February 05, 2011

I Have A Question For You

For my AP Human Geography class, I and 14 other people will have to orchestrate an event to raise money for a charitable organization.

We have decided to sell tickets to a Student Film Festival. The films will all be about 10 or 15 minutes.

I just want to ask you all something, because I want this event to be as successful as possible. If kids at your school were having a Student Film Festival (hosted in your school's nice auditorium), would you attend? Under what circumstances (Exp.: A Friday night, your friend is in a movie, etc...)? How much would you pay for a ticket?

Please help, not only is this a grade, but if I know how to get people to come (I'm the leader of the Communications committee), then we'll be able to help children who are blind, hard of hearing, and affected by AIDS.

Your Blogger,


brave chickens said...

If a close friend is in one of the films I'd definitely go, especially if I've got the transport. I wouldn't really like it to be on Sunday because there's school the next day, and maybe Saturday if I know other friends will be there. But Friday night is the best option.

I'd be willing to pay $5, it's pretty reasonable. But over $10, I want snacks :P

Also, it'd be best if students introduce the films and a student is the MC for the night. Keep teacher involvement minimal on stage or just behind the scenes. I appreciate seeing my peers on stage rather than a teacher.

Good luck! I'd like to know the outcome. :)

TheBookBabe said...

I think i'd pay $5. Maybe $10.

And i agree with Brave Chickens. Defiantly have minimal teacher involvement. If it has to be an adult, don't make it be the principle. Cause i mean, come on. Who really wants to see the principle talk?