February 09, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Homecoming

Here at Crimson High, we have a football homecoming and a basketball homecoming. You never read a post about homecoming because I didn't go. I predicted it would be lame and awkward, and I was right. So while my classmates were being yelled at by the assistant principal, I was watching a Pretty Little Liars marathon.

This Saturday is the basketball homecoming, and now that the novelty has worn off, at least a third of your friends will have decided not to come in favor of something like sleep, shopping at the new Forever 21 (TWO FLOORS! I can't wait to go), or cleaning their rooms. But just because you're not going to homecoming doesn't mean your day has to be boring! In fact, most people feel compelled to party in their own way on the night of homecoming. This Saturday another one of my friends who is above the whole stand-around-awkwardly-looking-for-someone-to-talk-to-and-maybe-dance-in-such-a-way-that-you-will-be-embarrassed/ashamed-later ritual is coming over to watch the last season on Doctor Who in order to prepare her for the upcoming season.

And you know what? We're going to have FUN! In fact, we'll most likely have more fun than if we went to Homecoming, because we're not into popularity contests (cough cough Homecoming King and Queen), and other lame things associated with second-caliber dances.

The moral: Don't confine yourself to having fun in everyone else's way. Do whatever you'd like to, and forget the hordes of people rushing to homecoming in too-short dresses and 4-inch stilettos, who have obviously forgotten what a disappointment the last dance was. Just don't waste any of your time.

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