November 02, 2010

Diary of a Freshman: How To Nerd Day

At my school, the second day of Spirit Week is Nerd Day. Now, I was a little sketchy about this, because at my school, half of us could come as ourselves, and Nerd Day makes us MST kids easy pickings.

But I participated anyway.

By the way, if your school has a nerdy magnet, wear their magnet t-shirt! It was actually kind of funny. Or, you could take it a step further and wear the t-shirt of a middle school that's really nerdy--however, some may see that as going too far.

But like all Spirit Days, there are tips you should follow to ensure a fun and heckleless Nerd Day. Read on!

  1. You should wear a dress shirt.
  2. Try to get some glasses. 3D glasses with the lenses punched out work just as well.
  3. Everyone loves a sweater vest!
  4. If you're feeling ambitious, go for some suspenders.
  5. Old sneakers!
  6. Wet hair!
  7. Braids, pigtails, pigtail braids, ribbons, be creative.
  8. IMPORTANT: WEAR AN UGLY TIE! I recently found out how to tie a tie, and here's my guide: Put around neck. Put the big part over the small part. Wrap the big one around. Put the big one through the hole between the knot and your neck, and stuff it through the hole made by the knot and the big piece of your tie. Pull big piece through. Voila! You probably don't have it!
  9. High socks are a classic.
  10. Light wash jeans are normally ok, but with all this, it'll really add to the effect.
And THAT is how you Nerd Day. Take it from a nerd.

Your Nerdy Blogger,

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