those are my views. I, of course, am Muslim, so I support the building of Park 51 wholeheartedly.

In a few years, Park 51 will be built, Americans will have something more to add to their big plate of shame at the White Guilt dinner party, and we'll all have a really good topic for college admission essays! They even might stop preventing us from gaining scholarships by lumping North Africa and the Middle East (prominently Muslim regions) with Europeans in the "White" box. Seriously. When you get your registration forms, notice that Arabs are included under "White," even though Arabic isn't even Latin-based, the culture is completely different, we're treated differently, and the religions specific to each region wildly differ.

So, what I'm really trying to get at is that it's our right, and everyone needs to stop hating.

What's your opinion?

Your Pro-Rights Blogger,

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