January 10, 2009

Mini-Blog: Magical Wax!

Have you ever seen a Bendaroo commercial? I'd just like to point out that when they are explaining the oh-so-complicated anatomy of a Bendaroo, they say that the second and third layers are "Magical wax!" Magical! What's so magical about it? Did it come from the MAGICAL land of Jokju? Did the MAGICAL Princess Fairy Sprite enchant it with her MAGICAL powers? I think not!

They also claim that the MAGICAL wax is above the "Super Strong String." I doubt that if you tied this SUPER STRONG String around a truck once you can pull it off the ground. So, "Ha!" to Bendaroos!

Yeah, I just thought it was really strange that they labeled it SUPER STRONG and MAGICAL.


Dahlia said...

What kind of toy is a bendaroo anyway??? The only way it could be fun is if the wax really was magical. But even then it would still be lame. :P

BookSnob said...

Magical wax, I'll have to start working on that. After I'm done with economy.