October 30, 2010

Diary of A Freshman: How To Mismatch Day

Spirit Weeks across the country are generally similar; school spirit, strange clothing, and those quick slip-out-your-phone-to-take-a-picture moments.

And a school favorite, Mismatch Day.

In order for you to avoid my debacle of an outfit, read further for general rules to follow.

1. If you wear pieces of clothing that don't go together, no one will get it.
Wearing a t-shirt with a work-like blazer on? It'll go right over everyone's heads, and they will throw bottles at you for your spiritlessness, and HUNT YOU IN THE NIGHT!

2. I know it's called Mismatch Day, it's really more like Layer Your Entire Closet Day.
And I mean entire closet. Like, bikinis over one's clothes are not rare.

3. Mismatch shoes, earrings, makeup, socks, gloves, EVERYTHING.

4. For the love of God, please do not, do NOT, forget to lay out your clothes the night before. And then oversleep.

Your Sadly Matched Blogger,

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