January 18, 2009

Do Pizzas Fall In Love?

Before you guys ask, Yes, my little sister is very strange when she's sleepy.

So last night, my little sister asked me, "Nadia, do pizzas fall in love?"

And of course, I answered, "Why, yes. Yes, they do."

We then ended up talking about pizzas and their lives for about a half hour. Pizzas don't have much of a place in the world nowadays, as we discovered through philosophical conversation, so I decided to make a pizza colony. On this blog, because I don't feel like actually building a Pizza Fort (although I tried).

Here are some things about pizza culture:
-Wedding Rings are rings of cheese.
-It takes about five hours for a baby pizza to mature.
-They learn about the History of Pizza, The Leaning Tower of Pizza, and The Enemy of Pizza.
-They all have names like Piz (the name of my pizza) and Cheese Macho (the name of my sister's).
-"Oh my crust!"
-A very popular book is "Cross My Crust, And Hope To Be Consumed," along with it's prequel, "I'd Give You Cheese, But Then I'd Have To Cut It". (I know, I'm a nerd.)

So, I encourage you to help build up the Pizza Colonies and keep their eccentric culture alive--lest they go into extinction--by imagining your own pizza.

Cant wait to hear about your Pizza People!

Your Notoriously Eccentric Friend,


Dahlia said...

That reminds me of the episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends where Terrence imagined a pizza friend... and then ate it. D:

BookSnob said...

Mine's named Mozi, and he is deathly afriad of Peter, the pizza eater (A variation of Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater) Okay, maybe I have read too many picture books.

Nadia Murti said...

BookSnob: I don't think it's possible to read too many picture books.
Can we say that Mozi and Piz are bffs?

BookSnob said...

Most definitely!