October 12, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: Guide To A Pep Rally

Look, if there's a couple things my school knows about, one of them is school spirit. Our pep rallies are awesome, and fun, and loud, meaning death for those with headaches. SO, who is qualified to tell you about how to act at a Pep Rally? Me.

Because most the the Freshmen didn't heed these rules, and we were treated to 50 Seniors and half the marching band (including the tuba and massive drums) walking through the buses, the parking lot, and along adjacent streets singing "Freshmen suck!" It was sad. And we all understood why the upperclassmen think we suck.

So don't let this be you! READ!

Rule #1: Don't be the loser who refuses to cheer.

Rule #2: Listen to the junior and the cheerleaders directing the cheers.

Rule #3: KNOW your school's cheers.

Rule #4: Yell as loud as you possibly can at the appropriate times.

Rule #5: If the Steering Committee is offering free face painting in the courtyard, PAINT YOUR FACE! With what? Your year, of course! Example: '14 or 20*nose*14

Tip #1: Bring water. Screaming makes your throat scratchy. But don't let people see that you have water, because then they will want some. Then they will either waterfall onto their face and spill your water everywhere (it's happened. Three times.) or they will just drink it, and you will get meningitis. And die.

Tip #2: Latch onto a friend from your class when going to the gym or field for your pep rally, so that she can lead you over to where there are people.

Tip #3: Wear your school colors.

Tip #4: Follow these tips and rules, and you might just steal that spirit stick away from the Seniors!

Your Peppy Blogger,

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brave chickens said...

We never have pep rallies. And I think many school in Australia have them either.