January 27, 2009


I kind of despise Disney. Not the person, Walt Disney--he started out with good intentions--but the company. The Walt Disney Corporation has no excuse. They are the scum and gum on the bottom of your shoe. The kind that you can't get off and keeps making annoying squeaky noises. It just attacks you unexpectedly and you can't get rid of it! Nor can you just ignore it because it's everywhere. Have you ever seen Limited Too (now Justice)? Children's Place? Wal-Mart??

Why do I think this? Well, here's a few reasons why I hate Disney:
  • The trademark Disney sign made me think it said "Gisnep"
  • It made me believe something about tigers that turned out to not be true. (I'll blog about it later.)
  • Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair
  • Everyone in those movies had a great singing voice. while mine was terrible
  • They always take a perfectly good fairytale/classic movie and RUIN it with a sequel. Why can't Cinderella just ride off into the sunset and be done with it?
  • Almost all of the girls barely now the guy at all when they marry him (Read "Just Ella" by Margaret Haddix if you agree.)
  • Hannah Montana
  • Selena Gomez
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Camp Rock
  • High School Musical
  • ALL of the shows have world's most idiotic script! Characters are stupid. Logic is seemingly non-existent, or at least skewed. Conflict could be solved in such a simpler way, but being dumb characters, they decide to take the hard way.
  • I can FEEL my IQ dropping as I watch the horribly thought-out, predictible story line unfold.
That's enough reasons I hope. Tell me if I missed anything.

Yeah, that's why I despise Disney Media.

Bye bye!

P.S. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Linda (my computer) was getting repaired. Forgive me? Anyways, a little life update: I got a snow day today! And I'm getting one tomorrow! I went sledding today, and I sang the "There's Snow In My Pants"song quite a few times. I ended up in sopping wet jeans.


Dahlia said...

I hate Disney too, though I love the Disney/Pixer movies. And Lion King (but only the first one and Lion King 1 and 1/2. Simba's Pride was kind of lame). Actually, I'm pretty good with all Disney animated movies that don't involve idiotic princesses (so Beauty and the Beast is good because Belle actually had a brain).
I think Walt Disney would be ashamed to see what's happened to his company. :(

BookSnob said...

You name your computer! Awesome!

I partly agree with you.
See, I grew up four miles away from Disneyland, the original. So I went almost every week (Disney world was such a disappointment!)

Anyway, I agree with you about the movies (most of them.) They are so filled with unrealistic expectations about how Prince charming should rescue you and take you off to his castle. Now, I have some pretty high expectations, but it took me awhile to sort out reality from fairy tails.
Believe in your self and there will be a happy ever after. When really, you can't relying on your self like that, it isn't logical. This is defifinatly not what Walt set out for.

Give Walt a teeny bit of credit though, he started making his films in times when all people wanted to do was forget their troubles and watch a movie (Snow White in the Great Depression ect.)

I got so depressed when my sister and I watched 'A Cinderella story' the other night. I was mentaly fighting the film as if I were mentaly fighting yoda.

Okay, this post is getting to long, I just think that if we could seperate truth from reality with more ease, the world would be a better place.

I still enjoy Cinderella, even today. Because sometimes you need an escape, and you don't want to watch Frodo march along and run from orcs. Yo just need a fairy tail.

Nadia Murti said...

I'm okay with all the Disney movies made between the years of 1920 to 1998 and the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. The others cannot be overlooked in my hatred of Disney Media.


BookSnob said...

Okay, and thanks for posting my comment that could be a post itself. Sorry it was so long.