February 26, 2009


Ok, when reading books, you are often asked what side you are on. Well, I can hardly ever answer that because both sides have valid arguments. Well, I decide to settle the score today with a discussion...mostly with myself.

From: the Twilight Series

Jacob vs. Edward

I'd have to say Edward. Although many say "But he left her!" I say that he was doing it for her own good (although I was mad at Bella for taking him back so quickly). Also, Jacob seems like an obnoxious, immature, young, hot-head. And he never takes Bella's needs and such into account when he does something (which I kinda' understand; she has so many!).

Final Verdict: Edward

From: the Uglies Series

David vs. Zane

Well, David got to her first, but I feel like Zane and Tally have a more...real relationship. And she never left him, which means she really cares about him. Also, David reminds me of a little kid, trying to be responsible and mature, and I feel like after Tally turned pretty she changed, evolved, grew. Sadly for many David fans, she grew out of her love for him. I'm sad for David, though, because he had no warning. He was all sad, waiting for Tally to come back, just after his dad had died, and then the next time he sees her, she's in love with somebody else. But hey, it's not her fault that she loves Zane more than she loves David. I still feel sorry for him, though.

Final Verdict: Zane

From: the Uglies Series

Smoke vs. Special Circumstances

I don't think you expected that one. Well, Smoke may well destroy the world with another global warming, so it's perfectly understandable that Special Circumstances would want to stop them from gaining any people and/or power. After seeing the beauty of the wild, and the ruins of the Rusties, I see how they'd stop at nothing to make sure the world wasn't jeopardized again. Then again, the Smokies aren't trying to kill the Earth, just trying to stay their same old selves, rather than slaves to society. But whether or not they try to kill the Earth, they're getting themselves toward it. Maybe we really should have to be slaves to society. We kill our environment, so we probably don't know what's best for us. Best to leave it in the hands of someone that does. If everyone was a free thinker, guess what would happen: war, murder, global warming. I think that thinking in the way of a Pretty is an alright price for a peaceful world.

Final Verdict: Special Circumstances, yet not Dr. Cable, and in the series, I don't want either of them to win. (It's a complicated relationship between Special Circumstances and me.)

From: the Gallagher Girls Series

Josh vs. Zach

Well, Josh is amazing, and sweet, and caring, and sensitive, and pretty much the perfect boyfriend in the entire world by the definitions of any sane girl--but here lies the problem: Cammie is not a normal, sane girl. She is a spy. Zach is also a spy. It'd get hard for Cammie to explain to Josh why she is going to Vietnam suddenly and is so secretive. Also, Zach's mysteriousness is hot.

Final Verdict: Zach Goode

From: the Harry Potter Series

Cho vs. Ginny

Cho lost Cedric, so I feel like she deserves someone, but Ginny is awesome.

Final Verdict: Ginny

I hope that kept you entertained. Tell me if there's anyone else to debate about. I love to have debates....with myself.....



SimplyShy01 said...

That makes so much sense and I agree (spelling?)! I especially agree that Edward is better for Bella than Jacob (in the Twilight series).

Have a nice day :)!

Dahlia said...

I'm not sure I'd pick either side in the whole David vs. Zane thing. If it were Tally vs. Shay, I'd pick Tally, simply because Shay is crazy and blames Tally for ruining things that Tally wouldn't even be involved in if it weren't for Shay.

Hmm, for some reason I can't think of anymore versus things to do.

BookSnob said...

I knew Josh and Zach would come up! As soon as I saw the title I thought "Oo, I hope she does Josh and Zach!"
I'm sadly more connected to Josh because at the same time I read loveyoukillyou I was figuring out boys e.g. first crush. I didn't know any thing. I felt so connected to Cammie because she didn't know any thing about boys and her cover was a home schooler.

Zach though, I have to agree, is mysteriously hot. As in you know that he'll always be there for you and be there to protect you, hot.
I don't know which I like better.
You are going to turn meinto a crazy old woman trying to figure it out!

Hey how about Luke Skywalker vs Anekin (if that's how you spell it) Skywalker?