November 22, 2008

Twilight Movie! (MAJOR Spoiler Alert) Part 2

List of my favorite things from the Twilight Movie, part 2.

-Jessica tanning herself on the table, with what she was wearing.

-I love when Bella walks into his shoulder the next day, when he's expecting her to come near and talk to him as a friend, but no. I was like, "Ooo, diss on Eddy!"

-"Okay, now I'm afraid."

-I love it when Edward pulls into the school parking lot, and everyone looks because either a) It's Edward Cullen, or b) they notice someone knew in the car.
Then everyone's head turns when Edward walks around to get the door for Bella, and she steps out and everyone looks at her like she's a celebrity.

-The sunglasses!!!

-"Everybody's staring," said Bella to Edward. "No, that guy's not looking. OK, he just looked."

-"Since I'm going to hell, might as well do it thoroughly." *Puts arm over Bella's shoulders* (Sure, because that's why he did that.)

-I love Angela. And Seth. But Seth isn't in this movie, sadly, so just Angela.

-I believe there was a montage of Edward and Bella getting to know each other, and that was great.

-Mike's line where he says, "So you and Cullen, huh?" like he's trying to not let his annoyance show, so it sounds like awkward/surprise/strained. Then: "I, uh, I don't like it." *Blatant*

-The entire Eric vs. Mike rivalry.

-The Edward to Billy and Billy to Edward stare down. They rolled down their windows and slowed down and everything! The eyes almost was a good touch, me thinks.

-The Renee conversation, especially the end.

-Yay! No short-shorts, like we saw in the commercial!

-Edward's face when Bella was sleeping and she hugged his. That was well-played and priceless. It was saying, "Um...what am I supposed to do? I feel moderately uncomfortable." Very funny.

-It was so funny when Emmet, who was already scary to Bella, waved to her with a butcher knife.

-Edward's face after Alice hugs Bella, and especially when she says, "Don't worry, Jasper. You won't hurt her," was PRICELESS!

-The thing where they were in the tree, and the music starting playing, and the camera angles were that of a soaring bird, that was amazing. Definitely one of those heart stopping moments.

-Loads gun. "Bring him in." --Charlie

-Rosalie's face when Bella calls out on her.

-Victoria was great in this movie!

-The Edward and Bella argument in the car was surprisingly good.

-Kristen acted so well when she was telling Charlie that she was leaving him. Though, she was a good actress throughout.

-The fight scene was possibly more epic than even the Cullen entrance.

-Kristen in very good at faking pain.

-The montage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I love how Bella/Kristen reacts when Edward says something about leaving. Perfect.

-I was cracking up when Bella was signing to Jessica about her dress, and she's like, "I know!" and gives her a thumbs up. The cherry on top: Belward just turns around awkwardly to leave.

-I love the slow-dance.

-Arguably the best part in the movie, the part that had the theater whispering, "Oh, crap," "Oh my God," and various curse words:
Victoria, watching them at Prom.

The next part will be things I DON'T like about. It'll probably only be one part.

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Chrissy said...

All those parts are so goo, but you forgot how Edward tells Bella all that evryone is thinking in the restaurant. FUNNY!