December 11, 2010

The Odyssey Makes No Sense

I recently finished reading The Odyssey for English class, and I've got some problems with it. But mostly with Odysseus.

For one, he's a total hypocrite. He's all "I'm going to be so mad if Penelope cheated on me after my being away for twenty years!" but he was with Calypso for SEVEN YEARS!

He blames everything bad on other people. He falls asleep, he blames Zeus, but when he beats a monster, he says, "Yeah, that was all me, I'm pretty awesome."

Somehow, Homer thought that to illustrate Odysseus's bravery, he should cage and ambush a room of unarmed men to regain his kingdom.

Did anyone find it strange that the Telemachus-meets-his-dad scene took six lines, but it takes Penelope more than a page to get out Odysseus's old bow?

The part where Telemachus and Odysseus meets goes like this:
O: I'm your dad.
T: No you're not.
O: Yes, I am.
T: Lies!
O: Seriously, I'm your father.

Ok, I can't list all my problems with this because I'm honestly mostly using this to keep from studying, and if I listed all my problems, I would succeed and that would be bad.

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