December 28, 2010

Mini-Blog: Ghosts Are Probably Lame and Squigglies!

Ok, I was going through my posts--did you know I have 25 posts with a tag of "Mythical Creatures"?--and I was thinking about ghosts. Then I thought about how many horror movies involved ghosts, but eventually, I realized that they're really not scary. At all.

Let's think about it you guys. They can't hurt you because their hands would just pass through you. If there's enough light in the room, you can't even see the ghost. All they can do is scare you and maybe drive you insane, but that is for the weak-minded. Like Jedi powers. But I'm not comparing ghosts to Jedis, I swear. Jedis are much cooler than ghosts. By the boulevard, did you know that Jedi is a word on blogger, but that Jedis has a little squiggly line underneath it? In fact, a lot of words have squiggly lines under them on Blogger, and it is ANNOYING! Blogger needs to just go through the entire dictionary to make sure the website recognizes them.

And then they should employ me to make sure they recognize sniglets.*

Your Blogger,

*Sniglet: Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should. And yes, that was squiggled.

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