February 14, 2009

14 Reasons Why Valentines Day Is Bogus

Here are my 14 reasons why Valentines Day is completely and utterly bogus:

1. If someone loves you, they'll show it every day of the year.

2. If they on;y show it on one day of the year, it should be a day that means something to them, rather than conform and celebrate their/your relationship on a day that everyone else is celebrating.

3. If they love you, I'm sure they'd be able to put some effort towards originality.

4. Valentine's make you think the only love worth celebrating is that of the romantic, when in truth, whoever you are celebrating with is most likely going to leave you within a few weeks (if it's a boyfriend, not a husband) whereas your family and your friends who feel like family would never dream of leaving.

5. It's a day made to make singles feel like they need someone else to make them feel whole--not true!

6. Valentines is just too much work for the guy. Seriously, girls--give 'em a break. If I were a guy, I'd break up with the girl on the 13th, and get back with her on the 15th.

7. When guys buy you flowers for your Valentine Day present, they are gonna die anyway, so what's the point?

8. No matter how your date went it's not gonna meet your expectations and you will end up watching old sappy movies and eating chocolate ice cream.

9. All that Valentine's candy goes straight to the hips, ladies! (Can't the guys just profess their love for you with celery?)

10. You always hope your crush will send you something, but why would they do that if only your best friend Suzie knows? I wouldn't risk the humiliation.

11. you spend hours getting ready for the dinner with your man plans and he ends uptaking you to Mickey D's.

12 He buys you that heart shaped box of chocolates and you're either allergic to them or the flavors are unknown to the world (in the bad way!)

13. If you don't spend the "right amount of money the boyfriend/girlfriend thinks your horrible.

14. Finally, Red, Pink, and White are the worst color combination EVER!

Your Valentines Day Haters, (notice the plural)
Nadia and Chrissy (From Twilight Girl's Stuff)


Dahlia said...

Hey, don't diss V-Day candy! I love it!!! And everyone knows that holiday candy (even for stupid holidays) has magical properties that make it NOT go straight to your hips (it takes a detour first. Hehe. XD).

Your post was still funny.

Nadia Murti said...

I'll admit, candy--no matter the holiday--is very good. And it also probably goes straight to your stomach, not your thighs.


SimplyShy012 said...

I found your comment when I was on another blog, Twilight Girl's Stuff.

All of those things that you wrote about Valentine's Day is so true!

I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day though :).


BookSnob said...

Well, to me, celery does say "I love you." But that's probably because I'm growing up in the produce world and I hang out with farmer's sons :)

arary121 said...

Ok first no one uses the word bogus any more, but I agree most of the people in America are fat. So yes guys if you really love your woman, DON'T GIVE HER CHOCOLATES! She'll get so fat!

Nadia Murti said...

...and then you'll leave her.