November 16, 2008

Jane Austen Is A Vampire

I think that Jane Austen might be a vampire. I (as my friends know all too well) am 100% obsessed with reading. I can read anything, and I love reading everything. In late September I started my first Austen book, Sense And Sensibility. I only just got to chapter 43, of 50 chapters. Only 78 pages to go! It has taken me 2 months to read a 337 page book. That's not supposed to happen! I was able to read most books in two days, no matter the book. Do you know why? Because I was obsessed with reading. Jane has sucked out that obsession with her slow-going plots! The obsession was in my blood! And she just sucked it out! Like a vamp! I must get my reading mojo back!! There are so many exclamation points!!!

The second I finish Sense And Sensibility, I must begin recovery by reading good, new, well-paced, YA books, such as:

Breathe My Name
Sucks To Be Me
Dead Is The New Black
Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year
Take Me There
Vampire Academy
Suite Scarlett
Wuthering HIgh
White Is For Magic
The Summoning
Generation Dead
Zombie Blondes
Shattered Mirror
No Rest For The Wiccan

As you see, I have many options. And I'm a read-a-holic. And I am desperate to get my "mojo" back. If you have any suggestions as to another book I should try, or which one I should read first (believe me, I have a definite problem with that), then leave me a hint in the comments.


Sepideh Karma said...

wow, nadia! i love how you described what jane austen is doing to you and campared it to a vampire! it's hilarious!!!

ps- dont u just love my online name?!! its awesome!!!!!!!!!

Em said...

ok, i kno the Jane Austen books are boring, but they are classics. 2 decades ago, they were equvilent to the modern day Twilight.

Nadia Murti said...

Em, Unicorns were the symbol of all that was good in the olden days, but that doesn't mean that they were awesome.

Nadia Murti said...

...nor does it mean that they are currently awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Now that I think of it, it's true!! Kinda'.