December 14, 2010

Let's Read A Comment Worthy of Hannah Baker

People really do get really worked up about books. Do you guys remember that review of 13 Reasons Why I posted? You remember! "13 Reasons Why I Hate Hannah Baker"!

Well, people are still reading and commenting on it, and who would like to see a comment I recently received in my moderation box? Yes, I thought you would. Usually, I would publish a comment whether or not they agreed with me, but this one is rather insulting, ironic, and misses the point, so I am publishing it, just not in the comments section. Let's read on, shall we?
okay. i do not agree..little words and little things can hurt people wether people relize it or not. but little things can hurt. and i totaly get where she is coming from. yeah everyone can feel violated in some way. but maybe she didnt want her parents to find out. i mean everything is possible. i do not feel completly sorry for hannah. becasue she could have simply went up and saidsomething to all 13 people. but she also could have a depresion disorder. many people do and sometimes they dont want to talk about it. maybe you should learn the facts before you blog
Now, let's address Anonymous's comment.

Anonymous has the right to disagree and I respect that. Nothing wrong at all with that. A lot of people do disagree.

First off, yes, the little things can hurt--but this book takes it to the extreme.

Second, I also understand where she's coming from, not because she's widely relatable, sensical, or good at explaining things, but because I used to be like her. Not suicidal, but I would read into things like nothing else. But it made me crazy, always worrying about "signs" and whatnot, so I realized something--they're not talking to Aly because they're mad at me, they're talking to her because they want to. And looking back on how I used to think, I really didn't like it. If I was someone who expressed those thoughts, I'm sure I would not have wanted to be my friend. Why? Because I was silly, annoying, and without perspective. I really strongly dislike that former Nadia for those reasons, which gives me the right to really strongly dislike Hannah for those reasons.

Then Anonymous tries to defend the fictional character with the weak argument of, "she didn't want her parents to know." Never really an excuse, is it? And it sure doesn't pass for one here!

Then Anonymous goes on to agree with me.

Then she says Hannah may have been clinically depressed. Well, she only very rarely--and fickly--even expressed one symptom of depression, that being withdrawal from friends and family. SO I don't think it was that.

I understand what Jay Asher was trying to get across--little actions have big impacts. However, if he wanted to get this across well, he should not have used this story or character. It's like saying, "Go to marriage counseling. One guy, he and his wife didn't go to marriage counseling and then he got pneumonia."

Then, Anonymous ends her comment with venom and without punctuation. Subsequently, she tells me what I may or may not write in my blog, while also implying that I do not think, but rather am a monkey who sits at her computer, just typing keys, not understanding a thing.

Anonymous really is overreacting to my post, I mean, to stoop as low as to insult the metal capability of the writer? Overreaction, blowing things out of proportion, not making total sense...a comment worthy of Hannah Baker, wouldn't you say?

She goes to all of this trouble to defend a girl who DOES. NOT. EXIST.

To "Anonymous":* Get over it. Get over yourself. It's my blog, my thoughts, and you'll be hard pressed to win an argument against me. Especially since I'm the comment moderator. Bet Anonymous didn't know that before she hit Publish.

This may seem excessive, but as our lovely Anonymous so wisely and insightfully pointed out, small things can cause big reactions.

Your Blogger,

*Is anyone surprised she didn't use a name or account?

1 comment:

Holly said...

I wouda smacked her.

I mean, anyone can have an oppion. I personal agree with that blog, because Hannah also got on my nerves.
I disagree that Bella went to Edward and not Jacob. But if you did agree, i wouldn't go all apeshit crazy on you..BECAUSE ITS A BOOK.

And her last statement showed her/his (do we know the gender?) immaturity AND grammar lacking skills.

Its obvious that this person is more bark than bite. That was made clear because she answered anonymously.

I love your blogs,
-- Holly