February 22, 2009

Mini-Blog: WHY???

Why in the world do people let you read the entire book online, except for two pages here ad there? IT'S HORRIBLE! Seriously--torture.

I JUST WANT TO READ PAGES 43, 44, 50, and 51 FROM SPECIALS! Is that so much to ask?

Your Tortured Reader,


Dahlia said...

You're reading Specials? Me too! I'm not that into it, though, because I already know how it ends. :P

Dame Orchid said...

I've already read Specials. Actually, I have read the entire series (it's one of my favorite series).

SimplyShy01 said...

I haven't read Specials before, but I'm sure it's an entertaining book to read since you're yearning to continue reading it.

I've only read Uglies out of the series.

Have a nice day :)!

missy's storyworld said...

Sorry they don't have it! That sucks. I don't have that book or else I'd try to scan it in.