March 29, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Science Fair

Recently, I went through a awful process. It was dark, and scary, and named SCIENCE FAIR!

Ask any Math/Science/Technology student in my school--the worst part of our magnet is science fair.

It is a blood-sucking leech, draining the social life and sanity out of us! I'm naming it Hirusocia. Hiru- because Hirudinea is the class under which leeches are classified. -Socia because social. Yeah, Latin's weird. Hurisocia causes many a brain to explode around January. This can be seen between classes. Observe: various students are running around frantically, screaming about how they haven't even started their projects yet.

Which brings me to another point. Most people's projects contain a certain amount of lie to it. In fact, two years ago, there was a project about how much of the average science fair project at our school was fake. According to his findings, the average student faked 51% of his/her project. Or is that fake?

Hirusocia is worse for some, it was just "not fun" for me because I was in Behavioral Sciences. Just so you know, that's regarded as the easier category. That's understandable. Because of this, though, it is usually a large category, meaning more competition.

From my proposal in October to the Science Fair in February, I procrastinated on every step. Don't be like me! It was hell. I kept planning so do work, but then I kind of blew it off. I'm an awful example.

Don't oversleep on the day of science fair. Also, when you see that you're waking up at the time at which you had planned to leave, don't tear the plug out of the wall to make your alarm clock stop. First, check to ensure that's it's not your phone.

Do not forget anything at home, because your parents will be mad if they have to drive downtown to bring you some forms.

You may want to print out a few copies of your abstract. It'll help the judges remember you by.

And about the judges--yes, you'll just be standing next to your board for 90% percent of the 8 hours you spend at the venue. Yes, all the judges will be listening to the unoriginal project four spaces down. That guy will get scholarships and internships and first place--do you know why? Because he did about a million statistical analyses.

On the bright side, a lot of the projects are really interesting. Mine, for example. I discovered that people in my city are not prejudiced against people who are Hispanic. But I got beat out by, "Science UN-Fair?!"

But that's cool. I'm over it.

On the other bright side, it is very easy to sneak food in. Also, there was a trivia contest in the break room, and I DOMINATED, and therefore, I was given prizes. (Yes, there was a Harry Potter portion.)

On the stunningly bright side, however, the more you look on the bright side, the higher your chance are of going blind.

Science fair felt like a waste of time. However, if you feel like you have a chance at winning, or if you just feel like trying, then go for it!

Your Blogger Who Is Incredibly Relieved To Be Done With Science Fair,

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