February 09, 2009

Mini-Blog: Movie Marathon

I've recently become interested in old movies; Audrey Hepburn movies to be exact. So, I've planned to have an Audrey Hepburn Movie Marathon. I've finally managed to find out the names of all of the movies:

Funny Face*
The Nun's Story
Breakfast At Tiffany's*
Wait Until Dark*
Two For The Road
How To Steal A Million*
Green Mansions
Paris When It Sizzles
They All Laughed
Love In The Afternoon
War And Peace
Roman Holiday*
The Children's Hour
Robin & Marion
My Fair Lady*

As you see, this is a long list of movies. I need help picking which 4-8 movies should be watched. That's where you guys come in. Now, all of the ones with a * next to it, I'm considering to be picked. Do you think those are what I should pick, or do you suggest I select some other one?

Your Classic Movie Lover,

P.S. Dracula rocks! I watched it yesterday. If you're going to watch it, watch either the 1958 version, or the 1931 movie. Old horror movies are more realistic, and overall less out there, therefore scarier but not a give-me-nightmares scary. Wow, I make no sense. Anyway, I recomend Dracula to the scardy cats and horror movie buffs alike.


Dahlia said...

Hmm, I'll have to look at what each of them is about.

I recently saw a Katharine Hepburn movie called Bringing Up Baby. It was sooo funny! I loved Baby! She was so cute! It totally made me want a pet leopard. :)

Dame Orchid said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's is pretty funny, yet a little weird.

BookSnob said...

I've only seen Roman Holiday. I liked it, it was light hearted and fun, but a little short and a teeny bit unrealistic. All in all I liked it.
Sorry I haven't seen any more of her movies
Have fun with your movie fest!