February 16, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Gym Thief!

So, as it turns out, the one day you forget to lock up your things, your things get stolen.

To be specific, your clothes. Yup. I went to go change, and my shirt was missing, along with another girl's necklace. A few weeks ago, $50 and a debit card was stolen too.

Whatever chick is doing this made a huge mistake--she messed with me.

Not to mention, she did so while my thought process has been hijacked by progesterone and other crazy period-related hormones. She's going down. Well, once we catch her that is.

Moral: ALWAYS lock ALL of your things up. Or else you'll have to ride the bus home in your gym clothes. Not fun.

My Plan: Another friend and I will stakeout the locker room (we won't let anyone see us in class, so they'll think we're absent) and catch whoever keeps stealing from us. When she is caught, she can only hope she leaves with an unbroken nose.

Plan B: Hope that there's a camera outside the locker room to see who entered the locker room from the non-gym entrance.

Your POed Blogger,

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