January 05, 2009

Does Fire Hate Water?

The other day, a friend said, "I hate the name Daniel like fire hates water." (By the way, I LOVE the name Daniel.) And I thought, Does Fire actually hate Water?

Now, why would Fire have a reason to hate Water? Some people say it's because they're opposites, but I don't think anyone hates a person for being their opposite. I mean, name one instance.

"The Jocks and The Nerds," says that infuriating reader.

Name another one.

"Literary people and commercial writers."

They're the only other exception.

"White people and not white people. White people have discriminated against everyone--"

Oh, shut up! (Although, it is true.)

Alright, but I feel like elements should be above that. I mean, they're not people. They're more powerful, in a way. They're fire and water. When you think about the elements as people, they're wise people, aren't they? (Okay, I realize I sound really weird, but play along; pretend like you think the same thing.)

Maybe Wind got jealous of the friendship between Fire and Water, so Wind (is it a he or she?) started a horrible rumor among the elements (Sulfur is such a gossip, so it spread pretty quickly) that said that Fire despised Water because she was his opposite. Water heard it before Fire so she just all of a sudden stopped talking and friending (yes, it's a verb) with Fire, and to this day, he has not been able to tell his side of the story.

Dumb, mean, ugly, Wind. See what jealousy can do? It can create war, hatred, lies, and even idioms (the worst of them all).

So, I beg of you that on the behalf of Fire, you will cease to say "I hate what's her face like Fire hates Water." It just adds fuel to the flame (Pun intended, but only if it was funny). Saying this is just like saying you hate your best friend. It only destroys the once beautiful friendship more.


Dahlia said...

If fire really does hate water, it's not because they are opposites, it's because water kills fire. Sort of like how people hate poinonous snakes and spiders, or people with peanut allergies hate peanuts.
Well, that's how I see it, anyway.

Nadia Murti said...

But perhaps Water only began to kill Fire once they were no longer friends.