January 31, 2011

Diary of a Freshman: Scheduling

Hey look at that! Another freshman experience! You know what that means...


I should totally get a theme song.

Anywho, today my school had Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors beginning deciding on their classes for the next year. During fourth block (my study hall, how unlucky is that?), all Freshmen trekked down to the auditorium where they reminded us to take our required courses (thanks for that golden nugget of wisdom) and where we laughed obligatorily at our counselor's catch phrase--"...but I'm over it"--and they finally handed out the scheduling booklets!

Something little to remember: when going to take your seats, stand near a friend so that you can ask them questions and talk to them and so that you don't have a seat next to that smelly person with darting eyes.

Something equally important, if not more so: do NOT go to sit with your friend who has a boyfriend/girlfriend, because then you will be sitting awkwardly next to a pair of friends playing footsie, and gosh, that is not fun. Only do this if you have another friend who is not sitting with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

In case you're interested, I'm taking my magnet specific classes (Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Chemistry, and Intro to Computer Programming), with Advanced English 2 (believe me, advanced English classes aren't difficult! Only take honors if you have some horrible, life-threatening allergy to effort).

To fulfill my social studies requirement, I'm taking AP World History. AP European History would be boring, methinks. It's about Europe since 1450, which I'm sure would include talks of kings and queens that I would mix up, and there would be lots of dates to be memorized, so no, thank you. Instead, I will learn of the world since 1000 C.E. Who wouldn't love that? I assume that we'll learn a lot about Chinese and Ottoman Empires, and that interests me! Tip: Pick classes that interest you and will benefit you later on.

For my world language credit, I'll be attending Advanced French 3. By the way, [in most schools] your teachers have to sign off on your choices for next year's classes, so if you take an Advanced or AP class, it is extremely unlikely that your teacher will let you downgrade to an Honors class.

I'm also taking Study Skills, of course. I don't think I can survive without it. Granted, I currently use my study hall to goof off and I survive, but let's think about it this way: If I goof off in study hall, then I can pay attention in other classes, because it's out of my system! And I know what you're thinking--why not just take Life Skills? Well that's simple! Because I don't want to.

Then, the number one perk of being a sophomore--the non-Study Hall electives. I think I'm taking Oral Communication and Debate. I like arguing. I think I could write some amazing speeches. I need to learn this stuff because it is good to know for life. Also, in eighth grade, we did a brief debate unit, and not only did I dominate, but I loved it! So of course I want to take it now!

Then, of course, are the alternates. If your chosen elective class is full, then they will place you in your alternate class. Alt1 is American Sign Language, with a Dual Credit Creative Writing class as Alt2, and AP Statistics for my Alt3.

Anyone else find it strange that this Math/Science/Technology student, this self-proclaimed cool nerd, takes only communications classes when given the choice?

Another thing to remember: Your parents have to sign on your scheduling booklet to say that they approve your choices.

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