November 25, 2008

After Deadline

My English teacher got really excited about something she saw on her computer, so she jumped up and told us. It was about a blog that took articles from the New York Times and pointed out grammatical errors in them. They debated whether or not it was a grammatical error or not, and if it was, the author who wrote it admitted to their mistake. She used the phrase, "...but I find this exciting, because I'm kind of nerdy like that...," or something along those lines.

I, of course, being the dork I am, found this exciting and bookmarked the page. It's very quite interesting, actually, and it helps with Language Arts since in the end of every blog it tells you the rule.

Alright, here's the link, if you want it:

BTW, the name of the blog is either After Deadline or When Spell-Check Can't Help: A Quiz.

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