November 24, 2008

Twilight Movie! (MAJOR Spoiler Alert) Part 3

Here are some things I didn't like about the Twilight Movie. It's not as long as the other list. Here it is, going from beginning to end:

-I didn't like when Jacob and Bella met. It seemed kind of fake.

-Robert's facial expressions

-They flew over 3 months in 5 minutes.

-They were desperately in love within the first 10 minutes of the movie.

-There's no Blood Type and they cut all of the cafeteria scenes!

-I don't like how aggressive Edward gets after Bella says her dramatic, "No." It's not like him.

-I hate that he looked like he was made of glitter, or shiny sweat. That wasn't how I imagined it to look like.

-Them lying in the grass seemed too fake.

-There were way too many, "Okay then, Creeper," moments.

-I can't tell whether or not Rosalie was being serious when she said, "Perfect."

-The piano playing part was unnecessarily dramatic. It was good, but the dry ice could have been toned down.

-The fakeness of their animal tendencies.

-Robert's facial expressions

-Bella looked a bit weird when she was in pain.

-Robert's facial expressions.

-Renee didn't look a lot like Renee.

-The Prom didn't even attempt to match the original.

The End! Whoa, I must have really liked that movie. That settles it; I have to see it again.

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