January 18, 2009

Mini-Blog: I Hurt Myself

Today, I was at a birthday party, and I hurt myself A LOT. It was a ridiculous amount. I think my brain and butt are both permanently damaged. If you would like to know how, read on, darlings.

First of all, I was in the exercise room, and I was playing with the ab exercise machine. It was the kind that's like a chair where you just have to lean back. Well, I held onto the handles, and I leaned as far as I could forward, and it got stuck that way. It didn't hurt, but it was hard to get out. It was easy t o unstick the machine, though.

Then, I tried kicking up as far as I could, and I got pretty far, but my other foot slid, and I fell on my butt. It was painful.

After that, I was sitting in one of those cheap half-circle chairs, and I sat on the very edge and leaned forward and...it tipped, my butt hit the floor, and my head hit the top edge of the seat. Pain.

THEN, I recapped it all so that I could get it all on video. Yeah...it hurt.

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BookSnob said...

Okay, I get the first time, but the second? Come on Nadia!:) Glad to know that there is some one out there who is as crazy as me.