February 19, 2011

Why Is Wind Cold?

Why is it that when it's warm out (it's 60˚ and sunny here!), and the wind hits you, it feels cooler than the air around you? How do fans work? It's air of the same temperature of the air around you, so why does it feel colder? How do fans work????

It makes no sense! Who says that velocity is freezing? How is there windchill? It's not like the wind just whisks away all the heated molecules! Well, unless it does. But then wouldn't the wind just distribute more heated molecules onto your body? Well, maybe we feel cool in the moment before it settles.

This still makes no sense.

Why not? Because the reason you get cold going outside is that when there are molecules/particles with a lot of heat (Particle A), they want to share until all the particles around Particle A have the same amount of heat as Particle A, and the cycle spreads. Ergo, if the particles in the wind have the same amount of heat as the particles right around you, then the wind would not help!

Which means there is only one answer to this question: Hallucinations.

That's right. We get very hot, and we wish that there were some wonderful gust of air to magically cool us down, and our brain obliges. Does that mean that we are all crazy?--well, that doesn't sound too off the mark to me.

But then again, we may just live in The Matrix.

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