November 17, 2008

Smart Art

Alright, I got two pieces of art back from my art class today.

One of them is a fish, but it was too skinny, and people only seem to make fun of that when fish anorexia is a very serious matter. She is also too long, but the other fishies are just jealous that she looks like a model. The other school fish and their makers (A.K.A. the kids in my art class) have been saying mean things, such as calling her "sardine" and saying that "her eyes are on opposite sides of her face!" So what if I put one eye on the upper part of her head and the other eye on the lower? It's very rude to tease her so.

The second is a perspective drawing. She placed the best ones (in her opinion) outside on the wall. Mine was entitled "The Suicide Club Raids Suburbia." It's not really of Suburbia, but it's supposed to be a very orderly, pleasing place to our metaphorical unseen watching guards. If you don't get it, then let me tell you something about The Suicide Club:

They challenge the social order

They do not follow unwritten rules such as "Do not climb bridge suspensions!"

They are free from the feeling that they are being watched by some unseen watchman, who will punish them for breaking unwritten society rules.

So in my drawing, I drew the Suicide Club (A.K.A. The Cacophony Society (2.0)) preforming their parades and marches and breaking of fake rules in Suburbia, or at least, the Suburbia I drew for them. But of course, no one got what I was talking about until I explained it to them, and even then they did not recognize its symbolic worth, nor its importance. They didn't even comprehend that the Cacophony Society Members were to be admired for their defiance, though this defiance would only cause most people embarrassment (due to the fact that they believe someone is watching, waiting to scold and laugh).

So, I'm just mad (and sad) that Ms. Neumeyr couldn't fully appreciate the contents of my drawing for what it is.

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